HRC Employee First Published Foley Emails

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  1. Zeke says

    The HRC employee only printed information that other publications were given and refused to publish.

    He was fired for abusing his position, not for the action itself.

    In retrospect the man made the right decision because it lead to an investigation that should have taken place years ago. I really don’t know how the Republicans are going to be able to spin this in a way that makes them look good.

    What are they supposed to say, “Ah Ha! It was a DEMOCRAT who exposed information that we had for a couple of years that lead to the discovery of a Congressman who was having improper contacts with subordinate 16 year old pages. Things would have been so much better had he not exposed this secret.”

    That doesn’t really make them look so good.

  2. Zeke says

    It also takes the air out of the sails of the “the gays were protecting their own” argument.

    A chimpanzee could refute any spin that the Republicans might put on this latest revelation.

  3. NOT FOR YOU says

    Any chimp can refute the spin but there are some really dumbass voting chimps that you would lose over this.

    In politics being right enough does not count and there is no such thing as just cause. Shortcuts no matter how well intentioned will cause some loss of forward momentum.

    If this incident turns the election after Rove gets his hands on it then well we learned another lesson.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Not for you

    I am noticing a trend in your posts (other threads + this one)

    You value victory and power over what is right. You might as well be a republican then, and that is from the majority of heterosexual progressives over at D Kos (they are having a great debate over winning vs what is right touching on 2-3 subjects…..NJ rulling, Ford TN saying he was against NJ rulling, etc) The majority of heterosexual progressives are for standing for what is right and be damned power and winning. Go down for what is right is a democrat thing while repubs can go for power and winning while compromising everything and loosing their humanity

  5. Zeke says

    People really give Rove (and the Republican political machine) WAY too much credit. They have built him up as some evil genius far beyond reality.

    Rove isn’t the problem, gullible Democrats are.

    When there is a Republican scandal, no matter how enormous, Republicans fan out, in lock step, to declare that it’s no big deal and it will have no bearing on the election.

    When Democrats get the slightest whiff of a Dem scandal (like the topic of this thread for example) they run out, en mass, hysterically screaming that the sky is falling and we’re gonna lose an election because ROVE is going to make such a big deal out of it.

    Rove doesn’t have to do sh*t. All he has to do is give the Dems rope and sit back and smoke a cigar while they braid it, tie it in to a noose, put it around their necks, tighten it and pull the trap floor level.

    NJ’s gay marriage ruling: OH MY GOD, this is gonna cost us the election!

    Foley getting busted: OH MY GOD, it’s a Rove conspiracy. It’s gonna cost us the election!

    HRC employee leaks Foley emails: OH MY GOD, this is the worst thing ever. It’s gonna cost us the election!

    Some blue haired goat farts in Montana: OH MY GOD it’s gonna cost us the election!

    Stop feeding the Republican talking points and stop giving Rove so damned much credit.

    Take at least one page out of the Republican play book; drop the defeatist attitude and TRY, just try, to act like WINNERS for a change.

  6. NOT FOR YOU says

    I am a registered democrat and voting accordingly.

    But seriously how many times do we have to put our hands on the hot plate and wonder why we got burned? The republicans play dirty and must be ousted by ELECTION and THEN the democrats can get on their high horse.

    You can’t change the electorate’s mind by telling them they are stupid. That would be antagonizing the people you would hope to support you. Dude Hillary’s people are WAY smarter than we give them credit for. It’s not about winning your votes (or anyone who reads this blog) it’s about winning over the McStupids in the middle of the country.

    We’re all still yelling and hoping that a referree or mom will step in and stop the republicans from playing dirty.

  7. Jim says

    nice way for HRC to stand by their employees. the kid who did this deserves a raise and medal, not to get fired.

    it’s clear that HRC couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag … if they keep playing nice, all us LGBTs are going to end up in re-education camps run by knuckle dragging Republicans.

  8. jimmyboyo says

    Not for you

    I am all for playing dirty, but not for sitting down instead of standing up for what is right.


    Turns out 1 of the Idaho house repub candidate belongs to and is a good member of a church that says roman catholics worship satan and the pope is the anti-christ…..

    Now fighting dirty is harping on that fact and that she as a female is a hypocrite sincer her church also says women can’t even lead over men in a sunday school class…….fighting dirty= harp on that a lot, get any and all media sources to harp on it, ask her in the debates about it. turns out there are 240,000 catholics in that district that would change their votes to dem if they knew…..BUT the dem isn’t fighting dirty and mention it at all because that is what a repub would do…..

    standing up for what is right and loosing on that is totaly different from fighting dirty

    I will gladly fight dirty while standing for what is right.


    Zeke ^5 Your post was right on the money

    We do make much ado about nothing…I mean rove…I mean nothing

    I particularly liked you saying this
    Some blue haired goat farts in Montana: OH MY GOD it’s gonna cost us the election!


  9. Jack says

    “It also takes the air out of the sails of the “the gays were protecting their own” argument.”

    We don’t know if he’s straight or gay, republican or democrat.

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