Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Loves Playing Gay

Jonathan_rhys_meyers_1Jonathan Rhys Meyers is reportedly hungry for a “gay icon” role to take on, particularly if its a famous movie star on the down low: “Wait another ten years, I’ll play Rock Hudson and I’ll be back to handbag. I’m actually a little bit small for Rock. Maybe Montgomery Clift!”

He seems to think his 2005 TV role as Elvis Presley, who he calls “the gayest fucking thing on two legs,” has primed him for the experience: “”Anyone who lives with their mama that long and dresses up in that much spangly gold with black lacquer on their eyes has definitely got something going on.”

Earlier this year, he was spotted at the Golden Globes, kissing a purse with Billy Bush. Now that’s taking “back to handbag” a bit literally.

The Golden Globes Were Really Gay This Year [tr]


  1. Rob says

    Mr. Meyers who frequents Crunch Gym in West Hollywood usually during award season is usually in cruise overdrive. His stares are not reserved for the hot, young, gym boys, but rather favors the older daddy types and this is one Daddy who knows.

  2. Jethro says

    JRM is gay. No doubt about it. I find it funny that he adopts the persona of the straight actor who will willingly play gay roles. Maybe he’s a little confused himself? Very handsome too, although not my type at all.

  3. noybw says

    “Anyone who lives with their mama that long and dresses up in that much spangly gold with black lacquer on their eyes has definitely got something going on.”

    Wow, for someone who enjoys playing it ‘gay’, he sure comes off as ignorant and stupid. Not all gay men are mamas boys, and I’m sure there are tons of straight mamas boys out there. Whether or not JRM happens to be gay and/or enjoys playing gay roles, doesn’t make that comment alright. Imagine if someone like Vince Vaughn said the exact same thing – he’d be a total homophobic jerk.

  4. Brent says

    Oh good grief. Those quotes are totally out of context and twisted. He was JOKING in Out magazine a few months ago. Amazing what can happen when one of those British tabloids get a hold of something like this.

  5. Dave says

    It’s funny to hear Rhys Meyers called homophobic. What a joke. He’s the most gay-friendly actor there is. And his adoptive father is openly gay (Cristopher Croft–a rich Irish farmer with kids Jonathan’s age, who he considers his brothers and sisters). Can’t anyone tell when someone is kidding around in an interview?

  6. Iris says

    I’m betting the Elvis part was a joke.

    But JRM as a gay man? Unbelievably hot. Bring it on. There’s nowhere near enough bigscreen boy-on-boy action :)

  7. patrick nyc says

    Not sure what his sexuality is but Toni Collette says that they lived the roles when filming Velvet Goldmine, that he was one of her hardest relationships. Either way, he’s not a closet case like TC or JT.

  8. tehghey says

    You silly silly fags. Whatever. The dude is FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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