road.jpg Russ Feingold today issued a statement following his walkout on the “mark-up” of the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would ban gay marriage.

road.jpg From the heartland: new Indiana poll shows that a majority of that state’s residents support hospital visitation rights and inheritance rights for gays and lesbians. Meanwhile, in South Bend, home of Notre Dame, they’re hoping to add sexual orientation to the city’s non-discrimination statute.

Mustacheroad.jpg Bodyguard of famous pop star or 70’s gay porn icon?

road.jpg Edmund White, the accidental activist: “Just sheerly inadvertently I happened to be at the Stonewall uprising because I was walking past it with a friend and we got involved. If anything, I was trying to make people behave. I was such a middle-class twit. I think I have sort of stumbled into history. It’s as though someone would happen to be walking past the Bastille at exactly the moment when it was being destroyed. It actually did change me. In my case, I think being in this exciting ferment, it did make me feel free almost in spite of myself. Rationally I couldn’t think of any way to justify homosexuality. I was in therapy to go straight. But irrationally and maybe on the level of the soul if you will, I responded with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm to this uprising.”

road.jpg Aside from the fact that what the article describes is absolutely revolting, this has got to be the headline of the week.

road.jpg The age old question: Three experts try to explain why gay men in Sydney, Australia are not monogamous.