Derek Jeter Gets Stinky


Seems everybody needs to have their own fragrance these days. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has taken the David Beckham route and comes up with “Driven”, though I’m not sure that any brooding, Heathcliff-inspired romantic photoshoot is set for the Bronx ballbuster.

David Beckham: The Scent of a Metrosexual [tr]


  1. resurrect says

    financials are usually the last thing I pay attention to but I did hear Avon’s stock bottomed out (hehe) today as it took a major profit hit. don’t think this new scent will turn it around either…

    ditto on 24play on the shirt? blouse? top? if there’s one thing every man should know about fashion, it’s that fabric covered buttons are strictly she-male territory. anything you want to pony up, Mr. Jeter?

  2. JOE 2 says

    Let me make sure I understand – if I use this fragrance, then I will…smell like Derek Jeter? Or is it just that Derek Jeter, all by himself, concocted the combination of aromas that go into this scent? Yes, that must be it. Look at him, proudly holding the little bottle. “Look, Ma, now I’m a parfumier! I’m multi-talented! Yay!” G’night, Greedy.

  3. Cory says

    Exactly. This just speaks volumes about the American public. Celebrities love to make money while flattering their ego’s. JLo, Madonna, Britney, Beckham. Most almost always have to have a fragrance since it’s important everyone smells like them. Most often it’s cheap fragrances that make Designer Imposters look like Imperial Majesty ($215,000 a bottle)…

  4. AJ says

    He is hot as hell… and the cologne is ment for his straight male fans. They don’t know any better. Who the hell buyss cologne from Avon anyway. Straight married men whose wivess by Avon. Oh his fans.

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