Wham! to Reunite for First Time in 20 Years

WhamIt’s been two decades since George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley called it quits at a concert called “The Final” at Wembley Stadium, but Michael told the UK’s Sunday Mirror that Ridgeley has agreed to join him for a one-off concert this Christmas in London.

Also joining the duo will be their backup singers Pepsi and Shirley.

Said the paper’s source: “George is thrilled that Andrew’s agreed to perform. It was something George had thought about for a long time. He couldn’t be happier and can’t wait for the gig.”

Wham had 10 top ten hits in Britain in four years.

Michael recently began his first concert tour in 15 years, kicking off in Barcelona and making headlines with an oversized blow-up doll of George Bush being fellated by a British bulldog.

At right, a little reminder of then and now. And below, one of their hits, that is lesser-known to Americans, “Club Tropicana” along with the U.S. smash “Careless Whisper” in which George demonstrates what a gay man looks like pretending to seduce a woman.


  1. peterparker says

    It sounded like crap 20 years ago too, Liamog. Think about it…that was the era of R.E.M., 10,000 Maniacs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Butthole Surfers, U2, etc… Wham/George Michael were never important musical artists…popular: yes, talented: not really.

  2. says

    What? Are all the responders on this site born mean or do you just hole up your frustrations for Andy’s posts?

    I think it’s cool they are reuniting. If you didn’t like them, that’s fine. Guess they won’t be seein’ ya at the concert then, huh? :-)

    I remember when I was little, my mom playing “Careless Whisper” over and over ad infinitum. She LOVED that song. She also played out Cher, Janet Jackson and Elton John.

    ….By golly! So that’s why I’m gay! :-)

  3. says

    that’s such huge news for Wham Superfans like PopMuse! for a second I thought about getting on a plane and going to Wembley, but then re-thought that idea as there is a high probability GM will be in jail for cottaging or posession and miss the show. so I’ll pray for a DVD Release of this reunion.

  4. david says

    wait a minute. George Michael NOT talented? i’ll agree that the majority of Wham!’s musical output was cheesy dance pop (not including A DIFFERENT CORNER and EVERYTHING SHE WANTS), but George Michael is a fantastically talented songwriter and musician. FAITH was written, arranged, produced, and performed solely by him, and its pretty much a perfect pop record. Yes, pop. His music is wildly different from the bands Peter Parker mentioned, but no less important.

  5. Leo says

    The video for Club Tropicana is fun. It’s quite odd watching the video now. It was made at a time when George Michael was in the closet and it certainly has gay undertones. Also, I love Pepsi & Sherlie! Remember, pop music isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

  6. Daniel says

    Shirley–you jest!

    I was just inspired to listen to some Wham! again and found it very enjoyable. Music doesn’t have to be “important” or ground breaking to be good. In fact, much of the best music is completely unimportant.

  7. says

    BTW: it’s ShirlIE (not Shirley). Shirlie Holliman married one of the guys from Spandau Ballet and became Shirlie Kemp. They had a massive dance hit in 1987 “Heartache”. A few more big dance hits in the UK (a remake of “All Right Now”, and self-penned hits “High Time”, “Can’t Give Me Love”, and “Goodbye Stranger”) and they faded away. Reunited in 1991 for “Change” (the album and GM penned single “Someday” flopped) and they disbanded. They last performed together as backing vocalists on Ginger Spice’s (er… Gerri Halliwell’s) single “Bag it Up.”

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