As Seen in Provincetown: Part Two

Ptown3 Ptown4

An old captain’s house that sits across from the Boatslip, still owned (as far as I know) by the family of the late Reggie Cabral, who also own the A-House. In recent years, since Cabral’s death, the house has fallen into a state of disrepair, but when I visited it once back in 1992 its walls were covered with the paintings of famous artists Cabral had collected over the years, a virtual museum. Place this into the category of properties I wish I owned. The second shot is a mobile painter at work on Commercial Street in front of the shop Symbology.

Ptown6 Ptown7

A shot of the iron gate on the old captain’s house pictured above. My friend Jimmy with a very similar-looking ship.


Part of the town’s charm comes from the Mercedes cab company in town, which shuttles folks around in vintage Benzes. This is the view from the back seat of one, our driver Astranada on the left.

Ptown11_1 Ptown12

A few boy shots from a pool party. Left, Conor and Adam. Right, Philip and Jeremy.

Ptown14 Ptown13

Activism, consumerism, and art can go hand-in-hand here. These shots show a couple of the flyers posted on town telephone poles. The first is for my favorite shop in town, MAP, which sells things like Rogues Gallery T-shirts, photo books, and small, unique items for the home. Hit it if you’re there. The second is a very simple flyer I saw posted around town that pretty much speaks for itself.

Ptown15 Ptown16

Here are a couple more colorful shots from the walls of the A-House.

Ptown5 Ptown17

Here’s a daytime view of a place some visit after leaving the A-House, underneath the Boatslip deck, the infamous ‘dick-dock’. And a view from the same beach of light on the boats at sunset, a gorgeous PTown image that should be stamped on the minds of most visitors to this magical place.


A few friends at tea dance at the Boatslip.

Ptown18 Ptown8

Shots from rooms at sea. A window on the Ptown ferry; an abstract shot taken by mistake of an orange post on the ferry and the ship’s wake…

Ptown21 Ptown20_1

At the end of Macmillan Wharf you are greeted by the gray ladies of Ptown, a project put up by artists a few years ago. They seem to match the gray of everything else in the harbor on some days. The second shot is a view towards the Pilgrim Monument in the center of town.


Provincetown is a drag queen’s paradise, although I was quite disappointed I didn’t see Cher turning heads as she whizzed down Commercial Street on her motor scooter this year. These were a few of the acts in town for 2006.

Ptown24 Ptown23

“Tourists” by Chaim Gross and the construction of the new Provincetown library, a never-ending project. And a common site in Ptown, the view between houses, to the sea.


  1. Cory says

    Andy: do you have any more pics of the A-House flyers? The two times I was there this past Holiday I never got a chance in seeing much of the interior. It was so crowded, hot and loud near the dance floor I spent much of the time outside on the deck. Thanks…

  2. patrick nyc says

    Andy thanks for the great shots. I’ve been going up to P’town since ’84, lived there for two wonderful years as well ten years ago. Have not been back in three years, makes me homesick 😉

    Is Front Street still open? Best eats in town. Thanx again.

  3. Max says

    Thanks for posting these! The boats at sunset pic makes me feel as though I am still on a deck having drinks and I couldn’t stop laughing at the video of the local out for a ride.
    Provincetown is truly a magical place.

  4. Cory says

    Hey Andy, thanks for the pics. I did see Cher this year, but it was later in the week. She wasn’t on her usual scooter though, but she looked fabulous as ever lol…

    Side note: Nice pool party. Did my invite get lost in the mail? 😉 and that muscle guy, hmmm, if you know him I’m 5’8″, vgl, muscular, blond, blue eyes, 175, and like long walks on the beach lol…

  5. ICEMAN says

    What kind of pool party is that? Everyone is wearing swimsuits. The pool parties at the Island House in Key West (an advertiser) are much more fun.

  6. Alexis says

    Did you make it to the bathroom at the A-house? It made waiting, in what seemed to be an eternal line, all worthwhile.

    Now only if those walls could talk.

    I’m so sorry I missed you in Ptown. Had I known you were in town, I would have saved us a bench spot at Spiritus and ordered up a few slices of pizza (if you stay late enough, they give em’ away for free!).

    Maybe next year…

  7. JimS says

    Great picture of the boats in the harbor. You captured that beloved view perfectly. As is the case with the adjacent diurnal Dick Dock pic (someone goes there during daylight hours?). I’m headed there this weekend; thanks for whetting my appetite.

  8. DKNATL says

    First visit to Ptown and it happened to be Bear Week, the week after 4th of July. Doesn’t matter which week of the summer you are there, P-town is magical and everyone lets there hair down and gets along.

  9. Charles says

    Great pics Andy! I was down the Cape as well recently and I saw some of the same sights. The “Make Levees Not War” poster was still tacked up on the pole as of last week.
    I too ooohed and aaaahed over the old captains house which was owned by Reggie Cabral before he died. It’s a damn shame that it is not being properly cared for. The owners should either take care of it or sell it to someone who will appreciate it. I can only imagine how much that house it worth now.

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