Notes from Our Leader


Bush to German newspaper Bild after being asked about the high point of his Presidency since taking office in 2001:

“You know, I’ve experienced many great moments and it’s hard to name the best. I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5 pound perch in my lake.”

Considering I can’t think of any great moments either, it’s hard to disagree with the man.

And the worst moment? 9/11.

Pres: “In such a situation it takes a while before one understands what is happening. I would say that this was the hardest moment, once I had the real picture before my eyes.”


Bush’s Best Moment in Office? Reeling in Big Perch [washington post]


  1. burnssuit says

    I find it more amusing that he owns a lake. Why, he’s a good old boy just like me and my lake. I believe a brilliant Nascar driver once remarked that “Kerry lives in a mansion in Massachusetts and George Bush lives on a farm in Texas.”

  2. Rad says

    And better yet, Leslie Stahl interviewed the fish and game warden prior to his “fishing trip”. They purposly stocked the lake with oversized, hungry fish so that the Idiot in Chief could have a photo op holding up a prized catch.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    actualy the body of water on his property would be considered a pond…NOT a lake

    his pond is stocked……basicaly game and wildlife people come in and dump buckets of farm raised fish into it…..sit by the spot they pour the buckets and you to can catch a big one in seconds….

    kind of like cheney’s caged quail hunts

  4. ricardo says

    damn if i don’t know how he pulled the fish through the glory hole he made in the bottom of the boat. it must have been a long swim to shore.

  5. Dave says

    Bush lie? You must be joking. Well – our best moment of the Bush presidency will be the moment he leaves the White House for the last time.

  6. Karen says

    And… I think a perch is an ocean fish only. Trout and bass are found in lakes. (Or in the case of Texas lakes, perhaps also stinky catfish.)

  7. Dustin says

    er… largest fresh water perch on record is 4.3 lbs.

    he obviously guessed at the weight… and was wrong.

    no Karen… you go right again… catfish are gross bottom-feeders.

    eh, eh… he said bottom-feeders.

  8. Scott says

    There are lake perch as well…dunno what the difference is between them and ocean perch, just that the restaurants back home that were “known” for perch made an thing out of it being lake, not ocean.

    Of course, three pounds off, who knows what he caught.

  9. GaYToR says

    Yes, there are perch in lakes and PONDS which is what Bush has on his FARM. But that is no perch. It’s a small mouth BASS. Not to be confused with the ASS holding it.

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