road.jpg REPORT: Gay Tucson man lured from car, then beaten, sexually assaulted, and robbed at gunpoint. The incident allegedly happened early this month but the victim has been to afraid to come forward until now. Police: “Since he won’t file an official report on this we don’t have an active case; however, we have been made aware this occurred.”

road.jpg On the eve of NYC’s gay pride weekend, The Villager honors 80-year-old gay activist Bob Kohler: “Kohler has been an active fighter for gay rights since the 1960s, when he played a large part in founding the Gay Liberation Front, which was born out of the Stonewall riots, where a routine police raid of the popular Greenwich Village gay bar turned into a three-day-long riot when gays, for the first time, fought back. ‘The G.L.F. — we did some pretty ballsy things…. We were very fierce and we were very angry, and we didn’t take any s—t from anybody.'”

road.jpg Hair don’t: Is Jon Bon Jovi turning into Barry Manilow?

Jake_hoopsroad.jpg How ’bout a little game of Gyllenball?

road.jpg Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich replaces Metro board appointee Robert Smith after Smith labels gays and lesbians “sexual deviants”: “Robert Smith’s comments were highly inappropriate, insensitive and unacceptable,” the Republican governor said in a statement released by his office. They are in direct conflict to my administration’s commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance and opportunity.” An interesting comment coming from a governor who vetoed a gay rights bill that would have granted medical and funeral-related rights to unmarried couples in the state.

road.jpg Anderson Cooper gets “giddy like a schoolgirl” with Jon Stewart.

road.jpg Superman‘s gay headache: how to market a more manly spandex-wearer.

road.jpg More than 150 English football fans will travel to former concentration camps in Dachau today to pay respect to holocaust victims in anti-racism, anti-homophobia initiative. Organizer: “The Dachau event will help to raise awareness amongst football fans about those who lost their lives during the holocaust. It is important that they understand that gay people were also persecuted and murdered as part of the holocaust. We hope the initiative will help to enhance people’s understanding of different forms of discrimination that threaten the future of the game.”