82nd Airborne Gay Porn “Ringleader” Faces Court

MittenPfc. Wesley K. Mitten, 21, the “ringleader” of the members of the 82nd Airborne charged with appearing on gay porn sites, has had his day before the military court. Mitten was considered the “ringleader” because he allegedly recruited other members of the unit.

Mitten pleaded guilty “to sodomy, conduct detrimental to the Army and using cocaine” in a plea bargain that will send him to jail for three months, demote him to private, take 2/3 of his pay, and send him out of the military on a bad conduct discharge.

Mitten performed under the name “Donnie” and was first courted to the Active Duty website by owner Dennis Ashe, who agreed to pay him $2,000 for his services. Mitten made $6,000 in total.

Two other soldiers, Kagen Mullen and Richard Ashley, received plea bargains earlier this month and are now serving 90 and 75 days in prison, respectively.

Mitten made a statement to the court before receiving his sentence: “It was for the money, your honor…I am sorry for disgracing my family name and my unit. I am sorry and I wish I could take it all back.”

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  1. says

    Jesus! “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Do Porn.” Imagine that conversation in prison. “What are you in for?” “Murder. You?” “Oh, I did a porn for money.”

  2. Brian says

    I feel for this guy. Gay for pay or gay all the way, he got caught up in a situation not of his making.I wonder how to contribute to his commissary.Remember,the quality of mercy is not strained.

  3. John says

    OK– I am as liberal as liberal can get! However, if one chooses to splatter ones dick and balls all over the internet, then, ramifications are sure to follow! Not getting paid enough? Come on girls– have you ever heard the word b-u-d-g-e-t ? No one held a gun to this poor little victim’s head. If you would not like for your mother to see it, then don’t publish it!

  4. says

    I’m with John. Dude joined the fucking ARMY (or whatever), for God’s sake. Everyone’s known forever that it’s a different world, and you accept the restrictions for the benefits. Then, to think – and I don’t care how high you are – that the video being shot while you get nasty with some boys isn’t going to impact your pension and standing in the corps….

  5. James says

    I don’t understand how they’re about to prosecute these guys. Doesn’t activeduty.com’s warning page mention that you cannot use the site against the actors or something? Can anyone explain (via email because i won’t remember to come back and check)?

  6. kagen says

    i am kagen mullen lol and im still not discharged from the army yet they wont send me my final pappers so its almost impossable to get a good job without those forms this is bull shit

  7. says

    Guilty for doing Cocaine on camera? seriously is that what was shown? I haven’t seen it but if anyone is fool enough to do coke on camera they are idiots…as far as the naked video, who cares, its sex its consensual he is an adult, how will that affect his performance in the military?

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