Foley is Gay, Says Attorney
Was Molested by Clergyman as Teenager

road.jpg In a news conference late this afternoon, Mark Foley’s lawyer claimed there was never any inappropriate sexual contact between Foley and a minor. He also said that Foley was molested by a clergyman as a teenager, and said that Foley is gay.

In other Foleygate news today:

Mfoleyroad.jpg ABC: Foley had internet sex with a page while awaiting house vote, invited page to his home to drink alcohol “so we don’t get busted.”

road.jpg Disgusting conservatives responding to Foley with anti-gay smears. Think Progress: “The Foley scandal is not about homosexuality. As ABC News’ Maddy Sauer, who broke the Foley story, said today: ‘This is an issue about minors and congressional pages that have gone to the Hill to learn about how our country works and, you know, are aspiring to work there themselves one day. It’s just — the story is not about whether the congressman is gay or straight.'”

road.jpg Hastert’s Decision: Stay and face the rising groundswell of angry conservatives, or resign and admit guilt and neglect.

road.jpg Bush supports Hastert: “I know Denny Hastert. I meet with him a lot. He is a father, teacher, coach who cares about the children of this country.”

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