Andy Baldwin, ABC’s newest Bachelor

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Dr. Andrew Baldwin is an ironman triathlete, U.S. Navy Lieutenant, and undersea medical officer for a special ops dive unit, was valedictorian at his high school, and was ESPN’s scholar athlete of the year in 1995, the list goes on

And, well, he’s apparently straight. I guess there had to be something wrong with him.



  1. resurrect says

    You got it, Andy. How could male perfection be anything other than heterosexual? For such a success in his professional and athletic life, one wonders why “such a catch” has been unable to develop a commited relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

    Any guesses as to the favourite uncle storyline?

  2. says

    Jordan: “Zzz… soooo bored. Nice guys finish last.”

    My lord Jordan…you must start getting up on the other side of the bed in the a.m…or do you enjoy dissing nice people who seem to be enjoying all of life in a responsible and giving manner?

  3. DLW says

    Andy is a great guy. I competed back in 2001 with him in his first triathlon at Lake San Antonio. I’ll never forget Andy… on all of our first open water swim, Andy was the only one who did it without a wetsuit! I’ve kept track of his triathlon career ever since. He’s a great athlete and an overall top achiever. All I can say is I am very jealous of the girl who gets his heart.

  4. says

    He’s attractive… blah, blah, blah, but….

    When does he have time to meet and spend time with people? He sounds like a chronic overachiever. I know from experience that training for an Ironman requires giving up most (if not all) of your social life. It seems all a little crazy to me.

    Kipp – They must pay him a lot of money.

  5. Gary says

    Oh well…yet another stocking stuffer I will not get from Father Christmas. Show us some homo hotties (aside from Reichen Douchebag) to give us some inspiration!

  6. patrick nyc says

    Tiger it is true that it takes a lot of time to train for the Ironman, as it does for the marathon. I’ve trained with many and that is part of our social life. And yes you do have to be a little crazy to do so, but also very focused and disciplined as well.

    There also is something wrong with the mindset that straight or gay, there is something wrong if you are not in a relationship. When over half of marriages fail, and less and less are doing so, what is wrong with being on your own and finding other pleasures in life?? I know far too many people, both straight and gay, who are in bad relationships because they fear being alone.

    As I told my last serious boyfriend, when I broke things off after a year, I’d rather be alone than be lying in bed withsome and feeling alone.

  7. says

    He probably also helps little old ladies across the street and saves kittens stuck in trees.

    What can you do when someone is a good person? It’s not like they do these things to pad their resume.

  8. Leland says

    I’m willing to believe he’s a genius saint, donated a kidney to a stranger, even straight, and, of course, the most important characteristic of all—has a dick so big five of us could do chin ups on it simultaneously, but with so many other hot men in the world to fantasize about, why are we paying any attention to anyone related to this anachronistically sexist show produced by the home network of Sleazebeth “Matthew Shepard Caused His Own Murder” Vargas? Both the Bachelor and Bachelorette versions are built around making women look like hybrids of Middle Ages female chattel and 1960s Barbie Dolls. “Ooooh, Oooooh! Do I look pretty enough in my new party dress to get that man to give poor little me A ROSE? And, then, ooooh, ooooh, please Jesus, even though I’ve spent more time with my othodontist than I have him, ooooh, please let him justify my existence by choosing me to marry! And, then, and, then, ABC will spend millions on televising our Dream Whip wedding proving that every little girl’s deepest desires can come true [well, except for those nasty les-bi-ans who want to marry EACH OTHER, Jesus] and that normalcy does prevail among your chosen White godfearing flagwaving people in the greatest country in the whole wide world. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.”

  9. busytimmy says

    Seems like a great guy, I do agree with Leland that these shows are anachronistic at best… but people love their myths about true love and marriage etc. My other problem is the elevation of sports/athletics above all other pursuits. What about art, music, literature, creative pursuits? I’m tired of all the “credit” that is given to people simply because they are an athelete/jock. It gets pretty boring.

  10. Zeke says

    Leland, I don’t see how these shows are any more degrading to women than they are to men.

    Ooooooh! Oooooooh! Let me bow and scrape opening doors, pulling out chairs and jumping up and down like a jack in the box every time she enters or leaves the room; let me put the toilet seat up and down because she’s too weak or too stupid to do it for herself or because it’s considered disrespectful for me to expect a lady to touch a toilet seat; let me express my love for her in the only way accepted in modern society, through the purchase of gifts and let the degree of my love be directly equivalent to the monetary value of the gift I give; let me impress her with my power and money by spending lots of money on her on dates (even if she makes more money than I do) to show her that I can provide for her and HER current and future children in a way that she might find acceptable; let me demonstrate that I have and will continue to earn enough money to keep her in a lifestyle that she can’t of won’t provide for herself because our society has convinced women that THAT is the value of a man and what is important and attractive to a woman; and let me be totally accepting of the fact that she only gives a crap about me because of my power and/or money and the lifestyle it will provide for her because the ego boost that I get from having a beautiful woman on my arm is more powerful that the shame and emasculation I should feel about the fact that my relationship with her is and will continue to be akin to that between a prostitute and her John.

    And once I’ve done all of this to convince her that I’m worthy of earning the privilege of being her husband let me get down on my knees like a beggar to ask that she make it official.

    I am VERY aware that all straight relationships are not like this BUT to widely varying degrees, most that I have seen, especially on TV “reality” shows, are.

    Frankly I find dating shows on television at least as offensive to men as they are to women.

    Of course I’m an unapologetic masculist so maybe my opinion is biased.

    It’s always interesting to me that so many people who are offended by “traditional” gender roles for women ignore, accept or even promote equally offensive and oppressive gender roles for men.

    I could not love or respect my husband any more than I do. However, I’ve never felt the need to treat him like a “lady” to demonstrate my love and respect.

    If you doubt how much gender roles are imposed on men, find a man who’s been married to a woman he didn’t love and later to a man he did. Notice all the hoops he jumped through to impress the woman he didn’t love that he’s not willing to do for the man he does. That’s because males are so well trained (indoctrinated) as to what their gender roles are in relation to women that they have been convinced that they are instinctual duties.

    If Chivalry is truly a demonstration of love and respect then one must ask why men aren’t deserving of reciprocal displays of love and respect from women and why gay men are willing to provide this display of love and respect to female strangers but not to any substantial degree to the man of their dreams.

    I suggest that every person here purchase and read “The Myth of Male Power” by Warren Farrell. It is an eye opening, mind opening and life changing read. My pastor, who is one of the wisest men I know, just finished it and he said it was one of the most insightful and life changing books he’s ever read.

    Still glad I’m back? :)

  11. rudy says

    Zeke, It’s the real you. YOU really are back. It just took a couple of postings to get the cyber juices flowing. Cannot express how much we missed you and how relieved we are to have you back in the saddle.

  12. mark m says

    BIG goofy grin plastered on my face reading that post, Zeke. I do agree with about 90% of your rant. I’m a masculist too.

    But women are anthroplogically different from men. It’s easy for us to dismiss their love of diamonds as superficial but there is actually some genetic logic to their need for security in a mate.

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