Supporters Rally Behind Kentucky Student


Jason_johnsonAlthough Jason Johnson has reached a deal with the University of the Cumberlands to finish this semester’s work, students and legislators came together for a rally yesterday in Williamsburg, Kentucky to protest the Baptist school’s policies regarding homosexual students. Johnson was expelled from the school after officials found gay-oriented material on his MySpace page which they determined warranted his dismissal.

Said Johnson: “I was shown a photocopy of my MySpace page, a paper copy of it. They asked me if it was my page, I told them it was, and then they asked me to go ahead and leave campus.”

Among the protestors were Johnson’s boyfriend Zac Dreyer (below left) and the only openly gay member of Kentucky’s General Assembly, State Senator Ernesto Scorsone, who told the crowd, “In the long run, this will be a turning point and we’ll make it so. I’ll tell you why: Because of the beliefs of fair-minded Kentuckians.”

Protestors at the rally also urged Governor Ernie Fletcher to veto $11 million in coal-severance money which is earmarked for scholarships and a pharmacy school at Cumberlands. The Gov. remains undecided.

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  1. Mike in the Tundra says

    It always amazes me how un-Christian Christians can be. I had an United Methodist congregation throw me out and refused to talk to me about it. I hope the Kentucky governor does the right thing.

  2. Scott A says

    Once again, if it’s a religious university with a policy against homosexuals, then why would you attend it? And, if after the fact, why would you protest intolerance and discrimination when it is already a given? They are a private university, they have the right to do this, irregardless of how intolerant it is. So, why the protest?

  3. Jamie says

    Because they’re protesting the fact that it’s intolerant, not that the university doesn’t have a right to do it.

    Also, I think they’re receiving federal funding or something, so they don’t even really have a right.

  4. Rick says

    Unfortunately, the protest wasn’t as big as expected (I was told it would be in the hundreds, but only about 40 people showed up). Since the it is planned the University will get $11 million in funding for a pharmacy school, they should be subject to scrutiney. And like Jamie said, it was a show of support for Jason and we felt it was wrong for the university to expell him for being gay. Not all Christians believe discriminating against gays is a Christian principle. There was a pastor at the rally/protest as well that spoke out against the school.

    The number of police officers there was amazing, to me. We saw a number of cars pass by with possible counter-protesters, but we think they decided not to stick around because of the police force who were on our side. There was a rumor of a group that was supposed to come with threats of violence, which is probably why there were so many cops there.

    There was a stray puppy there, too. He was adorable!

  5. Donald says

    Schools forbid lots of things, should anyone who breaks every rule be banned? If every student who violated a school rule was tossed there would not be to many football teams would there?

  6. Randi Drake says

    i think it is stupid that they are doing that to him it is his personal life and none of thier business if he is gay and i am gay so ya have my support.

    Miss Aria Dae)
    Salyersville. Ky

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