1. D says


    Could you please post a still frame–since none of the computers in my office can play this clip?

    There’s not a Mac or PC that can handle his manhood.

    Don’t be a cocktease,


  2. Rey says

    God, this man is hot. I’d prefer less of the body hair trimming, however. The man is perfection with it covering his torso.

  3. says

    Yeah – I got the audio but not the video. Sigh – so typical of technology, right? My RealPlayer said it needed an additional component to work, but it couldn’t find one.

    Hoping for some better news when I check back later!

  4. Lexxicuss says

    Wow. I’ve always loved him but now I really like him.

    Sorry boi’s. Update the size of your video cards and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

  5. Strathos says

    Really? Is THAT what the fuss was about. Hell, I’d love for them to see mine, it puts his to shame and I’m just average. Still the hairy chest is good enough for me.

  6. Googoo says

    Dworff is like 5’4″. A cocktail weenie would look like a kielbasa on that frame. What’s the big deal?

  7. psmike says

    OK..I’m trying really hard to not laugh, but that is just pathetic. Since when is a 4″ dick impressive?

  8. oscar says

    The man is hot and well put together. See pictures of Shawdowplayer with him naked. Hot and hot and He is only semi-erect for the shot.