Superman: Just One Elbow Flex from Jazz Hands

Superman_returns_1 Matrix_revolutions

Folks are saying all kinds of things about the new Superman Returns poster (click for larger versions) including the suggestive placement of a certain peninsula (though that’s a bit of a stretch imho).

And the Advocate recently asked, How Gay is Superman? Well, The Hot Blog did a hysterical remix on the poster that proves just how gay he is…

However, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was another superhuman who could also stop speeding bullets named Neo.

And lo and behold, it does appear that both Brandon Routh and Keanu Reeves had the same hand coach who knew just the right moves to inject a little…drama.

Superman Returns and Brandon Routh Flies [tr]
The Man of Steel Returns [tr]


  1. Greg says

    The Florida thing might be a stretch, but given earlier press stories of Mr Routh’s endowment, the peninsula placing should/must have been spotted by the studio. As for his hands – the guy looks like he’s drying his nails – this poster is all about extensions.

  2. JENNY says

    Andy, I’m surprised and a bit disappointed in you for linking to the photoshop alteration. Poland is making a fag joke, and by linking to it, you’re just supporting him. Tell me, if someone took an X3 or Catwoman poster and photoshopped Halle Berry chowing down on a bucket of fried chicken and watermelon, would you post that too?

  3. Sandra says

    Jenny, you’re 100% right! There’s nothing wrong with having a sense of humor, but it seems that Poland’s just a homophobic jackass with nothing better to do. And the fact that this blog posted a link to that site… unbelievable.

  4. Doodyhead says

    I’ve read Poland for a long time, and homophobic he is not. If anything it’s quite the opposite. I think he’s just having fun with some of the fanboys’ concerns about Singer’s “gayness” affecting the film. In a way, it’s not totally ridiculous. The sentiment Singer brought to X-Men was perfect because obviously there’s a parable there that’s applicable to gays in America. Bringing that same sentiment to Superman, however, could lead to problems.

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