RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman: I’m Not Gay

MehlmanThis one slipped by me, but it’s definitely worth returning to…Ken Mehlman came out as a heterosexual last week following the White House Correspondents Dinner:

“I’m not gay. But those stories did a number on my dating life for six months”

In the past, others have done the job of insisting he’s not gay for him, while others have avoided the story. But finally, after years of interrogation and suspicions about the company he keeps, isn’t it refreshing to finally have a straight answer?

Ken Mehlman is a heterosexual.

(ny daily news via washington blade via page one q)


  1. Marco says

    Of course he’s not gay. Republicans don’t swing that way. Ask David Drier, jeff Gannon, Limbaugh or Jim West. They’ll tell ya.

    Oh wait, Jeff publicly admitted he was a mo a week or two ago, which was a relief because I just couldn’t tell if he was or not by his man whore screen shots.

  2. Chad Hanging says

    I love how he uses his arms. It’s like O’Reilly with the pen in his hand, such an obivous security blanket for an insecure man.

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