News: Robbie Williams, Whale Killing, Pervs at the Palm

road.jpg Apple: Small number of iPods shipped with Windows virus; reports say two iPhones planned for 2007.

Robbie_kitroad.jpg Robbie Williams gets his kit on in Rio.

road.jpg Iceland to start killing whales again, defying 20-year moratorium.

road.jpg Spreading gay visibility, Reichen cameo-ed yesterday on Days of Our Lives. Also, the unambiguously gay duo recently found their way through the paparazzi at the Justin Timberlake concert.

road.jpg The corruption chronicles: Ken Mehlman still hasn’t come clean about his relationship with Jack Abramoff.

Bradroad.jpg AfterElton talks to friends and family of gay Survivor: Cook Islands contestant Brad Virata. Brother: “Filipino culture in the Philippines is not as accepting [of homosexuality] as the Asian community is here in the States. There’s a very strict Catholic background over in the Philippines. Here in the States … I think it’s a lot more accepting. In general, we really don’t care. There’s never been any embarrassment at all or anything like that. My brother’s personality is that he doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about what other people think about him. That’s one of the beautiful things about my brother…My brother’s more of a Will gay than a Jack gay [from Will and Grace]. It’s often hard for people to even figure out that he’s a gay man because he can adapt to anything. I think it was a good move on his part to try and get an alliance with the guys. It could help him out later down the line.”

road.jpg The Palm restaurant celebrates gay Republican hypocrites.


  1. jimmyboyo says

    Robbie Williams is looking sexy as usdual (not pretty….twinkie justin can cover that…but true sexy , and yes there is a difference)

    On the survivor Brad, DUH!!!!!!!!!!! I picked both him and JD out the first episode. A little research showed JD (who was a hottie) worked as a bar tender at a gay bar when not coaching girl’s volleyball (survivor only advertised the volleyball thin whenever they showed him)

  2. jon luddite says

    Survivor JP is gay? Cool. Nice to look at but he’s kind of a big dummy. He never saw it comin’.

  3. Tagg says

    Another glorious week in Reichen & Lance’s tireless war against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and working their butts off to deserve their Human Rights Champagne fund award. (thanks Hadassah!)

  4. Jake says

    JP is pretty much ‘straight’ He does work at The Silver Fox in Long Beach.. often times serving up drinks shirtless. He is a great guy and has his gay friends that hang out at the bar.

    PS. Robbie is hot as ever :)

  5. Not true says

    Gays are very much accepted in the Philippines. They, as in the out and flambouyant, are everywhere, politics, entertainment. Brad and his siblings were basically borna nd raised in the States so they have no idea on Philippine culture.

  6. wtf says

    How sad that Lance is forced to go to a Justin concert when he used to be on stage with him. Justin is so overrated anyway.

  7. says

    Not True, dont confuse “accepted” with “tolerated”. Two completely different things. Having spent half of my life in the Philippines (the rest here in the US), I feel that theres a huge difference in the concept of who is gay between this two countries.

  8. Anon says

    Our moral superiors in Iceland are again huntin’ whales. Don’t they know it’s the 21st Century?

  9. Anonymous says

    That’s one of the beautiful things about my brother…My brother’s more of a Will gay than a Jack gay [from Will and Grace]

    Well, isn’t that laudable!

  10. soulbrotha says

    Hold on, Anonymous. Notice the […] between those two sentences. If you go to the original article, you will see that he was making two completely SEPERATE points. I got fooled at first too. Towelroad should edit that quote to make it clearer.