News: Anderson Cooper, Gay Adoption, Mitt Romney, Bulges

road.jpg Lesbian activist Aleta Fenceroy, who co-authored well-known gay newsletter Fenceberry with her longtime partner Jean Mayberry, passed away last week after a battle with cancer. A memorial will be held in Omaha, Nebraska on October 6. More details on this blog, set up in Aleta’s memory.

Anderson_jake_1road.jpg Among those thanked in the liner notes for Scissor Sisters’ new album Ta-Dah: Anderson Cooper.

road.jpg Married gay couple becomes first to adopt child since same-sex marriage was legalized there. Spain also recently witnessed its first gay military wedding.

road.jpg Accused pedophile Frederick George Rix threatens to sue gay former Rugby League star Ian Roberts for defamation based on testimony in Arron Light case; says Roberts “has contaminated every team he has played in with his ‘homosexual filth’.” Roberts recounted how he’d been brought to Rix following a groin injury in 1981: “Within minutes of massaging my legs you were fondling my penis. You had your hands going through the crease of my buttocks. You touched my anus. I jumped off the table when you fondled my penis and pulled my foreskin back. I was crawling up and down the table trying to put my costume on every two minutes.”

Bulgesroad.jpg McConaughey vs. Fox: The Battle of the Bulge.

road.jpg Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney says he must obey a court decision allowing a same-sex couple from Rhode Island to marry there, after a judge said there was nothing in Rhode Island’s laws which specifically prohibits same-sex marriage. Said Romney: “I have to follow the law. This is a nation of laws, even if I don’t like them.”

road.jpg Gay Pride parade in Durham, North Carolina attracts thousands: “Contrasting markedly with Saturday’s aura of openness, some people marched in 1981 with bags over their heads because they feared losing their jobs if recognized.”

road.jpg Sweden sends gay Iranian home to possible execution.