Kirsten Dunst Worried About Reception for Marie Antoinette


The movie was booed by an audience in Cannes, but Dunst thinks she has an ace up her sleeve:

“At least it’ll be big with gay fans. I’m definitely in with the gays.”

In with the gays? Really? From what I’ve heard, if she wanted in with the gays, she should have kept her grubby hands off Jake Gyllenhaal.


  1. BD says

    Who the hell is Kirsten Dunst?

    Is she the one that keeps blocking my view of Toby and Jake?

    Nothing personal dear, but maybe you’re confused about sideling up to the girl to be close to the man.

  2. Leland says

    He’s older than dirt, and long out of favor, but Rex Reed can still bon a mot:

    “Lavish to look at but boring, empty, irrelevant and historically sketchy enough to be a footnote, this regurgitation of the fanciful Antonia Fraser book is the hysterical work of a grown woman on hallucinogens, playing with 18th-century Barbie dolls of spun-sugar wigs, conjured up in Manolo Blahnik nightmares. Call it Gidget Goes to Versailles.”

  3. Dave says

    I’m so tired of these idiot Hollywood women talking about how “the gays” just love them. In their warped, pea-sized minds, all gay men are lumped together into a pack of diva-obsessed, shoe-loving morons. Perhaps Kirsten should finish seventh grade before she undertakes any more social commentary.

  4. says

    “No. Especially gay men know a bad movie. Moviedar is a complementary subset of Gaydar.”

    That’s pretty patently untrue. Quick, how many gay men do you know who own copies of the following:

    * Steel Magnolias

    * Beaches

    * The Body Guard

    Plus, to wit, the most recent “gay movie” that was supposed to be the homo version of American Pie? What the hell was that? No cure for AIDS, yet that crew found money to make a deeply unfunny movie?

    And to defend Kiki Dunst, I don’t think she meant that the gays will see this movie because she’s in it. I think she meant that gays will see the movie because of the costumes and thus, because she’s in that movie with the costumes, she’ll by default be in with the gays.

    And also because we gays have awful taste. See above.

  5. gordon says

    um, she is so NOT in with the gays that the nice boys at anagram her name as “Dr. Sunken Tits”. as far as _I_ know, and as Andy said, we (the aforementioned gays) loathe the woman for sucking up all the Gyllenhaal and leaving none in circulation. oh, and then dissing him in interviews for being a boring lover afterwards.

  6. Damon says

    Such jadad queens we have here.

    Anyways the movie looks interesting. I don’t think it’ll get good reception but something tells me the cinematography will be great.

  7. Rascal says

    Mike, speak for yourself. I don’t have any of those movies, have only seen two of them, and only on TV because they happened to be on (i.e. it was far from “appointment television”). But aside from that, I think you’ve missed what Rudy is suggesting. It’s not about what movies we own or even what we actually like, but about our slightly hightened ability to discern the likelihood of a movie’s appeal because the gay sensibility is somewhat better attenuated to the cues of the media culture. We tend to be both more appreciative and simultaneously more critical of entertainment marketing and product. We just somehow tend to sense–better than our straight bretheren–whether or not a movie (regardless of whether it is to our particular taste or not) is likely to be good. We can almost always pick ’em. I predicted “Inside Man” was gonna be good from a billboard. I’ve never had a good feeling about “Marie Antoinette.” As soon as I saw a clip of Helen Mirren in “Queen” I qued up for tickets. I feel like what we ultimately discover in reviews or in seeing the picture only serves to confirm our initial instincts. I am almost never surprised.

  8. PS says

    You guys are harsh. The article she is quoted is about 4 sentences long, so the quote was possibly taken out of context. And what about Bring it On? Wasn’t that a sleeper hit and a cult favorite of the gays? At any rate, Sophia Copolla is a great director and I’ll go see this film. And I hate say this but being gay does not necessarily mean automatically have good taste.

  9. Astro says

    I love Kirsten Dunst for being a real actress and being in a movie called Dick.
    So back off nasty geriatric faggelas! Geesh, you people are so angry- why don’t you go watch your boring Will & Grace reruns and take a nap.

  10. Astro says

    I love Kirsten Dunst for being a real actress and being in a movie called Dick.
    So back off nasty geriatric faggelas! Geesh, you people are so angry- why don’t you go watch your boring Will & Grace reruns and take a nap.

  11. says

    First of all…

    I f*cking love Kirsten Dunst! Color me teeny bopper homo but Bring It On is my sh*t. I transcribed an interview of hers for work and she comes off very sweet in person. Altho, I do wonder where her once gorgeously huge t*ts went and she is a notorious size queen (Jake, Toby, etc). I’d rather her anyday over that Scarlett Johannsen chick (altho, she still has her huge t*ts).

    Yes..I’m a big mo.

    But seriously, this person was just expressing an opinion. Don’t be so hard on them. If they were (justly or unjustly) offended, that’s them. Who cares?

    And Mike I f*cking love Steel Magnolias! Beaches and whatever, I can do without. I don’t think I’ve acheived that level of stereotypical homo-ification yet. However, “moviedar?” Do I need to remind you that the gays were the first to jump on Reese Witherspoon’s dreadful “Legally Blonde?” A movie that actually skewered us in the process of blatantly baiting us.

    But then again, I agree with Marvie. Anything (sans Titanic) with the phenomenal Kate Winslet is a winner. G

  12. says

    “And Mike I f*cking love Steel Magnolias!”

    I know you do, punkin. I know you do.

    And word on The Queen love. It started out stumbling for me a bit — too much upstairs/downstairs between Blair and Elizabeth II. But I was surprised by how ultimately affecting it was, being as the concept of royalty is so foreign here.

  13. jmg says

    I am sensing more than a little misogny in the criticsm of Kirsten’s innocuous comment.

    If a cute actor (Paul Rudd?)had said the same thing, we’d be seeing a whole different line of commentary.

  14. MIke says

    I saw MA in Europe this summer. It’s not horrible, but Coppola made a number of decisions that I consider very questionable. Ultimately, the film is as fluffy and weightless as MA herself, but I’ve seen a lot worse. It is beautiful to look at, as someone suggested.

  15. resurrect says

    Don’t know much about the movie other than some film stills I saw but it kinda wowed me a bit. Looks like Coppola is gonna take MA as a full-on punk Romantic – one quarter Adam Ant, one half Malcolm McLaren and the last fourth the frizzy dream of Marie.

    As far as Dunst, she and Coppola were brill in “Virgin Suicides.” I interpreted her comments were meant as solidary with social ousiders rather than a hag’s plea for inclusion. We all know sucking cock doesn’t elevate cultural sensibilites on its own. She’s also been recently quoted about her own regular STD testing – syaing everyone who’s sexually active should responsible enough to screen themselves. Finally – I’m disappointed in Leland’s favorable Rex Reed post – calling Cappola a “hysterical grown woman on hallucinogens” is pure Jacqueline Susann bred misogyny,

  16. Lee says

    I love Kirsten and think she gets a bad rap because of the current mass obsession w/Jake. The intesity of vitriol piling on really seems to have spiked since his career took off I’ve noticed. It smacks of a herd mentality. You’d think she’d killed somebody instead of just going about her own business.

    Anyway, I remember reading an interview of hers in In Style magazine back in 2005 where she said she’d learned the hard way that the press twists things said about relationships (I think one of the misquotes hurt her mother), and that she’d never again comment on them. So I’d seriously doubt any new tabloid or gossip source claiming otherwise, they really all just seem to hate her and want to cast her in the worst light, taking stuff out of context or making it up, etc.

  17. Eric says

    Kirsten’s fine. I’ve never understood why so many people have so much hatred for her. She’s far less annoying and far less obnoxious in terms of “celebrity” than many of the so-called actresses out there.

    As for the new film, I’ll see everything Sofia Coppola does. Why? Because she has a unique point of view and even her failures are interesting. I’ll take her work over most of the bad “queer cinema” any day.

  18. Toto says

    “At least it’ll be big with gay fans. I’m definitely in with the gays.”

    Uhmm. Maybe you could have been. But not after actually saying it. If theres any one stereotypical gay rule Ive learned its that NO unintentional gay icons/divas/films EVER proclaim their gayness.

    I haven’t been able to stand the girl since Bring It On. Her tits were the only thing people talked about in Spider-Man and none of her other films have ever made me blink. I dont understand “being in w/ the gays” in any context because anyone who actually knows gays outside of West Hollywood would find that we are demographic thats highly split in hundreds of different tastes. Perhaps homosexual generations of the 70s and 80s are able to be pegged down w/ campy, estrogen, soaked cinema but with the advent of the internet, and more depictions and representations of gays with ranging identities and character, its just not true anymore.

  19. steve says

    Hold on

    I thought most of the audience of Cannes WERE gay???

    and the only 20 somthing i ‘favour’ is Christina Aguilera..that’s it. And that’s another thing, most of the ‘favourites’ are in music…not films (besides the usual Bette Mildler, Lizzie Taylor and Liza Millenli if you will)

    The only film star i favour is Angelina Jolie (is she a ‘gay’ favourite?)

    I have no idea…but what i do know is that i’ll only be renting this movie.

  20. mark says

    i was lucky enough to see the marie antoinette movie in paris (it played in cinemas there in june)and it is brilliant!!, and apparently the booing that was reported at cannes was way exaggeratted by that bastion of truth, fraternity and liberte the ‘tabloid press’!

  21. Cory says

    Damon, I second that. Gay men are brutal, to each other and others. Personally, in a time when the gay community is getting slammed left and right, I welcome her comments. Ms Dunst was being light-hearted and innocent yet everyone here is tearing her apart as though she were Pat Buchanon and Jerry Falwell’s love child. For shame children, for shame…

  22. Cory says

    Resurrect, very well said, you obviously know more about Soffia Coppola and Kristen Dunst’s backgrounds in entertainment than half of the jaded, bitter queens snipping away at someone on here. So sad that there is so much negativity for someone that no one here personally knows…

  23. Leland says

    “misogyny”? Jessica H. Christ, do you juveniles even know what the word means? Does Reed hate all films directed by women? If Reed dislikes a film by Spike Lee does that make him ipso facto a racist? If he dislikes a film by John Waters does that ipso facto make him a self-loathing homosexual? Ad nauseum. The fucking stupidity that appears here sometimes is staggering.

  24. says

    Lets see ..
    Sofia Coppola + Kirsten Dunst + New Order soundtrack -> Marie Antoinette !!!!

    I really liked that chick from Nip/Tuck when she played Marie Antoinette on “The affair of the necklace”, but Kirsten playing an utter brat?


  25. W. says

    Also saw MA at a screening here in LA. I have to say I didn’t love it — Definitely not Sophia’s best, but for a costume piece — it’s certainly a breath of fresh air.

    History really should be an on-going conversation with the present.

    Alas, SHORTBUS — Please see this ASAP. John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig) does it again — & I am now convinced everything he does turns into gold.

    The scene where 3 guys are rimming each other, while humming the national anthem is thrilling.

    (In summary, see SHORTBUS now! & then see Marie Antoinette)

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