Clay Aiken and Kelly Ripa: Talk to the Hand


Last night on the American Music Awards, Tori Spelling and Clay Aiken mocked the morning talk show “stiflegate” controversy which inspired plenty of reaction yesterday. And overnight, this screenshot of Kelly Ripa surfaced, which proves she too has made her share of “no no’s”. Hopefully everybody can take a big “time out” over the Thanksgiving holiday to spread some good will, and don’t forget to wash those hands before dinner.


  1. EireKev says

    I don’t think she came off well in the clip with Regis shown yesterday. Snooty and snide. Especially with the reference to Howard Stern’s phonecall, insinuating that they were having a great laugh at Clay Aiken.

  2. Lynda says

    I saw that show. The day before Regis had given away the answer of one of their trivia questions. Kelly was stopping him from doing it again. They changed the format of the way they asked the questions after that.

  3. mark says

    I thought that Clay was acting a bit as if he’s been a superstar for decades. He’s a jerk if you ask me. Haven’t heard ggod things about him, and mostly of what I hear is that he is really vein, and a snob. Funny how stardom makes one who comes from nothing into something of diva. Show some respect for the real star which is Ms. Ripa. She has been around sooooo much longer than you Clay.

  4. kc says

    Men like Regis are immune to germ, you see. And Kelly has no germs to give anyways. lol Clay was being awkwardly touchy and Kelly over-freaking-reacted with a bitchy (aiming square at his reputed “gayness”) comment. So yes, it can be interpreted as homophobic, but ultimately, it’s more a verbal bitch-slap!

  5. RB says

    Rosie called the shot correctly on the View and Ripa totally came off as a self righteous homophobe. Add her to the hypocrite list. I never was a fan anyway…of Ripa or Clay.

  6. griffin1573 says

    I have a question…
    If it was’nt for all the turmoil surrounding Clay’s, he is/he is’nt, gay drama.
    And lets say for arguement sake he was straight.
    Would this have gotten any reaction at all?
    From past examples of Ripa sticking her hand in Regis’ face…I doubt it.

    Ripa ,and Regis for that matter, are iritating,obnoxious and full of them selves anyway.Collectivly they should both have their mouths shut.
    But in this case I believe that the charge of Homophobia,lead by Rosie, is way off the beam and a little over sensitive.

    As for Clay…when the little “fag” is man enough to be honest with himself and the rest of the world.
    Then,MAYBE, and only then would I step up to his defence.
    Why would we defend this guy…I doubt he’d step up and defend us.

  7. mark m says

    I can’t believe no one is commenting on Jimmy Kimmel’s introduction. He just compared Clay and Torie to TomKat…. Jimmy just re-Outed Clay as a closeted liar!!!!

    Where are the voices of indignation?

    I’m loving this whole “Honeygate” thing… especially the posts that either love kelly or hate her. We gays love our drama.

  8. Martin says

    There’s a big difference between putting your hand on someone you know very well and putting your hand on someone you don’t know. Reg and Kel have worked together for years. They have an intimate working relationship. That was not the case with Gayken.

    Let’s not beat this down any further. Are we that hungry for chatter? Guess the answer is yes!

  9. JonJon says

    I agree that by showing a clip of Kelly’s hand on Regis’ mouth, it seems hypocritical, but EVEN if this wasn’t to prevent the game-show give-away again(which I sadly seem to remember), Regis is someone she has known for years! In one of her comments, she said how she had just met Clay that day supposedly…even if she hasn’t, there is a much different line that I hold that can be crossed with my friends (years known) versus someone that I either just recently met or know only superficially. I would never enjoy having a random person walking down the street touch my mouth, etc, however my best friends for years can do it all the time! …even then, the joke (to gay AND to straight friends) when needing to share chapstick is “where have your lips been recently”. This is so far from homophobic, and Rosie, who I enjoy in general, does need to come back down to reality, and start focusing on more important causes again, such as her children’s issues. Rosie says this is just “her view” and she’s on “her show”, however she DOES need to be careful and think before she speaks, and THINK before she makes characterizations such as calling someone or what they did as homophobic—those are not small accusations, and are unfair. Clay is a big boy, and though I rarely agree with Eilsabeth, did CHOOSE to be on American Idol, and at no point opted out, so therefore: welcome to Hollywood!

  10. matt says

    3 Diva’s(?)I use the term lightly, let us remember the talent required for the correct application of that term. A storm in a tea cup, a distraction worthy of the Bush administration. Have we not got more important battles to fight? I hesitated to post a comment as it contradicts my view that we have bigger fish to fry (not in 50 years time though according to scientific evidence).

    Why is it we get our selves to the point of rioting over television personalities & the release of play station 3 consoles, but when it comes to the safety of our troops, our fundamental human rights, our hard won, but easily lost civil liberties, and the continued well being of our planets flora & fauna we sit complacently by as they leach away? Well as long as the mall is open on Black Friday!

  11. mikey d says

    Mark M,

    Good call. That joke went completely over my head because unlike the rest of America I have completely shut down anytime I come across any “news” regarding TomKat.

  12. says

    I like Rosie, I’m not a huge fan of Kelly, but Clay is a total jerk and I agree that he had no business covering her mouth. Rosie’s right to say Kelly would have reacted differently if it were a different person—and Rosie would have had a different reaction if someone besides Kelly had made the “where your hand has been” comment…so what? It WAS Clay who made the gesture, Clay is a huge jerk, not likeable in the least, and obviously rubbed Kelly the wrong way. He deserves every bit of scorn he receives. I don’t blast Rosie for sensing homophobia, but I don’t agree it was there. At all. You can be anti-Clay without being anti-gay. And the whole “let’s make fun of my scandal” garbage that Clay did with Tori is so expected and tired. Gay people shouldn’t stick up for Clay when he refuses to stick up for gay people.

  13. Chris says

    Kelly had every right to verbally bitch-slap Clay. I’ve only watched these clips on towleroad, but I interpret her reactions as indignation about the lack of respect a celebrity guest showed her. That was HER show, and for Clay to demean her in that way was completely inappropriate. Forget about being unhygienic, it was sexist–he would have never done that to Regis because he’d have felt an intrinsic respect/fear for him, and for some reason he didn’t feel the same way about Kelly and tried to put her in her place/control her on HER show. If Clay were more professional (and wiser about his reputation) he’d let Kelly off the hook by apologizing publicly and saying what he did was out of line.

    I seriously doubt Kelly meant the put-down to tap into real homophobics’ feelings about “gay sanitation”. This is like the current mini-outrage over Carol Channing. Wtf? Do we just pick names randomly out of a hat now? Let’s go after Sarah Silverman next! No, wait! Jimmy Carter! Albert Brooks! That bitch Maya Angelou!!! Let’s get ’em!

    I do hope, however, that there is more live celebrity telephone throw-downs on “The View,” or for that matter on every morning show. In fact, I’d like to see all morning programming replaced with a giant celebrity party line kind of concept, where people just call each other back and forth and complain/gossip/whine about that day’s cruelties. I would Tivo that. At least for a while.

  14. bambambama says

    Please. Kelly Ripa called Aiken unclean and we all know why.

    Kelly’s lucky that Rosie jumped right in because Rosie has so many haters who changed the subject right away.

    The real issue is why Kelly finds Clay to be unclean. Symbolically, it’s no different from Kramer guy.

  15. Mike says

    I want to make sure I get this straight.

    Clay Aiken is not gay.
    Kelly Ripa doesn’t like to have someone place their hands on or over her mouth.
    Rosie defends Clay (who has not come out)because she thought Kelly’s scolding of Clay was homophobic.
    Gay’s hate Kelly.
    Gay’s hate Rosie.
    Gay’s hate Clay.



    It’s good to know that we have a priorities in order!

  16. bill says

    well..I’ll stick by the comment I posted yesterday..people should keep their mitts off others UNLESS they have some history together where contact is permitted. Regis & Kelly have been doing the show for years and I’m sure they have thrown pies at each other, etc… I suppose, you can dissect every word and gesture someone says and makes and turn it into anti- (fill in your favorite cause), but the more you do that, the more you dilute the power of your ability to critcally analyze a situation. You marginalize yourself by seeing homophobia in almost everything. Again, to paraphrase Sigmund Freud..”sometimes a proper rebuke is just a proper rebuke” less.. So, in my opinion, you draw these conclusions with the risk that your later criticisms will be ignored as “it doesn’t matter what was done or by’s ALWAYS homophobia (or whatever)to that person”

  17. griffin1573 says

    Mike great opinion.

    Bambam…a little over sensitive and a little presumptious.
    We “don’t all know why”.
    And anyone with bad manners enough to touch a near perfect stranger,straight or gay,deserves to be slapped just as hard.

    And you don’t get to use the cry of homophobia and the shield of the gay minority to protect your bad manners.

    Especially when he’s still claiming to be “straight”.

    Are’nt there more important things to deal with than Rosie’s sensabilities,Clay’s bad manners and his internalised self loathing?

  18. MaskedPoster says

    1. Clay was wrong to put his hand over Kelly’s mouth. UNPROFESSIONAL according to Kelly Ripa.
    2. Kelly was wrong to voice her dissatifaction Monday in front of a live studio and television audience. UNPROFESSIONAL, she should have handled it privately with Mr. Aiken.
    3. Kelly is a HYPOCRITE. If, according to Ms. Ripa it is UNPROFESSIONAL to put a hand over someones mouth, then it is UNPROFESSIONAL for her to put her hand over someones mouth (no matter who it is or how long they have known each other). How does Regis know if she didn’t just wipe her kids butt or wipe a runny nose?
    4. Rosie should have stayed away from the homophobic remark. If anything, she should have stated that Clay was wrong for covering Kelly’s mouth and that Kelly was wrong for airing a grievance with another performer on live television – both actions UNPROFESSIONAL.
    5. I used to like Kelly, but she has turned into a self serving diva, who puts herself down to get praising remarks from guests and makes comments like those Monday to get sympathy. She is the character she portrayed on her “Hope and Faith” sitcom.
    6. A YouTube vid of Ms. Ripa with her hands on Regis:

  19. Don says

    Looks like a lot of people here all about the gay. The man has said several times he is not. To continue to assume based on your own stereotypes that he is gay is just wrong. But regardless of that, it is exactly what she was implying. She claimed unprofessional on Monday, on Tuesday she claimed germs. Both have been shown to be lies cause she does the same with others, not only Regis. So what makes Clay different in her mind? The fact that she doesn’t like him and assumes he’s gay. Using Howard as a reference idea on the show basically communicated that. Did she assume people would be impressed or naive as to what that conversation was about — considering his reputation and history. Give me a break. She is mad that someone gave as good as she did him–she disrespected him several times Friday and has many times in the last 3 years. She was rude to everyone on that show, including the other guests. She’s trying to save face now and make herself out to be the victim. Sorry kelly, it’s not working.

  20. Amanda says

    I don’t know why anyone is defending Clay Aiken. Kelly is a mother with young children and she doesn’t want germs on her hands. Rosie is a loud mouth lesbian that thinks everyone is out to get her. I don’t blame Kelly I wouldn’t want Clay touching me with his hands either. Its also bad behaviour to invade someone else personal space. The gays need to get off Kelly’s back. Kelly is right on this one. Good for Kelly for telling off that bitch Rosie she’s so annoying.

  21. Amanda_is_a_moron says

    Amanda, you’re a fucking moron!!!

    You clearly have not read every single comment here! There are many gays here who defended Ripa. And calling Rosie a “loud mouth lesbian” makes YOU seem like the real homophobic twat! Why not just refer to her as a “loud mouth” instead? No gays here called Ripa a fucking snotty STRAIGHT diva!

    And I love your stupid ass quote – “Kelly is a mother with young children and she doesn’t want germs on her hands.” LOL!!! Are you serious?! I would be terrified to be near some mother with her booger-eating, smelly, germy kids and their runny noses! Imagine the germs on her hands! Poor Regis. I hope he washed his mouth out with Drano after she put her hand on his mouth. I don’t care how long they have known each other.

  22. Zeke says

    Maskedposter, you summed up my feelings about this hoopla perfectly and succinctly.

    Amanda, you still have a perfect record with me. I’ve disagreed with you 100% of the time.

    It’s about time for a-man-da put a hand over your mouth honey.

  23. MaskedPoster says

    Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight are reporting that Clay Aiken sent Kelly Ripa flowers and a letter/card of apology. Of course no word if Kelly Ripa apologized to Clay for belittling and dissing him Monday in front of a live studio and television audience. I truly doubt it. At least Access and ET both showed her with her hand over Regis’ mouth as seen here. Now everyone knows what she is.

  24. micky says

    kelly is full of herself and there was no reason why kelly made a federal case out of this, i do not think clay was bullying kelly, he was nervous. clay can sing well but i am not a fan of anything made by fox.regis is funny but the football stuff is boring!!!!!!!!!

  25. Michael D. Fein says

    Both Clay and Kelly are such no-talent, self-promoting obnoxious diva types, that they deserve whatever they do to each other. I don’t think Kelly is necessarily a homophobe, but I don’t think she is a friend either. Clay on the other hand, is probably lapping up this attention. Anything to keep his name in “lights.” I can’t wait for the day he comes out and expects people to react as if he is some kind of brave gay hero. I don’t know if he’s gay or not, but I personally hope he isn’t, because he gives us a bad name.

  26. Amanda says

    Of course the gays forget to point out Clay Aiken’s actions are indeed very SEXIST and MISOGYNITIC. Clay was very rude and obnoxious to Kelly. The gays seem to think they are the only ones that have encountered oppression. They scream and yell when they are wrong. The gays need to know you can’t be wrong and strong and they are wrong on this one.

  27. rudy says

    Amanda, Could you be any less thoughtful? Even when you have a good point (as rare as that seems), it gets lost in your overall pedantic verbiage spewing forth.

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