Palestinian Leader Mocks Israel’s “Gay” Army

Israeli_lebanonThe chief rocket coordinator for the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank, Abu Oudai, has told conservative news outlet WorldNetDaily that because of Israel’s old fashioned war methods and the military’s acceptance of gays, Palestine will succeed as he says Lebanon has:

“I think the most important achievement this war in Lebanon demonstrated is that Israel – with all its power, its air force, its tanks, its navy and its unlimited budget – can be defeated. If we do [what Hezbollah accomplished], this Israeli army full of gay soldiers and full of corruption and with old-fashioned war methods can be defeated also in Palestine. See the hundreds of Israeli tanks that the Mujahedeen had destroyed; the aircraft that were shot down; the Israelis – most of them soldiers – that Hezbollah killed. But above all the promise Hezbollah kept that no matter what the Israeli army will do and no matter how deep it will get inside Lebanon, Hezbollah will keep shooting the Israeli sites in the north of Israel (with rockets).”


  1. Marco says


    I agree. I am very mixed in my feeling on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as Israel is the only place in the region where I could walk openly with my boyfriend and, obviously, serve in the military. But let’s not just chastize the left. The right has its blind supporters of Israel, too. Look at the recent bombings of Lebanon. Right wing blogs were A-Ok with the deaths of children, even going as far as to suggest Hezbollah used them as human sheilds.

  2. bambambam says

    Huh? Didn’t all the right-wing gay-hating Orthodox, Muslim and Christian hypocrites just get done crushing the gay pride event that was to be held in Jerusalem?

    Don’t try bashing gay “left-wingers.” A, we have google, and B, we can use it to show how you self-hating kkkonservatives lie with every post.

    Stop being so childish and boorish with the anti-left shrillness, okay?

  3. jmg says

    I don’t know how I was “bashing” anyone, or being “shrill,” “boorish,” or “childish” for that matter. I just asked you to remember.

    I am not conservative and don’t hate myself.

  4. Jordan says

    “Right wing blogs were A-Ok with the deaths of children, even going as far as to suggest Hezbollah used them as human sheilds.”

    That’s because Hezbollah did essentially use women and children as human shields… by establishing their bases in crowded civilian areas, where any sort of military strike against them would inevitably harm or kill civilians. Once that happened, media coverage would ensue, and hopefully (for those who support Hezbollah in this matter), popular opinion would turn against Israel.

  5. jimmyboyo says

    jmg then please explain the israelis forbiding a gay pride parade in jerusalem

    Don’t be a hypocrite

    the far right muslims, far right jews, and far right christians all hate us

    it is the far right, STUPID

    not arabs, not jews, not europeans

    it is their far right religous wackos

    To try to use this to justify the kiling of palestinian women and children is horid. It is horid to try to justify israeli tanks bulldozing palestinian centuries old farms.

    It is the far right religous wackos on all sides, STUPID!

    Don’t forget israel forbade a gay pride parade in jerusalem and that orthedox jews throw stones at gays leaving israeli gay night clubs

  6. ish says

    It may be true that more Israelis are progressive about gay issues. A lot of good that doea any potentially gay child killed by Israelis in Gaza or Lebanon. I’d choose the right to be alive over the right to be gay.

  7. jmg says

    I am not sure the right to be alive is really present for gays in many Arab countries where homosexuality is punished by death.

    The incident in Jerusalem was indeed unfortunate but hardly indicative of Israeli society as it pertains to gays.

    A follow-up to the “self-hating” charge–isn’t that the term for someone who confesses unwavering support for anti-gay terrorists?

  8. patrick nyc says

    Tommy you got it wrong. Mel was publicly hating us fags back in the ’90’s. With gay jews he can now hate two groups at once!! Now if we can find Mel some Black Gay Jewish Atheist he’d be in Heaven.

  9. says

    I don’t know why people try to make everything a “left vs. right” issue. *sigh*

    Bigotry is bigotry. And it doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on. Whites aren’t the only racists and righties aren’t the only homophobes.

  10. Marco says


    I am no Hezbollah fan, believe me. I’ll try to be more clear what I am reading on righty blogs. Hezbollah stocked buildings with children. Hezbollah blows up its own buildings to make Israel look bad. And of course, my neocon fave, “well, they were gonna grow up to be terrorists anyway.”

    I don’t see how launching the firepower Israel has into civilian strewn city helps Israel at all. If anything, it has aided Hezbollah.

  11. Jordan says


    I understand, now. I tend to avoid the blogs of raving lunatics. The accusations you’ve mentioned are obviously absurd, and I can see where you’re coming from now.

    I just think the issue is more complicated than “This side is right, and this side is wrong.” Both sides have done their fair share of immoral acts. However, I have no problem placing the vast majority of the blame on Hezbollah and the Palestinians, the latter of which took a concession from Israel (the Gaza Strip) and used it as a way to be more efficient terrorists.

    It’s infuriating.

  12. Marco says


    I totally agree with you. The whole conflict befuddles me and obviously predates use both. I do tend to side with Israel more, although I do see their tactics as heavy-handed many times – then I think about people blowing innocents up on buses and how it seems everyone in the Middle East wants to wipe Israel off the map —ugh.

    I feel no shame in saying this conflict is over my head insofar as figuring it all out. I just know all sides have to get to the table and talk _ even with Hizbollah.

    thanks for your post.

  13. mark m says

    As I see it, it’s pointless to take sides in a war that goes back centuries. Both sides are guilty of perpetuating the cycle of violence. The West and The East are moving steadily into the 21st Century, while much of the Middle East remains stuck in the Bronze Age. If there was a way to unzip that part of the world and launch it into space, that would be my solution. Sorry to be flippant but with this kind of mess it’s hard not to be.

  14. says

    I so agree with all you right wing Arab hating bitches: every civilian woman and child who died in the war in Lebanon is the fault of Hizballah, who used them as shields (really effective shields too, huh?). it’s totally NOT the fault of the Israeli army who dropped the f***ing bombs on them. And never mind the fact that gay guys can walk down the street in Beirut (at least before the war), gay people will only be able to feel safe in places like Israel that are supported by the United States. The sooner we get rid of the Arabs the sooner we can have circuit parties EVERYWHERE.

  15. Myackie says

    “Palestinian Leader Mocks Israel’s “Gay” Army”

    well…it’s a “gay army” that kicks arab ass EVERY war. Maybe the arabs would do better with a “gay” army, too!

  16. EOIN M says

    Because of course we all know there are no gays in Palestine. It’s an impossibility.

    Brokeback Mt. has got the Palestinians hopping all of a sudden. You can bet the film has spread like wildfire on the underground pirate dvd circuit out there.

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