News: Liza Herpes, Jesse Metcalfe, Bisexual Bond

road.jpg Daniel Craig, who will lock lips with Toby Jones when he plays the killer Perry Smith in the new Truman Capote biopic Infamous, will reportedly get a homoerotic love interest in the next James Bond film after the upcoming Casino Royale: “‘Bond 22′ will now see a homoerotic relationship develop between the suave spy and secret agent Felix Leiter, played by Jeffrey Wright. A film insider said: ‘Bond will always be a hit with the ladies. But Daniel has a massive gay fan base and that can’t be ignored. There will still be sexy Bond Girls. But the modern Bond will be more sensitive.'”

Statham_1road.jpg British Crank hunk Jason Statham enjoys living in America, where he can shoot weapons freely. Statham at the range: “This nasty gun will knock the frost off an old granny.”

road.jpg In divorce proceedings that are shockingly still ongoing, David Gest accuses Liza Minnelli of hiding herpes from him, and she counters that Gest was trying to “poison” her with drugs.

road.jpg British Invasion: American version of Footballers Wives planned.

Niptuck_1road.jpg More naked Nip/Tuck action

road.jpg Marc Cherry to host GLAAD fundraiser with cast of Desperate Housewives

road.jpg Jesse Metcalfe threatens to kill Perez Hilton for gay rumors.

road.jpg Massive Marilyn portrait exhibition goes on display in Paris: “The 59 images on display here were selected by Mr. Stern in the early 1990’s from among the 2,500 he took of Monroe at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles in June and July 1962…The photographs, which include some of the most explicit images taken of the actress, show her principally in three situations: naked on a bed, baring her shoulders, back and legs; holding a transparent chiffon scarf before her naked torso; and covering her breasts with paper flowers. In other images she wears black cocktail dresses or plays mischievously with necklaces.”

road.jpg Families fear convicted child killer at Australian beach, but paper focuses on the fact that it’s a gay hangout.


  1. bd says


    Why are you giving credence to a say-anything-to-get-some-attention dizzy queen like Hilton and his trash blog by mentioning it and giving it a link? C’mon now!

  2. griffin1573 says


    I have to agree with BD….
    Why are you giving this rumour monger the space on your blog.
    Its caracters like this,” I’ll just make up something or insinuate something so I’ll get attention”,no talent wantaby that make the rest of our community look shallow.


  3. Wayne says

    I love the fact that you’re all bashing Andy, but you certainly know who Perez is! How’d that happen unless you have visited his site more than a few times?

    Get over yourselves Biotches, and get your own blog (ever heard of My Space?) if you don’t like Andy’s.

    Andy, you post whatever feels right and I, for one, will keep reading!

  4. Anon says

    Actually, according to PH, JM did not threaten to kill him, but merely fantasized about it. This is one instance where PH may have some friends to back him up on it too. I don’t see how Andy is stooping to PH’s “level” here. Of course, we may now be seeing eerie parallels between Croc Hunter SI and Celeb Hunter PH. Hmm…

    (SI was actually likeable and loved animals though. PH may be more like Timothy Treadwell.)

  5. JT says

    Oh for Dog’s sake! Can’t you guys pay attention to the important stuff? Like Jason Statham (swoon!) and Daniel Craig kissing a (tee-hee) boy!

    I think Andy’s posting the PH stuff is an expression of wishful thinking.

  6. Rad says

    About the Bond RUMORS, that’s all they are. Ian Flemming would be spinning in his grave if they made 007 a little light in the loafers.

    I doubt Craig will make a good JB. He does not strike me as being very… 007’ish.

  7. Leland says

    Hmmm. Well, since everything else GLAAD was supposedly doing in the last five plus years has been a total failure [except whoring for Coors], why not start a totally new program to sucker more donors into perpetuating your worthless existence? Marc Cherry is the perfect host for this event as his gay/bi teen character on “Desperate Housewives”—having killed a woman with his reckless driving and refused to take responsibility for it, blackmailed his mother and purposely destroyed her latest relationship by seducing her bi lover—is, despite having been called a psychopath by Cherry himself, a great role model for gay youth and super PR for us generally. Next.

  8. Sayke says

    The Daily Telegraph received a lot of criticism around the end of May/start of June ( about attacks it made on diversity education books being used in a childcare centre. Given this kind of history, it doesn’t surprise me that they would make the remark they have now.

    Australia doesn’t have the militant Christian conservatism that seems to be happening in America (though with places like Hillsong and the Family First party, it’s not too far off…), but there is a lot of old fashioned conservatism, along with a lot of old fashioned beliefs, and they’re the people the Daily Telegraph aim at.

  9. Andrew says

    No need to worry about that pig PH much longer. As soon as his advertisers realize that his site has become less of a ‘gossip site’, and more of a site telling all about his ass-kissing-they will move on. I stopped visiting his trashy site a long time ago. All he does now (over and over again), is show pictures of him and Paris, and talk badly about everyone else. Not to mention trying to out every guy who finds him disgusting-which is most everyone I would think.

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