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Video: Jeff Gannon Visits the Log Cabin Republicans

Jeff Gannon attempted to make a few funnies for the Log Cabin Republicans in NYC last night. Here's a preview. If you're a masochist, you can download the rest of it.

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  1. When talking about the Log Cabin Republicans, I wonder how long it took the Democratic Party to accept gays. They didn't always, you know. What passes for the Republican party now is the real oxymoron. They no longer stand for fiscal responsibility (it took Bill Clinton to be fiscally responsible), the Neocon Republicans -- an extremist faction of the Republican party -- are elitists (remember when Democrats were limousine liberals (which is read as elitist?). Barry Goldwater (who had a gay grandson) felt that being gay was nobody's business, but the gay person's. Again, the Republican party has left ALL real Republicans behind. They are an extreme facist, third-world, Banana dictatorship. So, let's remember that the world doesn't just run only on liberal precepts OR only on conservative precepts, but a well-thought out combination of the two. The Log Cabin Club has it's role to play and they are not any more self-loathing than anyone else. When you laugh and giggle at them, you merely show your own prejudice, which I'm sure in your heart you are truly against.

    Posted by: ROGER | Jul 15, 2006 10:25:55 PM

  2. Frankly, neither one of the major parties is worth a hoot in hell. A good quarter of the Republicans (or more) would probably gas us. And the Democrats "accept us" only because they have to do so. Believe me, the majority of the religious black leaders that are democrats have not 'accepted us'. They are some of our worst detractors.

    I have gay friends that are Republicans and we do not really have that different of politicals ideas. We both believe in a strong defense but one where we work with the rest of the world, non-confiscatory tax policies, less government spending that is more libertarian than Dem. or Rep., government out of the marriage business, and gov't out of the personal lives of citizens as long as they are not infringing upon others. We both believe that running hundreds of billions of dollars in deficits and not dealing with the entitlement problem is shoving future generations into an abysmal standard of living. So how different are your ideals from Republicans? Maybe less than you think.And surely it depends upon which 'Republican' you are talking to. Even though I never expected to have gay Republican friends, having these friends has taught me not to attack people just because they go one direction and I go the other. They keep reminding me that the Democrats have not really done a whole lot for gay people either. Still, all in all, I'll hold my nose and vote Democratic because I think the Republicans are just plain dangerous...and I'll not expect much from it either except less money in my pocket if they are elected.

    Posted by: Hense | Jul 16, 2006 4:24:40 PM

  3. Hense,

    I too hold my nose when I vote for a Democrat, the only ones I vote for. But to say there is little or no difference is bullshit. The republican party ran on two issues the last two elections, 9/11 and gay marriage. I know the democrats have no balls when it comes to gay issues, but at least they are not making us part of the 'get out the vote we are evil' platform. Unless you have been braindead, like most log cabin men (has anyone seen a dyke there?), it's clear to see the big tent has no room for fags.

    Your last sentance says a lot about why people who are gay republicans vote that way, they use to say that there was more than one isssue, but you put it plainly up front. "I'll not expect much from it either except less money in my pocket"

    The bottom line is that gay republicans care more about money, than other issues, including gay rights, or peoples lives.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Jul 16, 2006 8:16:47 PM

  4. Patrick-- Actually, I did not say there was "no difference" between Democrats and Republicans. If I felt that way, I would vote Republican. In fact, there is no way I would ever vote Republican. I have a little self esteem left. I vote for Democrats solely because of the Republican's b.s. on gay issues and personal freedom issues.And that's why at least the females of my family also voted Democratic(I gave up on the males) The males voted Republican because they think the Dem's are confiscators and not capable on defense. If gay issues and personal freedom were not important to me (ha...) then I'd have to push myself to vote Democratic. The Dems are so incompetent that they could not beat W in 2004 and they are questionable in 2008,too. Look at the leaders of the Democrats. What a sad lot. I mean really: Hillary? Please. You people in NYC or LA think this woman is electable? Well how NYC or LA vote is irrelevant. Go to North Florida and ask voters what they think of Hillary. Or Missouri, Michigan, Ohio or anywhere but outside your flat in NYC.

    If the Dem's wants to win they should come up with a P-L-A-N. A plan to deal with the deficit, Iraq, Korea, Iran, entitlements, energy, and the multitude of other issues this country faces-- Instead all they do is bash pathetic W and as a result look only marginally better than him. And I think the population--while pretty ignorant-- would be more receptive to Dem's if they had that P-L-A-N. Will simply bashing Republicans get Rep.'s out of power? I don't know but it seems to me that it's the hard way to walk home. And that is kind of what you all are doing on this Gannon thing. I mean I know...he's a sad sack but who cares? I have not seen his name on the front page of my local paper. Or even on the back page. I'm not sure that story ever even made it into my local paper in fact. Nobody cares.And the LCR's and Gannon are pretty much made for each other and both are irrelevant. It's not like LCR's are convincing very many minds in the 'Big Tent'. They do not even have a table in the parking lot and they sure as the devil are not in the tent.

    About your comment that gay Republicans care more about money than our gay lives, you are probably right. That's why I find them hard to comprehend. Of course, many also voted Republican because they feel the Republicans are "fighting the war on terror better than Democrats could do." Gag me on that one,too. But those are the two biggest reason why a quarter of our brothers-sisters voted for the evil Republicans and we would be better off thinking of how to address their concerns than caring about Gannon's thong.

    Posted by: Hense | Jul 17, 2006 8:49:08 PM

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