road.jpg Bush ignores nearly unanimous agreement of scientists, believes “there is a debate” about the nature of global warming.

road.jpg Hearing: Why did nobody speak out about faulty Iraq pre-war intelligence? Three words: the vice president.

Eel_pout_1road.jpg Ice cream being created with the blood of an ocean pout may allow you to devour the dessert without putting on weight.

road.jpg Rhode Island lesbian couple lobby Massachusetts judge for right to marry in that state. Lawyer: “Massachusetts need not and should not search high and low for a barrier to marriage. The court should look only for an express prohibition in the laws of another state and look no further.” A decision is not expected for several weeks.

road.jpg Spain sees its first gay divorce: “Council officials said divorce proceedings were private and would only confirm that the unnamed men were married in a Madrid suburb last October, three months after Spain became the fourth country to legalise same-sex marriages. The claimant said in a petition that he had dedicated his life to the relationship, giving up a modelling career and abandoning his dog hairdressing business to follow his partner who had found work in France.” Spain legalized gay marriage nearly a year ago.

road.jpg No fun for you: West End Salon in Provincetown denied request for pole for their customers to shimmy on. “The salon was offering a $1 discount for every minute a customer shook and shimmied at the pole, for up to five minutes.”