road.jpg Greeted at the ferry: Gays angry at the Senators’ positions on same-sex marriage may protest a July 22 fundraiser for Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer on Fire Island.

road.jpg High Commissioner in Fiji says gays will not be arrested for consensual sex. Last August a Fijian court overturned an Australian man’s two year prison sentence for having consensual sex with a Fijian man.

Armstrong_mcconaugheyroad.jpg Some wishful thinking: Is Matthew McConaughey getting it on with Lance Armstrong behind biking buddy Gyllenhaal’s back?

road.jpg Marriage vs Civil Unions: Connecticut Superior Court judge rules that gays and lesbians have not been harmed by being offered the latter rather than the former: “Civil union and marriage in Connecticut now share the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under law. The Connecticut Constitution requires that there be equal protection and due process of law, not that there be equivalent nomenclature for such protection and process.”

road.jpg Flashback: A short, very wrong clip from Carrie, The Musical.

road.jpg “Are pre-pubescent children capable of erotic thoughts? I am NOT an expert. I only know about my own early erotic, for lack of a better term, feelings. And they had nothing to do with penises or breasts or vaginas or even kissing and any other human being.” A meditation on first-time turn-ons.

road.jpg New Zealand MP moves to extinguish use of “gay panic” defense.

road.jpg New York’s Splash Bar angered by Kathy Griffin’s price tag: “We offered her $5,000, but she wanted 30 grand plus a $10,000 rider. On her show she’s always like, ‘My gays’ and ‘I love the gays,’ but it’s totally opposite in real life. We were taken aback by her response. If she had love for her gay fans she’d do it. I mean, J.Lo just performed at Gay Pride for free. I guess it’s all about the money.”

road.jpg Confederate flags invade the Jersey shore: “Explain to me how this doesn’t turn its back on humanity and progress. I’m all ears. Really.” (via cityrag)