SPOILERS: Lost Turns Up the Heat

It’s about time the show saw a little sex. All those stranded folks must be pretty horny. Did everyone’s eyes perk up as Ana Lucia began ripping the shirt off Sawyer? Mine sure did.

And the bf throws out this theory:


Suddenly the December DWI arrests of Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros make sense. This is purely hypothetical, but imagine if you were killed off of one of the hottest shows on TV. The actresses probably went off drinking together to ease the pain, and unfortunately, made the bad judgment of getting behind the wheel. Make sense? I think so.


  1. says

    The theory of the DUI arrests is a good one, but we don’t know yet if both characters are actually dead. I would like to see one of them live, but perhaps that wouldn’t make sense as the survivor would expose Michael as the shooter….and it it obvious nobody is going to know that for some time.

  2. EricW says

    The producers were interviewed by TV Guide prior to the episode, and they swear your theory (and several others) isn’t the case — that Michelle didn’t want to commit to more than a year to begin with. I suspect Libby isn’t dead — at least not yet. Since we didn’t see her in the previews for next week, I think Henry Gale has taken her to the Others. I’m not sure how she could survive the trek with two bullet holes in her, but this is TV. Read the interview with the Lost producers here:


  3. Wayne says

    Well, if you watched closely last night they showed a commercial for The Hanso Foundation, and if you visit that site and peek at the Board of Directors Libby’s name is on the board, which would make her an “other” and not a passenger on the plane. I’m guessing she’s going to live to see another day. Also, the arrests were in December but this episode wasn’t filmed until the last week of March, so one has nothing to do with the other.

  4. eliot says

    One might consider the scene between Rodriguez and Holloway network television’s first televised “gay sex scene.” No girl should look like she does from behind.

    She is the antithesis of sexy, and her awkwardly violent attempts at kissing managed to make me terribly uncomfortable.

  5. Wayne says

    The “Liddy Wales” name/pic was changed this morning, which must be part of the plan. Last night, immediately following the show, the name said “Libby” and the her pic was posted. This morning the name has been changed to “Liddy” and the pic has been replaced by a question mark.

    Also, the screenplay that Sawyer was reading, “Bad Twin”, is now available from Amazon. They even have a “bio” of the author that states he submitted it just days before boarding Oceanic 815 and disappearing.

    Also, if you stay for the closing credits of MI:3 (also written by JJ Abrams) you’ll see a thank you to the Hanso Foundation.

    These guys are good… damn good!

  6. ericb says

    the bf throws out this theory

    Interesting. What was the title of last night’s episode? ‘Two for the Road.’ While this can apply to the flashback involving Jack’s father’s and Ana Lucia’s stopping abruptly in front of a “Cocktail Bar” in Sydney, could it not also be interpreted as a subtle reference to the DWI arrests in Hawaii?

  7. Aaron says

    The producers at TVGuide.com have only confirmed that ana Lucia, Rodriguez’s character, is dead, which was planned from the beginning. Libby was shot twice, but she was carrying something, and the shots didn’t go directly to her. However, Watros has reportedly signed on for a pilot on another network. We’ll have to wait & see what happens with her. I just hope they don’t kill of Mr. Eko.

  8. John says

    When Mr. Eko goes to the “miricle” girl’s house her father is the same fortune teller that Claire Rutherford went to in Season 1 in episode, Raised by Another. I checked and researched and it turns out it is the same actor playing the same person. Could Mr. Eko and Claire of been connected somehow before reaching this island in the South Pacific? Who knows? Lets watch Season 3 to find any other strange arrangments in the flashbacks!

  9. John says

    I was watching season 1’s episode Hearts and Minds. In the backround you can make out a man arguing with the police officer. That would be Sawyer (James Ford).Could Boone, Shannon, and Sawyer be connected in any other ways. By 6 degrees. That is what I think.

  10. othy alantaki says

    the first time when i saw lost i got lost of my mind the story is incredeble and the acters are realy awesome and guifted like kate jack lock shanone sun and sharly but the most sexy and beautyful one is sawyer josh holloway .thank you so mutch j.j abrams for this legend i ll remember you all my life for what you ve done to entertainne us

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