1. tj says

    Is that David Beckham or Lleyton Hewitt? It doesn’t look like Beckham to me. And I know my Beckham.

  2. Dave says

    Apropos of nothing, Federer has disturbingly, disproportionately skinny arms. Check it out sometime.

  3. MeMo says

    Roger is practicing what is termed “custody of the eyes”, which is taught to Catholics in service, including to altar boys, as a means of self control and focus. You are extremely focused on the task at hand which is your “job” at the moment, whether preparing the wine and water to give the priest, or having the Bible opened to the days psalms, or answering reporters questions. Your eyes and attention and actions are all concentrated on the task, yet you are extremely aware of what is going on –it’s almost like a blind man who can hear something and figure out what is going on without having to actually look at it. You discern that it is not important or worth taking your attention away from the task at hand, or can be looked at and dealt with after you finish the current task. Since it was just a phone ringing and it didn’t concern him or need his attention at all, he didn’t give it his attention. If the call would have been for him, and someone would have approached him with it, then he might have to address it.

    See. Simple. And people mock the church. Maybe they need to open their eyes and learn instead. Afterall, that’s where tennis came from.

    2nd Roger is not like Samprass. His style is completely different. If his style were the same, we’d all be bored. Samprass was boring. People got sick of tennis in pete’s days because he relied on his serve.

    why are americans obsessed with comparing Roger to Pete? Roger already beat most of pete’s records, and created a slew of brand new ones that Pete wasn’t even a part of.

    Pete’s big claim to fame are 14 GS titles. Big deal. There are many more things to consider.

    I’m FREE! I’m not gay anymore, now I’m happy.