Tommy Lee and Lukas Rossi Share Some Love

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Rocker Tommy Lee shares a moment with Rock Star: Supernova winner Lucas outside the record release party for Frankie J’s Priceless. Though it’s not the first time Tommy Lee has swapped spit with his co-stars (and probably won’t be the last).


  1. Zeke says

    “Not with a ten foot pole…”

    I’d go tonsil mining with a ten foot Pole in a heartbeat. But then again, I have a thing for Polish men AND their sausages (Pole poles?)! :)

    Niether one of these guys yanks my chain but it’s good to see that straight men are coming to a point where they can share some man love with each other the way that women have been allowed for years.

    “Mens Gone Wild!” Only 19.95! Call now!

  2. boystown says

    While Tommy doesn’t really turn me on, they look kinda hot kissin in these pics. Any famous guys willing to do that in public are OK with me. I don’t think anyone believes they are gay, but it still is a good thing.

  3. John T says

    Kissing Tommy Lee is pretty gross, but get a clue, Bastian. You won’t catch Hep C from kissing him (or hardly anything else, for that matter, short of sharing his dirty needles or doing rails of coke with him while you’ve both got nosebleeds). Go educate yourself — Hepatitis C is kind of a big deal and you should be aware of how it can and can’t be transmitted.

  4. peterparker says

    I’ve seen the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee video and let me tell you, I’d suck, er, face with Tommy Lee anyday of the week.

    And yes, Lepore, the hep C comment was DEFINITELY the most disgusting thing about this post.

  5. Richie says

    Really now, Hep C is no joke, this is very similar to the days(early 1980’s) when people were afraid to have a Gay waiter serve them for fear of getting Gay Cancer, bad bad bad info. If Tommy has had the interferon coctail he well may be in remission with no detectable viral presence. Sorry but I am “not amused”

    Otherwise keep up the great work.

  6. Ken says

    Andy, this isn’t related to any post per se, but as Bush starts spinning his pro-war spin to be pro-getting out of Iraq spin just in time to spin the election, I just wish that someone would make a big deal out of the fact that more Americans have now been killed in Iraq than were killed on 9/11. Not to mention Iraqis. Not to mention the devastation and waste of our good name abroad, the Geneva Convention, habeas corpus, and a boat load of $$$.

  7. Davide says

    Is it just me or are all celebrities retarded?

    These people are ugly and make bad music.

    Imagine Wentworth Miller & Chad White making out with Tyson Beckford.

  8. Robert says

    Is Lukas giving Tommy some tongue?
    So thats how Lukas won Rockstar over Dilana, the real winner. Lucas is the long discarded son of Paul Williams. Lukas while a decent singer for goth music, unfortunatly does not have the right voice for SuperNova’s music. I won’t be buying that cd. Interestingly, still a hot photo.

  9. bastian says

    Sigh… Mr. John T, you needn’t be so condescending. A la Wikipedia, it is true that: HCV is not spread through casual contact such as hugging, kissing, or sharing eating or cooking utensils. However, it is also true that: Personal care items such as razors, toothbrushes, cuticle scissors, and other manicuring or pedicuring equipment can easily be contaminated with blood. Sharing such items can potentially lead to exposure to HCV — It’s not just for drug addicts.

  10. barbue says

    Lukas is hot in that photo and he is tounging tommy lee. Thjat is what makes it hotter. And I wish I was tommy lee right there so that i can tounge lukas.

  11. hanna says

    i have met lukas and tommy and there not one bit that i regrete kissing lukas at all! he is so sweet that i wish that i was always there to kiss him when he was doen wit his mom or with anything!

  12. shane says

    Bastian, I am so sorry some girls get their panties in a wad when someone expresses an opinion or tries to be funny. They probably respond that way to everything (i.e., they need to get a life).

    If someone thinks its gross, fine! That doesn’t stop you from licking his tonsils, so STFU.

  13. purplehazz says

    I think lucas and tommy are both hot!! i would band them any day again@!! i already had lukas and he was great, of course befre he was famous and all

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