Tab: George Michael Sex Cruise on Hampstead Heath

George Michael can’t seem to catch a break from the relentless British paparazzi who recently labeled him a wasted stoner. Said Michael of the tabloid stories, “It’s strange to look at this parallel life, this Fleet Street life.”

HampsteadHis Fleet Street life includes two other incidents well-documented by the tabs; one in which Michael was allegedly slumped at the wheel of his drug-filled car, and another in which Michael slept at the wheel wearing an iPod, woke up, and drove into a street marker.

Michael has said that the tabloid attention is the result of Elton John’s comments that George was in a strange place and needed to get out more.

I’m sure this isn’t what Elton was suggesting. Calling the News of the World report “totally built,” Michael’s long-term partner Kenny Goss told a group of press gathered around their home in Highgate: “George is not going to say anything today. This is behind us. That is everything we are going to say on the subject. We are getting on with the rest of our lives.”

Maybe now would be a good time to put out that unreleased remix of “Outside”.

George’s Sex Shame [news of the world]

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