1. says

    I don’t know about the studio, but yeah, Superman’s got some gay vagueness but don’t most all superheroes? Isn’t that part of the reason so many of us gays are all about comic heroes in the 1st place? However, either way, publicity is publicity and all this “gay” talk should help more than help the movie if you ask me. And despite the casting of that Kate Bosworth whom I can’t stand, I hope the movie fares well.

  2. says

    Handsome, muscular men in tight fitting outfits with a secret ‘other life’ – no, I`ve no idea why gay men love superheroes…

    Because they`re super and heroes?

  3. SG says

    Make that a hot retarded beast. Actually, Ian’s anything but retarded. He’s terrific. A real gay hero for coming out the way he did. Glad to see he’s in Superman, which I really look forward to.

    I love how Brandan Routh had a girlfriend plastered to his side at the MTV Movie Awards preshows. She seems to be signed on for lots of his appearances. And he made sure to make a reference to how he may break out the tights just for the two of them in private. It’s like he’s simultaneously promoting the movie and going on a Hetrosexual Tour.

  4. Gilli says


    Who wd have thought: in sepia tones… What a HUNKA HUNKA BURNIN’ Love!


  5. Chester says

    He might also make an excellent hard-core coed sex-wrestling fighter. Just a thought.

  6. Daniel2 says

    Ian is hot, talented and seems well liked and happy with life. I would put money on it that “UGH”, who states that Ian looks like a retarded beast, is not only NOT well liked but also NOT talented and NOT good looking……sounds like a bit of a loser flinging mud if you ask me… nice people!