Tab: George Michael Sex Cruise on Hampstead Heath

George Michael can’t seem to catch a break from the relentless British paparazzi who recently labeled him a wasted stoner. Said Michael of the tabloid stories, “It’s strange to look at this parallel life, this Fleet Street life.”

HampsteadHis Fleet Street life includes two other incidents well-documented by the tabs; one in which Michael was allegedly slumped at the wheel of his drug-filled car, and another in which Michael slept at the wheel wearing an iPod, woke up, and drove into a street marker.

Michael has said that the tabloid attention is the result of Elton John’s comments that George was in a strange place and needed to get out more.

I’m sure this isn’t what Elton was suggesting. Calling the News of the World report “totally built,” Michael’s long-term partner Kenny Goss told a group of press gathered around their home in Highgate: “George is not going to say anything today. This is behind us. That is everything we are going to say on the subject. We are getting on with the rest of our lives.”

Maybe now would be a good time to put out that unreleased remix of “Outside”.

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  1. says

    If Norman is going to be so forthright about the encounter, the least he could have done is fill us in on his “secret”. Now I am really intrigued.

  2. Anon1 says

    Will someone please send George Michael and Whitney Houston to rehab so they can start singing again?

    Drugs are so cruel.

  3. noah says

    Um, I thought Britain was famous for its rentboys? Wouldn’t that make more sense? George hasn’t aged gracefully; he does look like your average old Greek guy. Say what you will about Madonna or Tina Turner but they still look GOOD!

  4. Marcolo says

    George. George. George. This is our culture? Um, no. Our culture isn’t about having sex in the bushes with anonymous strangers. Do gay men do this? Obviously. Gay men also bareback, listen to crappy dance music, think Latter Days is a great film and label every other singer a “diva” with such frequency, the term has lost all meaning. Doesn’t make it part of the culture.

  5. Jeffrey says

    Hmm… what secret? Do you think Norman has a wierd fetish? physically deformed? maybe HIV positive?

    The suspense is killing me Norm!

  6. psmike says

    LOL….Marcolo, you left off the fetish worship of pretty str8 boys, an overemphasis on extravagant spending, and (too frequently) a lack of concern or consideration for others besides ourselves. I know exactly what you’re saying, but it is part of some of gay culture….along with MUCH that is good. We are humans…and (predominately on this site) guys, which mean that we are no better and we are no worse than most. George seems to be having a tough time of it, and my sympathies are with him, but he knows he is press fodder and needs to come to terms with the persona he’s creating. He’s not a representative, but, honestly, he is one of us.

  7. says

    George. All I`m gonna say is, you know, pick something prettier … poor Kenny.
    PS: When you sing that you prefer ‘dancing with the freaks’ I now see what you mean.

  8. FunMe says

    Michael is in an open relationship. His latest episode of his escapades could simply mean that he is a sexaholic. And a druggie. Obviously, there is something wrong with that. Despite being in an “open relationship” and being a huge star, you would think he would be able to find hotter guys.

    Seems to me that Michael is in need of MAJOR THERAPY to figure out why he is so self destructive.

  9. Marcolo says


    I totally hear and agree with you. The minute I hit “send” (or whatever) I realized that George’s actions are a part of our “culture” as it were. As were all the things I bagged on. And fricking thank God they are (minus the barebacking, although I hear the BB points,too – just too dangerous for my tastes.) I am glad I am a part of a sometimes crazy, whacked-out, nutjob community. My point only was that most gay people and the gay people I work and socialize with do everything straight people do. Today, I got up, showered, went to work and eventually will go home. For George to claim it’s part of our culture to “cleanse” himself of the pure skankiness of his alleged actions is just wrong. I have done skanky stuff, I just don’t pretend it’s anything but pure, full-on skankiness. We all know our str8 friends are just as bad in their own way.

    Anyway, loved your response. you rock!

  10. Anthony says

    Its easy for people here to judge George but tons of gay men have sex in a park.
    Its okay to have sex. However, if you’re having sex all the time and not having a life then you got a problem.
    Not exactly uncommon. I think people here are surprised that George is having problems just like everyone else. Maybe George’s lover Kenny isn’t as nice as some people think. Its obvious George has got some unresolved issues.

  11. says

    Hmm. I’m still wondering about that “secret” too – I’m surprised that that part of Norman’s “shag-and-scream” (thanks, Catherine Tate!) hasn’t aroused more comment.

  12. pk says

    norman’s secret is obviously that he is hiv positive. duh. and im willing to bet that, like many sex addicted gay men, george michael is as well.

    but they do have an open relationship and everyone involved are adults and seem “relatively” sober. give the guy a break. if i had cameras following me around at inopportune moments or photographing everyone i had sex with when i just wanted to get off – it wouldnt be pretty!

  13. Scotty says

    I think what George SHOULD have said, was that it was a PART of our culture…but either way, it’s not one ANY of us should be proud of. Having been labeled “sexual deviant’s” and “mentally ill” throughout modern history, I can’t see where behavior like this help’s any of us make any progress in convincing straight’s we should have the same right’s as straights…Not that we should have to ask them in the first place. I love George, but he has no accountability in his life any more…and that is a problem alot of us have… Love from the States!!!