Ang Lee Gets Hero’s Welcome

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Brokeback has made Ang Lee the “pride of Taiwan” according to President Chen Shui-bian. Lee returned to his home town of Tainan, Taiwan today to celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday and the town gave him a hero’s welcome, declaring it Ang Lee Day and screening Crouching Tiger and Brokeback Mountain free of charge. His brother Lee Kang, his brother’s wife Jessica Chan, and his mother Yang Si-chuang were on hand. Congrats to Ang!


  1. gordon says

    it is *so* refreshing to have the Taiwanese people recognize the superiority of his film-making, in sharp contrast with all the conservative, gay-hating, Jay Leno stupid-joke-making that the film received in the US and Canada. they simply acknowledge the superior quality of his films, regardless (or perhaps despite) of the subject matter. nice!

  2. jzxy says

    Being a Taiwanese American who happen to be gay (for the longest time, gay and Taiwan didn’t seem to come together), I couldn’t feel just a little bit sentimental reading this thread! Thanks.

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