News: John Travolta, Latvian Pigs, Tate Modern…

road.jpg Today, AfterElton posted a really lovely profile on Towleroad and its evolution. I’m flattered and grateful. Thanks, guys!

Tate_1road.jpg The Tate Modern in London is about to get a lot bigger. And a gay hotel has become the #1 rated spot to stay in London, according to the website

road.jpg Latvian Interior Minister defends the police and not the gays after violent Latvian pride incidents: “In fact, [the police] were the ones who suffered most. They were pelted with eggs and excrements. The pressure was enormous, and it was hard to resist taking sides. Therefore I reiterate one more time that our police force did a great job and anything of that kind was prevented from happening in Latvia.”

road.jpg John Travolta does some method acting for his new film, Wild Hogs.

road.jpg Slovenia legalizes same-sex marriages. However, there’s one stipulation: “No friends, relatives or any third person are allowed to attend the ceremony, which can be held only in a state office.”

road.jpg No more sex: Is George Michael’s singing career scandal-proof? Apparently not.