SPOILER: Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake, MTV Awards


Heath Ledger was nowhere to be seen as Alpha Dog Justin Timberlake presented Jake Gyllenhaal with his ‘you da man’ moves and a bucket of golden popcorn as Jake and Heath Ledger took the award for “Best Kiss” for their Brokeback Mountain canoodling. The LA Times called it a show of tolerance from today’s teens.


Said Jake: “This is a real honour, not just for me and Heath but for all of you, that you picked this movie and this kiss over all the other ones.”

To our great disappoint, he neglected to demonstrate his kiss on Justin.

Justin_jake_3 Justin_jake_4

Perhaps Jake wasn’t interested in any more violent man-on-man making out.


They did however, talk together backstage and touch in the way real men do.


Trent at Pink is the New Blog was on the red carpet and didn’t get close to Jake but did grab some hot snapshots and some face time with MTV hottie Landon Lueck.

The kiss:

Broekback Exclusive: Heath and Jake Swap Spit [tr]

(source: ohnotheydidn’t)


  1. bobbyanna says

    It ought to be illegal for somebody to be as totally hot as Jakey!!! Vince Vaughan wasn’t there to accept with OWen Wilson even tho both won their award, but no one comments on that. I think the reason Heath wasn’t there is bcz he is getting ready to leave for Montreal to start the Bob Dylan bio-pic which is supposed to start shooting this month. Since he and Michelle will both be working on it, I imagine there’s a lot to do with moving house and baby. Even if that isn’t the case, I think Jake’s acceptance speech says it all. If Both guys had been there, the MTV crowd would have expected a re-enactment so they could whoop and howl and act like little animals. Instead, they got a serious, dignified, thoughtful earful from Jakey. Both Heath and Jakey have consistently conducted themselves with dignity as it relates to their roles in BBM. They weren’t going to demean or redicule the work by participating in parodying it.

  2. eddie says

    Jake is one hell of a guy. Great actor, and becoming a great man. Bravo to him and to Heath. And Jake won Best Performance too. Bravo MTV generation!

  3. says

    hmm i saw Jake’s acceptance speech over at BBC and I believe he said something very positive but not what’s stated above. Maybe I should go back and listen to it again.

    I think it said something along the line of “this award is for everyone that is struggling with love, which means (everyone) me and you..er bla bla bla…”

    Go check it out but thanks for posting. Jake’s turning out to be a really good spirit. Salut.

  4. Dan Cobb says

    Christ, when I saw BBMountain I really
    thought Ledger was the hottie… he’s much more my type of guy… I then saw BBM a second time and Jake started growing on me… and growing and growing… he’s one good-lookin’ guy… and THAT SPARK… this guy OBVIOUSLY LOVES life… it’s incredible!
    He is one positively radiant personality. If I were straight I think I’d probably wind up avoiding him because I’d be afraid I’d go gay… he’s very magnetic… charming… fun… and SEXY… damn!


  5. says


    finally heard it again:
    “thank you, not just from me, but from all those people struggling with love, which is all of us..as we continue to..thanks”


  6. Hadassah Weinreb says

    I notice that in one of the pics w TimberTwink, Jake is giving him “that look” I thought was only reserved for Austin.

  7. Lorenzo says

    I think it was TMZ but you can clearly see Justin slap Jake’s ass, it’s really cute and funny.

  8. Lorenzo says

    I think it was TMZ but you can clearly see Justin slap Jake’s ass, it’s really cute and funny.

  9. Piper says

    I agree with Hadassah. Austin might be jealous when he sees these pics! But I’d love to see Jake break up Justin & Cameron. Maybe Austin could date her?

  10. georgi wright says

    I enjoyed these pictures much more than the usual pictures of J Gyllenhaal buying coffee or clothes. Great pictures. Thank you.

  11. Tim says

    Is it true that MTV even informs the nominees in advance whether they win or not? If yes, there would be no fun at all to watch the show!

  12. Alan says

    OK Jake has done it. Good for him. He stands out. You like him. And he reminds you of your self.

  13. Ben says

    Justine is Gay and i think when he saw jake, all he could think of is that i wish if i play the role of heath Ledger!