road.jpg PFLAG set to ring closing bell today on Wall Street.

Ali_forneyroad.jpg Spotted this ad for the first time on the subway today. It’s part of a series of ads from the Ali Forney Center in New York which provides housing for homeless LGBT youth. The ads will appear on the subway and on pay-phone kiosks around the city. Executive Director: “This ad campaign speaks to a universal human experience, the love between a parent and a child. Our goal is to address the rising rate of LGBT youth homelessness, particularly in communities of color.”

road.jpg Man arrested in NYC for killing of gay man five years ago. Has been under surveillance in Britain following his disappearance after the murder of Edgar Garzon in 2001: “Police said he was beaten with a hammer, his face was slammed into a hard surface, possibly the pavement, and then robbed of $10. Garzon died two weeks later, never having regained consciousness.” Prosecutors may add hate crime to the charges against John McGhee, which are second-degree murder, manslaughter and attempted robbery.

road.jpg Gays visible at World Cup activities in Berlin: “And at the International movie theatre here, gays and lesbians gather to watch live broadcasts of World Cup matches. ‘Gaywatch’ is what they call it. A bartender there noted: ‘They don’t shout as aggressively as heterosexual fans do.’…Gays follow the action on the pitch a bit differently than straight men do, Helge noted. Among gays’ favourite players, he said, are Germany’s Lukas Podolski and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.”

Ian_roberts_2road.jpg Gay rugby icon Ian Roberts is moving to West Hollywood so he can spend more time on his acting career. Roberts plays one of Lex Luthor’s henchmen in Superman Returns: “Some very high calibre agents asked about me over there and that’s a real buzz. That’s why I am moving. What’s the worst thing that can happen? At least I can come out saying `What a ride’.”

road.jpg Despite gay slur fracas, Ozzie Guillen says he’ll still attend the Gay Games in Chicago. Gay Games spokesman: “We’re glad to hear he’ll be attending because it demonstrates how the gay games brings people together — whether straight or gay — through competition. There’s no hurt feelings. He’s apologized . . . he won’t do it again. It’s cool that Ozzie will be at the center of two events that unite the city. The Gay Games on one hand and the World Series on the other.”

road.jpg Arkansas’ high court says the state cannot ban gays from becoming foster parents, agreeing that the state’s child welfare board “had improperly tried to regulate public morality.” Court: “There is no correlation between the health, welfare and safety of foster children and the blanket exclusion of any individual who is a homosexual or who resides in a household with a homosexual.”

road.jpg LeAnn Rimes likes hitting the gay bars: “My mom asks me, ‘Do you have any straight friends?’ I tell her ‘No, the gay guys are just more fun.’ I love going to gay clubs. It’s all about dancing and having fun.”


  1. Shirley says

    so Leann Rimes likes the gay clubs? No surprise there… I always got a gay vibe from her dancer husband.


  2. patrick nyc says

    So the Gay Games welcomes Ozzie Gullien. Sayiing “he wont do it again.” First off he did it before, and only appoligized half heartily after being called on it.

    I’m not surprised by the Game people, having been involved with three of the Games competitions I know how screwed up they are first hand.

  3. says

    Ian Roberts was interviewed by police last night after his partner accused him of assault. Ian left their home after the alleged incident but later turned himself into police, all the while denying the assault.

  4. Cory says

    Oooooo nice… I was having wet dreams over that one, but I’ll let her get some rehab time. I don’t need to turn into a punching bag, no matter how cute I think they are. I ain’t jLo and I’ve definitely had enough LOL… C’YA!

  5. says

    I’ve volunteered for Ali Forney… it’s a great organization.. they need lots of help.. anyone interested in volunteer opportunities in the NYC area should contact the org. The traditional agencies that deal with homeless youth are not set up to accomodate GLBT clients.. they are often in more danger than on the streets or made to feel worse by religious agencies like covenent house. This org. is so needed… I encourage everyone to support it!!

  6. says

    I met and took Ian and his then boyfriend out one night when his football team were playing in our home town. He is such a nice guy. I remember there was no room in the car so I had to lay across the laps of I an and his boyfriend. My head in the crotch of Ian. I had enough beer to look up and say to Ian, “well how the hell did I get in here?”

  7. jon luddite says

    I saw the Ali Forney poster in the subway last week. The text is stunningly simple and spot on. I wonder how many fathers have read it and really thought about what they would do if faced with a gay/lesbian child? Seems like an organization worth looking into.

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