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Marat Safin Knows a Good Photoblog


Andy Roddick isn't the only blogger in the world of pro tennis. Russia's Marat Safin, whom we've covered here before, has been blogging about the Kremlin Cup for the ATP. Fortunately, for us, much of his blogging has been about his post-match massages.

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Clearly the guy on the left is as much of a fan as we are.

(thanks pete)

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  1. They need to pull those towels off!

    Posted by: wtf | Oct 13, 2006 4:21:04 PM

  2. He's a jerk who cannot say enough bad things about America. Quit fawning over him already.

    Posted by: LincolnLounger | Oct 13, 2006 5:06:21 PM

  3. I don't care if he is a jerk, he's nice to look at. Just like JP on Survivor (don't get me started, still sad over that loss), probably an ass but oh man would I love a piece of that.

    Posted by: brian | Oct 13, 2006 5:27:05 PM

  4. One of the best, hottest, sexiest tennis players out there. Keep him coming... Oh boy, he might criticize the U.S. he must be a terrorist! Shut up already.

    Posted by: Mike | Oct 13, 2006 5:37:15 PM

  5. Lincoln~lounger... You Sir are a prize arse grade A twassock.
    Just because someone dares to dis' the mighty bush.. doesnt make him bad eye candy!
    Enough! Already!

    Posted by: philip | Oct 13, 2006 7:14:29 PM

  6. Don't forget Dmitry Tursunov. He's cute and really funny.

    Posted by: malisse8991 | Oct 13, 2006 10:05:13 PM

  7. I'm a liking; boy, does he know how to make a good blog!! (Note to readers, I didn't read anything on his blog LOL). And America deserves a good lashing... (and this is coming from a life-long American citizen =p)

    Posted by: Ryan | Oct 13, 2006 11:48:19 PM

  8. Re: the first pic.

    I haven't seen eyes that spelled "cum fuck me" so well since I met my mate in the baths 25 years ago. Ahh. Those were the days.

    Thanks for the memory Andy.

    Posted by: GaYToR | Oct 13, 2006 11:55:56 PM

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