1. Scott A says ad: har har har, that’s a knee slapper! Actually, I don’t think the ad is funny or witty at all, and the look the guy in the front is giving is actually kinda creepy to me. I imagine this kind of “intelligent humor” from a perv suffering from satyriasis. I get that it’s supposed to be a double entendre but it was written with only one hand on the keyboard, you get it? (har har har) I dunno, I just don’t want to associate sex with umm… patriotism.

  2. mark m says

    Sex is the ultimate form of self expression, which is in itself the ultimate American ideal. That’s about as patriotic as one can get.

    The religioius right, however, has seen to it that puritanical sexual repression is the ultimate American reality.

  3. Scott A says

    @Mark M

    Okay great, you think sex is the ultimate form of self expression. Maybe I don’t. And if I disagree then it’s obviously because I’m a sexually repressed puritan. Sorry, been there, done that, 10th grade english. Fact is, I don’t want to imagine having to explain to my kids what the hell anonymous sex and patriotism have to do with each other. But I suppose when all is said and done, if sex is the ultimate form of expression then wouldn’t you want to cherish it a little more than with an ad of two guys who are practically naked and “endorsing” the idea of anonymous hookups which that site is notorious for. And I stand by what I said before, it’s creepy and the wording comes across perverted not clever.

    Oh and buddy, don’t forget, those puritans came from England to America not so they could relax their religious practices but so that they could make them even more restrictive.

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    Just in case you’re interested, considering how a post about an idiotic photo layout with Ryan Phillipe to promote a lame movie for a generation that’s long in the tooth somehow took a detour off the information highway and hit a tree:

    …and in case you THOUGHT you knew what Patriotism was all about:

    I’m not certain about all standards of acceptability, and call me ridiculous if you will, but I find “wearing” of the flag repugnant and to use it as a prop, to me, just signifies the lack of respect, education and understanding we personify as a country and culture if we consistently endorse such things. Ryan Phillipe has no more to do with patriotism than has to do with anonymous sex. How the public chooses to use or identify either is up to the public. Personally, I think Ryan Phillipe sucks for being so much the willing, uneducated whore to be a part of a cover opportunity that would make the vague association between the American flag and his questionable sex appeal. I think Interview Magazine sucks even MORE for being the perpetrators of such nonsense. sucks most of all for being so socially irresponsible in its depiction of hookups as part of the gay American way. HOWEVER, is a business, the movie industry is a business, and Interview Magazine, is of course, a business. All require your money in order to exist, but instead of demonizing any of them, why not steer change by first of all, educating oneself, and second, affect change by positively influencing markets which drive the standards of our society? Morality is subjective, but one may still be virtuous by way of choice.

  5. Scott says

    But…but…he’s hot! And as a gay man, that’s all I’m allowed to think about. Just look at so many of the rest of the articles (and damn near all of the ads) here.

  6. Zeke says

    I hope there comes a day when people stop finding entertainment value in movies that glorify and romanticize the slaughter and butchery of millions of young men.

    Having seen the real thing first hand, believe me when I say, there is nothing “hot” or “sexy” or “glorious” about war, be it from ancient Greece, Rome or Scotland OR from the American Revolution to Iraq.

    Being gay, to me, isn’t about having sex with men; it’s about loving men. I just don’t understand how a person, male or female, can love men and be entertained by war movies.

  7. mark m says

    Scott A,

    Another great American ideal is your right to believe PRECISELY what you wrote. More power to you, BUDDY. Guess what? We can disagree and BOTH be adhering to American virtues.

    God bless America.

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