News: Pelosi Fashion, Manchester Gay Rape, Ian Roberts

road.jpg Charred body discovered in burned out car parked in gay and straight “lover’s lane”.

Pelosiroad.jpg AP takes sexist approach to Pelosi’s new leadership position, details label and color of outfit.

road.jpg Gay man raped at knifepoint after a night out in Manchester’s gay village. Detective: “This was a horrific attack on a man who had been having a night out with friends. He is understandably devastated that someone has done this to him and we want to make sure the man responsible is held to account for his actions. I know that some people may be reluctant to come forward as this area is known to be one where men meet for sex. We understand those concerns. But we would like to assure you that our priority is to catch this man. We treat all allegations of rape very seriously and any information you may have will be treated in the strictest confidence.”

Mysteryroad.jpg Guess the mystery man

road.jpg ChanningGate continues: Gay People’s Chronicle defends its interview with the 85-year-old icon: “Knowing that Carol Channing is 85 years old and has been touring extensively for decades, it’s understandable that she might be a little confused; she might have been tired. However, what Kaizaad Kotwal wrote is the truth of what was said.”

road.jpg Lakeland, Florida police officer Robert Knight suing his supervisor, a major, and the director of the Florida Highway Patrol for spreading rumors that he is gay, ordering another trooper to fight him, and trying unsuccessfully to charge him with harassing and stalking another male trooper.

road.jpg Judge throws out defamation case brought by Frederick George Rix against rugby star-turned-actor Ian Roberts. Roberts testified against Rix earlier this year in an inquest into the death of his friend Arron Light.


  1. rudy says

    Mystery NOT! It is La Reich (pre-surgery). Go at him Leland! (Andy, if you are going to throw out photographic “red meat” then expect the usual lions to respond accordingly.)

  2. Cory says

    haha Jocelyn Wilderstein, aka “Catwoman”. I’vbe actually met her a few times as I used to associate with her gay nephew Matt (I forget his last name). She hosted a birthday party for him one time at Duvet when it first opened up. She’s actually a very sweet woman and LOADED. When I say loaded, I mean you can get lost in the bitches house on the UES loaded. And I thought I came from money, oh hell no, h to e to l to l no lol….

  3. says

    When discussing her relationship, Rodriquez told Howard Stern in 2001 that, “[Vin Diesel] will be a part of my life for a very long time.”

    Huh. That’s strange, because gay men and lesbians are rarely each others’ BFFs…

  4. Brook says

    I kind of like pre-op Reich better than post-op. His new look is stunning, just not as authentically masculine as he once looked.

    Now, if that same plastic surgeon could do something about the botched eyebrow lift Lance must have gotten.

  5. Joe says

    Now I know the origin of the line: “Let go of my ears I know what I’m doing.

    One guesses he refers to the newer version as his “Day Face.” At night, with it buried in a pillow it doesn’t matter what he looks like.

  6. Ogden says

    Funny, I use to think that Reichen was the perfect man, looks wise. Now I see that anyone can be the “perfect” man. Yet another case of smoke and mirrors.

    No longer find him attractive. Sexy comes from using what you have. Look at Jessica Simpson’s ex, Nick. Now there is a man who makes what he has work for him…….and very well……I might add.

    Can anyone explain what Riechen actually contributes to?

  7. PAUL IN AU says

    Yeah, mentioning Pelosi’s clothes is sexist… It infers that all a woman can do is look good and bake cookies. Never mind her ideas or policies or what she is going to accomplish today, lets patronise her and tell her she looks pretty… Please boys, we’re not still in the 1950’s.

    Nice work Andy, Love the site. Long time reader first time poster.
    Hi from Australia, and that god the Dems have the House and Senate! The world has breathed a collective sigh of relief!


  8. Leland says

    I think I’m going to make T-shirt with Old Reichen on the front and new Reichen on the back. Think it makes sense. Including the point about having new Reichen on the back.

  9. vince says

    I saw the AP caption on a Washington Post article earlier in the week. I was beginning to think either no one noticed it or no one thought it was stupid.

    I mentioned this to someone and I was met with “Uh, I thought her constituents DO care about what she’s wearing? Huh?”


  10. says

    Leland. I’m surprised. One would think you’d already have a stack of these shirts in your dresser of drawers.

    I kid. I kid. That was all too easy…

    Truthfully, I don’t get all the fuss over Reichen. If we stop talking about him, will he just go away?

  11. says

    That’s not Leland. Someone named Ogden has apparently appropriated his handle.

    Leland commands a far stronger vocabulary and a much more wicked obsession with Reichen. He would never post just two sentences.

    Either that, or he’s finally gotten that therapy we’ve all suggested.

  12. JT says

    Chrisb: What the double hell?! You’re right! What did this Ogden creature do with my Leland? Wait…Ogden is in Utah. The Mormons are holding him hostage for saying naughty things about Mitt. Those damned Mormons.

  13. rudy says

    No baby. La Reich had much more than merely otoplasty (ear pinning). He also had rhinoplasty to “refine” his nose and cheek implants. (And I suspect botox to fill-in and collagen lip plumping.) The good plastic surgeons had a very good canvas (La Reich was ruggedly handsome before in a 1950s straight man way) but they chiseled his features to give him an updated metrosexual look. Compare La Reich’s results to the unfortunate outcome of Lance’s similar surgeries. Lance feminized his features and suffered a botched brow lift that left his face crooked. Overall, La Reich’s surgeries were more successful because they were minimized rather than radical restructuring. Compare in this regard the beautiful results of Paul Newman’s facelift with the disastrous results of Robert Redford’s facelift. It is hardly surprising. Almost all Hollywood stars have had “work done”. The lesson exemplified by Tara Reid is that one should not use the discount coupon for plastic surgery. In plastic surgery one really does get what one pays for.

  14. says

    Can someone explain to me why frakking hotties feel the need to get plastic surgery? I don’t think Reichen’s looks botched, but it seems so unnecessary. Would people really have cared that he had ears that stuck out a little too far?

    Just seems like a lot to risk when you’re already pretty, especially since so often these surgeries are botched, botched, botched. (Just ask Meg Ryan! LOL).

  15. Cory says

    Poor Meg Ryan, she was so beautiful before she went under the knife. Truly one of the few beauties who actually looked good aging gracefully, now she’s a disaster…

    As for beautiful people getting plastic surgery, it is a complex psychological issue but mainly boils down to insecurity and perfectionism. Mostly it’s case sensitive, but beautiful people (at least beauty as defined my societies standards – i.e. Hollywood, etc.) tend to be the most insecure, either misinterpretting attention as negative attention or a constant need for perfecting ones image, etc. It goes on…

  16. Leland says

    The original Leland here, back from, no, not therapy. The only thing that would cure my Reichenophobia would be having my olfactory lobe removed and I would so miss being able to whiff his signature Eau de Delusions of Grandeur. No I was restocking my vitriol supply and buying a laundry bag. Mais, c’est vrai, the post above, while amusing, is not by me and I would appreciate “” [or whoever] not claiming to be little ole moi—even to help pin the tale [sic] on the jackoff who walks on water.

    Which brings me to “Jack” above. “haters”—such a charming, charmingly sophomoric expression. You sound like someone right out of the Reichen Jungen, or a card-carrying member of the Lancettes. I can’t speak for Brook or Justin, but, trust me, there are plenty of “straight person(s)” I have said far worse about. I’d even take Reichen over Bush or Falwell or Steve Jobs any day. I’d take him straight to a shrink specializing in body image dysphoria disorder and narcissism, but I digress.

    As for the question, which one, in fact, often sees: “If we stop talking about him, will he just go away?”—one fears that, while that might work with a chronological child, the 32-year old Peter Pan of which you speak is going to be flying around and flapping his yap for a while longer.

    Having finally finished my stand-and-read-a-few-pages-at-a-time-so-I-won’t-have-to-throw-way-30-bucks bookstore visits, I now better understand the apparent depths of insecurity that drives the gay Paris Hilton in hunt of ever more photo ops and adulation. As recently as a few days ago, he repeated to hereTV podcasters his standard answer to, “What was the biggest challenge on ‘The Amazing Race’?” NO, silly wabbit, not trying to find a place where he could do Jon without Chip or Kelly knowing! But, “Food. I’m always hungry.”

    Now, if anyone interviewing him had ever actually read the “Here’s What We’ll Claim” beforehand, or read it without fantasizing about the image on the cover [come on, you know no one would buy it if he had a bag over his head there], they might reply, “It seems like an all-consuming hunger for attention has been the story of your life. From when you were about six and regularly urinating on the carpet in the corner of your bedroom which you pretended was the toilet in your make-believe world to today. Still, for someone consistently praised for his sensitivity, how, all these years later, can you write of a girl you knew when you were a high school freshman as ‘especially ugly’? Perhaps you can’t be blamed for developing an apparent ‘I can do no wrong’ ego when, fearing you weren’t getting enough attention on your day-after-Xmas-birthday, your family began celebrating it twice a year; on Dec. 26th AND June 26th? Despite that love, you include in your definition of a ‘particularly nuts’ home life your remarkably patient, supportive, and caring stepfather simply insisting that you wait to start eating until everyone else was seated and served. The trailer you lived in might not have been Tara, but did that excuse your refusing to visit him and your incredibly loving mother during Academy holidays and vacations? Of course, that was in little Norton, MA, not Boston where you told interviewers in 2003 you grew up. Did the desperation to get the book in print while the spotlight was still hot somehow not allow enough time to include a photo of them when several have appeared online? Also, did your bottomless hunger for emotional pampering justify your agreeing to continue your relationship with naïve, needy ‘Mara’ even after she knew you were gay? And was there not a single one of the 50+ in the alleged Academy gay ‘underground’, particularly the handful that called you ‘friend’ and helped keep your secrets, that you could have thanked, even by pseudonym, in your Acknowledgments? Nor Chip? Nor SLDN? Nor, not to be mean, your plastic surgeon? How could you not take responsibility for the fact that the most serious things that allegedly happened to others in that group were because of your failure as its ‘leader’? And how, given your own account of never having been outed or investigated or even thought to be gay at the Academy by those who cared, and after not personally experiencing anything more traumatic than what thousands and thousands of other closeted gays in the military have experienced [save for the alleged anonymous hazing incident in which you enjoyed your first explosive orgasm by blow job that you describe fantasizing about for a long time afterwards]—can you close the book describing your four years as ‘one of the toughest tests [God] had ever assigned anyone’ and actually put in print that you imagined He kept your lost graduation ceremony hat as a souvenir?”

    Of course, no one’s asking those questions. And, until they do, judging by the ever-wider every day [but, thanks to his plastic surgeon, no longer crooked] grin beaming in countless photos from his whirlwind, cross country dog and phony show, the bubble will take a while longer to burst. Judging by the countless number of times in the book he describes bursting into tears, and the dependability of his lachrymal glands in interviews, a lyric from “The King & I” comes to mind: “whenever I fool the people I fool, I fool myself as well.”

  17. xavier says

    LOL OMG Leland just made my afternoon. It was worth reading through all the other posts to get to his. I’m assuming Leland actually bought (borrowed?) Reich’s book because he does seem pretty well informed. Gosh, that was funny.

  18. says

    I gotta say, I agree with Rudy… I don’t really think it’s sexist to comment on what Pelosi is wearing. Professional clothing for women is just way more interesting than professional clothing for men.

    Petty charges of sexism like that only detract from the very real sexism that a lot of women face.

  19. Leland says

    Ogden, Ogden, Ogden. If you insist on continuing to pretend to be me, now by also inserting my e-mail address in the appropriate box, you might want to consider erasing your other finger print: misspelling his name with the “i” before the “e” as you did in your original personal post.

    And, no matter how well you cover your strange tracks [REALLY, my pet, WHOOOOO would want to pretend to be moi?], I’ve addressed the intrinsic absurdity in your accusation before. I, you, everyone on Towleroad, the entire Air Force Academy, and every gay man from the Castro to SOHO to Sitges, including Lance, could fantasize about rEIchen topping us, but, trust me, bubula, he’s a blue handkerchief in the right pocket kinda guy only.

    And, Jack! Aren’t you gonna be late for the Reichen Jungen Rally? What you call “tearing down,” I call reporting. Read the book; feel free to differ. For the record, here are just a few of the “gay celebrities”—though I prefer the term “gay achievers”—that, while nobody’s perfect, including me, deserve our attention and respect.

    Obvious first choice: the OTHER winner of “The Amazing Race,” his ex Chip Arndt. Two paths diverged from that winner’s mat, and the one he took could not possibly differ more or more admirably.

    Chad Allen
    Melissa Etheridge
    Frank Kameny
    Barbara Gittings
    Matt Foreman
    Tracy Thorne
    Rosie O’Donnell
    Keith Boykin
    Martina Navratilova
    Billy Bean
    Esera Tuaolo
    Jim Hormel & his partner Tim Wu
    Kevin Jennings
    Bishop James Robinson
    Andy Towle
    and countless others who you might know about if…..

  20. Leland says

    Nope, lol, Midnight: TraCY ThornE, the very male former Navy A-6 Intruder bombardier-navigator who, unlike you know who, voluntarily came out on “Nightline” in 1992 while still active duty, and fought his discharge to the Supreme Court who denied certiorari. Though no longer a “flavor of the month” for parasitic groups like HRC who use “gay celebrities” to raise money and then throw them away when another one comes along, he is still involved in gay activism in Virginia where he is Richmond’s very out deputy commonwealth attorney, trying criminal cases. He and Michael Begland, also a lawyer, share the last name of Thorne-Begland, and have 2-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.

  21. Jack says

    You want to hold them to a different standard. Gay celebrities have to walk on eggshells just to get support from other gay people. They have to be all things to all gay people and carry the water for the whole “community”.

    Yet it’s not the same with straight celebrities. All they have to say is “I don’t care if someone’s gay” and you’ll all be worshipping at their feet even though they do absolutely NOTHING for the gay “community”.

    Is there any wonder why gay celebrities DON’T come out of the closet? With such “great” (sarcasm) support they should all be coming out. *Roll eyes* You people are hopeless.

    Leland, you validate my argument. You want GAY celebrities to SERVE you before you even give them notice.

  22. JT says

    So, Leland, did you mean Bishop GENE Robinson? Jack, I tend to agree with you, and Leland and I have argued about his slightly elevated standards for celebs…most usually concerning the oh-so adorable Mr. Cooper. I don’t think, though, that you are embracing the core of the matter with regard to El Reichen: he has a spin machine at work that touts him as some sort of gay icon (in the non soft core porn sense) and activist, someone who is doing good for the gay and lesbian community. Leland correctly, in my opinion, feels that anyone who claims (whether in first person or through proxies) to be a standard bearer should actually pick up the flag. Reichen hasn’t done that, but profits from his high visibility without doing anything for the community HE (my emphasis) claims to SERVE (your emphasis).

    We now return to a Leland eight paragraph quote on the proper order of the ribbons on Reichen’s chest.

  23. Leland says

    Jack. Jack. Jack. First you were defending Reichen as “always” having been “good looking,” and now, rather than refuting our points, you’re simply shooting the messenger. You’re beginning to sound like Reichen’s ubiquitous, defensive mom who should have put some “tough” in her love for him long ago—say, when he was using his boyhood bedroom as a human litter box. Typical of his take on the world, while his book shares that TMI about himself it fails to say what the reaction was. Not even a, “they had to rip up the carpet and burn it.”

    Whoever you are, get your head out of the “celebrities” cloud, and take some meds for the hallucinations that Reichen’s scalpel-sculpted looks generate in so many, despite his having done little more than those facile straight celebrities you describe and a helluva lot less than he would have us believe. Three cheers for having won, as an out gay man, “The Amazing Race” WITH Arndt, but raspberries for only using that fame to repeatedly strip off his clothes to pimping hand job pictures to hand feed his pathological need for attention and his bank account while pursuing his oft-stated greatest dream of—not overturning DADT nor fighting AIDS nor stopping the terrorizing of gay kids in schools but becoming a soap opera star. Now he’s peddling an irrelevant, poorly written, shoddily edited book full of inexcusable factual errors [e.g., Judy Shepard might be surprised to learn her son Matthew was killed six years before she thought] and manipulated tales while wrapping himself in the mantle of a martyr. He was doing more, for gay men anyway, when he was wearing nothing more than wet seaweed. He shouldn’t be called “Saint Mary Military,” but the “Saint of Shoplifting,” for he’s prancing around in a reputation he did not pay for. He has ever right to be nothing more than a “gay celebrity,” and when he stops claiming to be something more, without backing it up, I’ll be happy to stop criticizing him. Free speech, Jack. Try it sometime.

  24. Anon says

    Leland, you really need to start your own blog. I suggest you go with a riff off of “Land” in your name for the title. You already have a ready-made audience of Towlies. Go, Leland go!

  25. brett says

    Jack— I don’t think Leland holds gay celebrities to a higher standard— I think he’s just trying to hold Reichen accountable for his actions. Don’t claim to be a “gay patriot” when your revolution consists of taking off your clothes for a calendar. Leland isn’t saying that Reichen should do more for the gay community, he’s simply saying Reichen shouldn’t take credit for the work that other gay celebrities are doing. Some people view Reichen as this great martyr, including Reichen himself—he’s not—- he’s a pretty face that’s getting credit for so much more.

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