NBC Correspondent Chip Reid: Foley Case “is Going to Widen”

Chip_reidOn The Chris Matthews Show yesterday NBC Congressional Correspondent Chip Reid teased viewers by alluding to more charges in the Mark Foley case during the show’s “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” segment. Said Reid: “I’m going to be a little cryptic here. The Mark Foley scandal investigation is going to widen a little bit.”

Whatever that means is anyone’s guess. Said Matthews: “Well that is damn cryptic. Can you widen it a little here?”

Watch the video.

In related news, the Washington Post reports that it is unlikely the Ethics Committee’s report on Foley will be released any time before the November 7 elections.


  1. Jonathon says

    It’s time to take the gloves off, boys. It’s time to declare war.

    Never again should a politician like Foley – gay in private, anti-gay in public – be tolerated. No more support for Republicans, “Log Cabin” or not. So long as the GOP portrays gays and lesbians as “Enemy #1″ we should not let up on outing and exposing as much of their trickery and hypocrisies as possible.

    No more support for wishy-washy Dems either. Let’s make everyone stand up and be counted: either you support equal rights for all Americans or you don’t. There is no middle ground anymore. We are literally fighting for our lives and for our freedom.

    Give no quarter to homophobia – IN ANY FORM. And yes, those who are reluctant to sign on to “marriage” for some smarmy, semantic reason should be called out! Either we get to have the same rights as everyone else OR IT SHOULD BE ALL OUT WAR!!!!!

    Fuck Foley. Fuck him and his closeted GOP friends right in their holier-than-thou asses. Ken Mehlman should be the next one outed… come on, he’s had to have screwed half of Washington DC by now… someone should speak up. Karl Rove is bound to have some dirty laundry in his closet… take him down and let the “moral majority” contingent who lick his boots see just how “moral” he really is.

    Hell, any frat boy friend of Dubya’s who sucked his cock in a drunken stupor one night at Yale should speak up. UNTIL AND UNLESS WE ARE TREATED THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE WE SHOULD DECLARE WAR ON THOSE WHO SEEK TO OPPRESS US.

    Take the gloves off and let’s roll. No more Mr. Nice Gay. The GOP and their allies play nasty, no holds barred – and so should we.

  2. jimmyboyo says


    I admire your your passion

    On that note…..some pimping of a candidate for 2008 who has our backs, and is not a compromiser on our rights like Hillary and Obama

    Retired General Wesley Clark

    Homosexuality is not a sin. (Sep 2003)
    Gays deserve the same rights as everyone else. (Nov 2003)
    Same sex couples should have same rights as heterosexuals. (Nov 2003)
    Equal opportunity for homosexuals in armed forces. (Nov 2003)
    Strong enforcement of Civil Rights Act including hate crimes. (Nov 2003)

    Remember him…..cause Nov 8th is when the candidates all start announcing their runs for the presidency

  3. jimmyboyo says


    I should have said Retired 4 star……count them 1….2….3….4 star general Wesley Clark

  4. Jonathon says

    Thanks, Jimmy. I love Gen. Clark. Were he to run, he’d have my support. We need wide-eyed, realistic men like him at the highest levels of government.

    I was pretty angry this morning when I posted, but after re-reading it I still feel the same. We should give no quarter to cowards who care more about keeping their hold on power than they do trashing the lives of millions of Americans like you and me.

    Believe me… should any rumour regarding any politician – at any level in government – who is closeted and is acting in cahoots with the moonbats who obsess that same-sex marriage will bring on Armageddon, I will call a freaking news conference and spill all that I know. NO QUARTER FOR COWARDS!! NO PEACE FOR GOP SHILLS LIKE FOLEY!!!

    Hell, if I had my way there would be ROVING GANGS OF GAYS AND LESBIANS EXACTING REVENGE ON GAY-BASHERS. Just imagine the fear that a loud knock on the door in the middle of the night could bring to monsters like those who murdered Michael Sandy… especially if they are drug out into the street and left for dead, JUST LIKE MICHAEL. (I know, I know…. two wrongs and all that. But we keep getting beaten and murdered and don’t fight back…. it’s time to end that. So what if they hate us; I’d love for them to FEAR us instead.)

    Goddamn it, I am beyond tired of the double-standard our culture tolerates for the treatment of minorities. Count me as just one more gay man who’s had enough and just isn’t going to take it anymore.

  5. jimmyboyo says

    On the gay bashers thing.

    I know DC used to have roving bands of pink panthers or something or toher they calle themselves back when I was closeted in the 90’s. They used to patrol DC gay areas with flashlights and large groups ready to help anybody getting bashed.

    I wonder if they are still around. Internet research time. :-)

  6. JT says

    Jimmyboyo: You are freakin’ brilliant! I’ll confess to having forgotten about Gen. Clark. He really is the best of the lot.

  7. jimmyboyo says

    Thanks JT

    I was leaning Gore/ clark

    With Gore getting an advisory position to the UK chancelor and likely replacement for Blair next year……I realized Gore is best at doing what he is doing for the enivornment.

    After researching Clark’s positions, specificaly gay positions, I figured he is our best friend out of the potential candidates. He also easily trumps a McCain and or Guilliani run with his being a retired 4 star general