News: Boxer Briefs, Barry Manilow’s Hip, Moustaches

road.jpg Hundreds took to the streets on Friday night in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood to rally against the hateful attacks that took place near Balboa Park over Gay Pride weekend.

Iraqi_policeroad.jpg Remember the 14-year-old gay Iraqi boy murdered on his doorstep? Evidence shows increase in Iraqi Shia death squad executions of homosexuals: “There is growing evidence that Shia militias have been killing men suspected of being gay and children who have been sold to criminal gangs to be sexually abused. The threat has led to a rapid increase in the numbers of Iraqi homosexuals now seeking asylum in the UK because it has become impossible for them to live safely in their own country.”

road.jpg Hugh Jackman‘s lucky charm: a pair of ten-year-old boxer briefs.

road.jpg Marvel Comics Editor in Chief says that due to “ridiculous” pressure from “pro-family” groups like Traditional Values Coalition, the company will not be publishing titles with gay and lesbian characters without an “explicit content” label: “The last thing we want to do is have everybody come down on the entire comic book industry.”

road.jpg Barry Manilow to undergo hip surgery.

Piazzaroad.jpg What your facial hair says about you: “You’ve got some who are hairy and do nothing about it, some who are almost obsessive about being clean-shaven, and some who just keep their facial hair neatly trimmed—and what goes on up top is usually a good indication of what goes on below.”

road.jpg World’s first gay motor show set to start its engines in Cardiff, UK.

road.jpg Western Australia National Party passes motion supporting gay and lesbian civil unions: “This move by the National Party shows that there is an increasing level of support within the party to secure fairness and certainty for same-sex couples and their families, especially those in rural and regional Western Australia.”


  1. Mark says

    I’m amazed that the entire day passed on Towleroad without a mention of a gleaming gay nugget in the Style’s section of the Sunday New York Times – how mainstream media and, hmm, blogs in particular are constantly looking to out celebrities and people in the public eye. Hmm, somewhere Jake G. (names have been changed to protect the innocent) just spit latte all over Matthew Mc. after that article, thinking….I know that this is gonna be on Towleroad tomorrow…

    Excellent exercise in restraint indeed Andy! You’ll never be a Perez Hilton (well except for the Lance’s ex post…and the Hugh Jackman post, hmm, and Madonna post, and the……..)

  2. says

    I don’t get the “Explicit Content” label. What’s so explicit about a gay character? I mean, will these characters be vividly partaking in anal spelunking? I just don’t get it. Also, how is it that these “family” organizations have so much power? Is it because they all band together?

  3. GBM says

    Thanks Condi and the Bush Administration. Now that Iraq is a perfect democracy where civilians and armed militias can take to the streets to voice their political beliefs–by burning Israeli and US flags and voicing open support for Hezbolla–and where for citizens can look forward to the free reign of bedrock religious morality–exemplified in the diminishing rights and safety of women and gays–, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief that the region and the world at large is such a safer place.

    And Marvel: Fuck you too. There is no way saying “I am a lesbian” or “I dig other guys” is at all as explicit as the teenage-boy-boner-inducing, T-and-A-stacked, spandex-clad superheroines that litter Marvels pages, you hypocrites.

    We should all boycott Spiderman 3.

  4. says

    Um … well, I often flip through comic books or go to comix review sites to look for the titles that have gay characters. What queer boy or girl wouldn’t want to know up front which of their favorite titles have queer characters?

    I look forward to the ‘warning’ label on every single Batman comic produced from here on out … (I know, I know, Batman is DC, but still … 😉

  5. jimmyboyo says

    Marvel comic titles whole heartedly promote evolution, magic, pagan gods, and aliens…..and the wacko right is upset with gay characters. One of their anti-heros is Hellspawn the son of satan who wears a big pentagram onhis chest and lives in hell. God forbid two male characters in a comic go on a date.


  6. nobody says

    can I just say that that whole mustache thing is soooooo stupid. it SOOO skewed to that female dominated idea that men are at the baseline not as “esthetic” as women….that somehow women are just simply better looking than men. and this is just rolling it out to dis the beauty of men’s natural facial hair…which in my book…ROCKS!

  7. John C says

    Wow Marvel, you’re so brave the way you stand up to those Bible-bullies. Just like all the heroes in your comics, in fact. Maybe there can be a new Spiderman series where he runs away every time there’s a crime happening somewhere; after all, it might make the criminals madder, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

  8. Joe T. says

    No wonder not a single great invention or discovery has come out of the Islamic world in the last 200 years. They’re killing off all their own DaVincis and Francis Bacons.

  9. Rad says

    …there were no religious wars in Yugoslavia under Tito. There’s something to be said for Socialism.

    Unfortunate that we are a theocratic planet. Every corner of this world, someone has a religion, and more than likely, they think their religion is better than your religion. And that is ALL these wars are ever about. “My religion says you are a sinner. Convert or die”. Time immemorial. Romans. Crusades. Conquestidors.

  10. mark says

    Leave it to women in New York to decide for everyone else that facial hair is not sexy and to actually be surprised that some women find it sexy (gasp). And the article says that mustaches on men was a gay signal in the 70’s but you won’t find gay men with them anymore???? What planet is she on? Oh….Manhattan. Well someone needs to aim the satellite dish her way and inform her that facial hair is still considered sexy to a huge portion of gays living in the South, Midwest and especially the West Coast. Women who want baby-smooth cheeks on their man are just latent lesbians.

  11. Sam says

    Naturally, the story about the persecution of gays in Iraq was reported in a British newspaper. Our mainstream media wouldn’t dream of touching something like that for fear of offending a Republican. It seems that nobody in the US gives a f**k that gay men are being slaughtered in Iraq or in Iran.

  12. John T says

    Re: the facial hair thing, I keep seeing articles like these, which only tell us that female professional writers who live in New York City don’t like facial hair on men, and they’re always surprised to find out in the course of their adventurous reporting (i.e. informal polling at the bar) that some women and many gay men do like it. Yawn. Where I live, I’m concerned that beards are becoming *too* fashionable — because that means that they’ll eventually go “out”, and I’m not going to shave my beard off for the sake of fashion. It looks good on me.

  13. says

    RE: Marvel… the thing is, Quesada’s an idiot who frequently comes off like he doesn’t really have an idea of the big picture of what his company is doing. In the interview he was talking about another “Rawhide Kid” but at the time Marvel has already been publishing Young Avengers (penned by gay Greys Anatomy writer Alan Heinsberg) which includes a male couple on the team with little fanfare, Runways with a lesbian-identifying alien engaged to a shapeshifter and Ultimate X-Men where Colossus is planning dates with Northstar (who’s gay in the “main” Marvel titles, but poorly used).

    Marvel has two audiences nowadays, the comic shop audience who tends to be socially conservative, including anti-femist and homophobic tendencies and the bookstore audience, younger and less interested in long-running consinuity. Looking for anything worthwhile from Marvel, you’ve got to avoid the majority of their titles and stick to the newer franchises, often found in digest-sized collections and in the Ultimate line.

    Yeah, Quesada’s comments annoy me, but at least in this case what he says doesn’t reflect what’s on the shelves.

  14. Tom says

    Re: “the comic shop audience who tends to be socially conservative, including anti-femist and homophobic tendencies…”

    That’s a big generalization, Lyle, considering that the great majority of adult comic book readers buy their books at these places. I’ve been buying comics at comic specialty shops since I was a teenager and I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Maybe it’s a local phenomenon.

  15. jimmyboyo says

    RAD I would have to disagree with you on rome trying to convert others to their religion and killing in the name of religion.

    Part of the success of the empire was that one was allowed to keep their culture and religion as long as one accepted rome as ruler. The killing of christians was a very very short period of time (shorter than when rome became christian and kille dpagans), and had more to do with treason. the christians would not aknowledge the supremacy of the emperor. Though we today would consider such crazy, to the romans to not aknowledge the emperor as divine and supreme was TREASON.

    The christians could have remained christian and lived if they accepted the emperor as greater than jesus.

    Rome killed people to gain land and wealth. Give me a pagan war monger any day over a religous monotheist. The pagan is honest enough to say we want your treasure and land, not the “trying to save you by kiling you” schtick.

  16. Darren says

    RE: Marvel.. Gotta say I read the Rawhide Kid comics.. if that is what is defined as “mature content” then I’d hate to think what the average copy of Maxim is rated in these people’s minds.

    the true sin here is Marvel caving to the right.. With characters like Hellstrom, Hellcat, Ghost Rider, (hellish entities), pagans (Thor, Hercules, The Immortals, The Inhumans..) and unfortunately the long list of gay characters are full of characters that aren’t exactly “a, B, or even C listers” in most cases these characters are relegated to supporting roles, or killed outright, or their sexuality is “corrected” during a War or Crisis…

    I hope DC has better luck with Batwoman, Midnighter, and Obsidian (amusing how they all have dark costumes) and I hope Marvel does a better job with Wiccan, Freedom’s Ring, and the rest…

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