News: Desmond Tutu, Jack Osbourne Coin Slot, Fat Ban

road.jpg Bush releases executive summary of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq that shows war in Iraq is fueling terrorism. Document shows that Bush and Cheney misled Americans.

Gm_1road.jpg Ian McKellen gives a lengthy interview to AfterElton in which he discusses a variety of his movie roles, gay TV, Superman, and whether or not a public figure’s life should be private. Here’s what he had to say about George Michael:

“If you get into the world where you invite the press to think of you as a person beyond your particular expertise as a singer or an actor, then you’re likely to get into problems, and you’re likely to be asked awkward questions and you’re not prepared for them, and you give replies that only apply to you. It’s very hard and I don’t think we should expect people to do anything other than what they can do. We’ve all got a part to play and it would be quite enough, as far as I’m concerned, for George Michael to say ‘Yes, I’m gay,’ and leave it at that. But he gets caught up [laughs] in activities in public places that draw attention to himself.”

road.jpg eBay buyer who was sold an allegedly working laptop but then found it didn’t work posts the contents (including gay porn) of the recovered hard drive online, making the seller’s life a “living hell”. Scotland Yard is investigating, but the real lesson here: when you sell someone a laptop, don’t be stupid enough to not erase the contents of the hard drive.

Transfatroad.jpg Out of the frying pan: NYC to ban trans fats in restaurants.

road.jpg Jack Osbourne shares his coin slot with the world.

road.jpg Archbishop Desmond Tutu said that the church’s stance on gays made him “ashamed to be Anglican.” Biographer: “He found it little short of outrageous that church leaders should be obsessed with issues of sexuality in the face of the challenges of AIDS and global poverty.”