Idaho_1road.jpg Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, or IDAHO. Do your part in fighting it. The National AIDS Trust in the UK has focused on bullying in schools, saying they are “failing” young men: “We need schools to not only have policies of zero tolerance to homophobic language and behaviour but also to address sexual orientation and HIV in the curriculum. Homophobia should be as unacceptable in schools as racism.” Amen. Other events to mark the day are taking place in France, Peru, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Brazil.

road.jpg Meanwhile, in Idaho, they’re obsessed with getting The Joy of Sex and The Joy of Gay Sex off library shelves.

Navarroroad.jpg Rocker Dave Navarro has an enlightened attitude toward sexuality. Other celebrities who seem obsessed with denial could learn a few lessons in PR from him: “I’ve come to realize through my experimentation over the years that I’m not gay, nor am I bisexual. But at least I know that in the sense that I’ve never been aroused by a man, but I’ve been in situations where I could potentially be aroused. Since it didn’t work, I know I’m not gay. So I was open to it working, let’s just say that.”

road.jpg Georgia judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional. According to an attorney with Lambda Legal Defense, the measure was struck down because it violates Georgia’s “single-subject rule” which prohibits voters from deciding more than one issue in a single amendment. Georgia’s Governor Jack Perdue pulled out the wingnut talking points again. Said Perdue: “This decision highlights the effect activist judges can have on our system of governance.”