Broadway Actor Raúl Esparza Enjoys the Company of Men

The NYT threw a coming out party yesterday for the star of the new Broadway revival of Company, Raúl Esperza. The paper notes that in this case, life imitates art:


“Company”: The story of Bobby, a charming single man, who is unable to commit to a relationship and who may have questions about his own sexual identity.

Raúl Esparza: No longer truly married but not entirely separated, whose romantic conflicts go far deeper than that of the character he plays and have no easy fix.

Esparza’s recent separation from his wife came after finally acknowledging that his attraction to men wasn’t something transient. It’s a journey he observes in his stage character as well: “I think the real thing that Bobby is going through is that he’s trying to grow up, and that means accepting things you can’t change, and it also means that in spite of all the messiness and failure you make a choice to love someone and live your life in the way that’s right for you. It’s messier than the pretty picture you painted for yourself. I had a romantic idea of what it means to be an adult: all husbands and wives who love each other get to stay together forever, love is enough.”

Esparza’s certainly not the first married man to face this particular music. But Company, which opens Wednesday will surely be more resonant because of it.


  1. EricW says

    I just came back to LA after three years in NY and probably saw more plays starring Raúl Esperza than anyone else. (Yes, I even saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.). He showed such range, from the musical Taboo! to the remounting of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart. Since the latter play was about the nation’s initial slow reaction to the AIDS epidemic, it got me wondering about Raul’s background. My gaydar said one thing, but then I learned about his wife. I figured we was just a REALLY good actor. Maybe I’m still right. If you’ve never seen him perform before, do so when you get a chance. I welcome him to the club, happy to have him.

  2. Ken says

    I too saw the Normal Heart, in which I thought he was great. Saw Company last week and was blown away. And my gaydar also pointed his way. It should also be noted that he’s right easy on the eyes, too.

  3. rudy says

    My gaydar also clicked all the way to “oh yeah, baby”. He was sensational in a terrific revival of Company. His acting made Bobby’s struggle believable and his singing blew the roof off the place. This was no easy task because everyone in the company was first-rate. For Sondheim fanatics, this is finally the production this fabled musical deserves. And yeah, this one is also in our DNA.

  4. MattGaymon says

    When I forwarded this NYT article to a friend, he said “That’s strangely personal … I almost felt guilty reading it.” I said, “I know – it makes me want to like, give him a hug. A sad hug.” It reminded me of this Marc Jacobs profile a year ago:

    I think it’s obviously important for prominent gay or bi men to come out publicly about their sexuality – but maybe even more important to be public about the continued struggle.

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see the show.

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