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CNN Censors Footage of Bill Maher Outing Ken Mehlman

As noted by some of Towleroad's readers in the comments section, CNN edited the west coast feed of Larry King Live and cut out Bill Maher's comments outing RNC Chair Ken Mehlman. Thanks to John at AmericaBlog for the clips... First clip is the original, second is the edited version.

Who is CNN trying to protect?

UPDATE: As you'll see the above video on the left is gone from YouTube. CNN sent out a cease and desist letter to YouTube, ordering them to take the uncensored version down. The uncensored version is still up at the Huffington Post.

Shame on CNN.

CNN censors Bill Maher, deletes Larry King Live segment where Maher outs GOP party chair Ken Mehlman as gay [americablog]

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  1. Oh, the GOP stranglehold on Liberal Media continues...

    I caught Bill's comment live last night about the Democrats being for gay marriage, and the GOP being against gay's getting married... because they like to play the broader field.

    Posted by: Rad | Nov 9, 2006 12:22:38 PM

  2. the censoring appears to br putting this story out there far and wide.

    When will these people learn "THE COVER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The COVER UP!!!! The COVER UP!!!!" is what kills you.

    This probably would have barely made a blip on the psyche of larger america.....thanks to CNN this will make quite a few blips on the american psyche

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Nov 9, 2006 12:22:53 PM

  3. "Hating yourself is the greatest love of all" I think I'll have that embroidered onto a sampler.

    I love Bill Maher. He tells it like it is.

    Posted by: Daniel | Nov 9, 2006 12:28:28 PM

  4. Didn't CNN edit transcripts or later viewings of a comment Anderson Cooper made awhile back--I think during the 04 election and the constitutional gay marriage amendment???

    CNN, why are you doing this???

    Posted by: Scott | Nov 9, 2006 12:43:30 PM

  5. I love how the term "censor" is thrown around so liberally (pun intended). It was edited out, after it had been broadcast in primetime. That's hardly "censorship." Bill Maher can say whatever he wants about Ken Mehlman or the GOP. But no one is guaranteed an audience.

    Posted by: Cyd | Nov 9, 2006 12:44:10 PM

  6. I saw both full broadcasts, and the Mehlman comment was the ONLY thing that was 'edited' out. Get real, it was censored out.

    Posted by: Andrew | Nov 9, 2006 12:52:00 PM

  7. Cyd, the term "censor" is being used absolutely correctly here. Here's an example definition (from Merriam Webster):

    censor: to examine (as a publication or film) in order to suppress or delete any contents considered objectionable

    If you can explain how this is not what CNN did, we're all ears. TV networks have always had persons, employed by the network, to delete objectionable material, and those persons have always (to my knowledge) been referred to as "censors."

    There is nothing in the term that limits it to government suppression, as I imagine you are incorrectly trying to imply.

    Posted by: Glenn | Nov 9, 2006 12:55:48 PM

  8. You expect me to believe that the Cooper News Network, where Anderson has a gold-plated closet, would do this? You expect me to believe that someone there still thinks saying someone is gay is like saying they kill kidnapped babies and make golf gloves out of their skin after Anderson has done so much to show them that it's nothing to be ashamed of? THAT CNN?

    And, Cyd, as you obviously have an Internet connection but not a dictionary, try They're a little behind in not having included Cyd as a synonym for "fool"—whether or not you are THAT "Cyd"—Outsports creator and priapismic defender of Reagan and bottom feeding Repuglican closet fags like Mehlman.

    Posted by: Leland | Nov 9, 2006 1:07:20 PM

  9. But Leland, surely Reichen is somehow related to this?

    Posted by: chrisb | Nov 9, 2006 1:23:05 PM

  10. This is the price journalists pay for "access". What's up with Friday? What is Maher going to do and where?

    Posted by: anon | Nov 9, 2006 2:05:15 PM

  11. The interesting thing about all this is that CNN seems to me to be the most liberal of all the mainstream news outlets. And Ted Turner himself has been *extremely* critical of George W. Bush and, I suspect, votes Democrat. I have to wonder if this got edited out because Mehlman or the RNC threatened legal action (libel/slander).

    Posted by: peterparker | Nov 9, 2006 2:12:49 PM

  12. While (sadly) it might be said that CNN is "the most liberal" of the cable news outlets, it is not "liberal" at all, and has done its best to move towards the type of coverage Faux News gives in order to capture viewers. CNN is highly highly susceptible to the right wing's working the refs. Maybe now that the Dems are taking power back, CNN will worry about kowtowing to us for a while.

    And Ted Turner has basically nothing to do with CNN anymore.

    Posted by: Glenn | Nov 9, 2006 2:16:14 PM

  13. I am surprised here people. I understand taking issue with someone who may be "closeted, self-loathing" and inflicting undue harm to said community, HOWEVER it is NO ONES RIGHT TO OUT ANYONE. PERIOD. How would any one have felt being outed when they were younger or uncomfortable with this subject? I am not excusing the Republikkklan agenda but I have lost friends to suicide for this same reason and I hate to see the gay community approving of doing this to someone else. We should be and are above this, let's not sink to the Republikkklans level...

    Posted by: Cory | Nov 9, 2006 2:29:49 PM

  14. Thanks for asking CHRISB. There IS a connection to the degree that, last I heard, unless he agrees to expand the parameters of the discussion, one person who will not be appearing on Larry King is........Reichen.

    This is not the first time in the last couple of weeks he's pissed people off by refusing to talk about Lance beyond the prerecorded "I'm so proud of him." [Has anyone ever heard him publicly say he LOVES him?] For instance, he "stormed out" of a radio studio in SF though later called in to talk about the book. But local shows and Big Daddy King are in hugely different universes, so maybe he'll meet THEIR terms after all. But regardless of any willingness to talk about Lance or "lancing," given her experience with James Frey, one doubts he'll be jumping up and down on Oprah's yellow sofa any time soon. "...some of the events in the final chapter of this book that are portrayed as having happened to me actually happened to others. ...[this] is not a conventional memoir, as the details chronicled sometimes are not a literal account of events." - Author's Note, "Here's What We'll Say," Reichen Lehmkuhl.

    Posted by: Leland | Nov 9, 2006 2:42:54 PM

  15. Cory, I'm sorry about your late friends, but were any of their situations really comparable to the lives of the people we're talking about? It's more likely that their situations, and their related suicides, can far more be blamed on the homo hatred spread by Mehlman and his masters and those who came before them. Famous or unknown; rich or poor; I'm not going to willfully aid anyone who is hurting me and those I care about by joining in their conspiracy of silence. We might as well take a baseball bat and start beating OURSELVES over the head. Outing them is not JUST to punish them for the lives they have contributed to destroying, though I subscribe to that, too, but to, hopefully, take away their power to continue to hurt me and those I love. Off with Mehlman's head and everyone like him.

    "The right to privacy should not be the right to hypocrisy. These people who want to demonize other people shouldn't be able to go home, close the door, and do it themselves. "There are fifteen year olds in this country today in high school whose lives are being made miserable because they're gay and lesbian. And people who are themselves gay adults and are enjoying positions of power in Washington who advance that kind of abusive society, no, it has nothing to do with their economics, I find that contemptible." - Barney Frank.

    Posted by: Leland | Nov 9, 2006 2:57:49 PM

  16. peterparker

    catch up to the present

    Ted Turner SOLD his entire broadcasting network to Time Warner back int he 90's and the board of Time warner booted him after a short time.

    Time Warner is very conservative as evidenced by their donating (public records) to Bush 04 re-election campaign and not 1 penny to Kerry

    CNN is in no way liberal...they are fox lite

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Nov 9, 2006 3:16:12 PM

  17. Leland,

    While I usually agree with you on everything 100%, this one I have to whole heartedly disagree with you on. While I loathe Mehlman and his like, I do not agree that outing him is the solution. Just as it is no ones business that T.R. Knight is gay and came out as a result of Isaiah Washington's actions, it is no ones business regarding Mehlman's. I am in no way defending him, but c'mon, gays outing gays and supporting this??? It's low and beneath us. We should know better.

    Posted by: Cory | Nov 9, 2006 3:20:09 PM

  18. leland

    Thank you for posting this quote from Braney frank

    "The right to privacy should not be the right to hypocrisy. These people who want to demonize other people shouldn't be able to go home, close the door, and do it themselves. "There are fifteen year olds in this country today in high school whose lives are being made miserable because they're gay and lesbian. And people who are themselves gay adults and are enjoying positions of power in Washington who advance that kind of abusive society, no, it has nothing to do with their economics, I find that contemptible." - Barney Frank.

    Barney stole the show on Bill maher a few weeks ago...totaly cool. It should be noted that when Bower put out his call for 30% donations from all safe seat dems war chests...Barney was 1 of the 3 who answered the call and gave $250,000+ from his $750,000 re-election campaign war chest to the DNC....this money was to help the less funded dem candidates....Hillary did NOTR give 30% she only gave 10% Keery was even worse in only giving 1%

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Nov 9, 2006 3:26:23 PM

  19. A cease and desist order has gone out from CNN over the youtube clips (according to AmericaBlog.) They no longer work.

    You can still see them here (for now) at Huffington Post: OR

    CNN has outdone themselves - censorship at it's very finest. Terrifying.

    Posted by: AMS | Nov 9, 2006 4:13:49 PM

  20. Thanks AMS for the heads up

    Censoring will only push this farther and farther out into the main stream....It is impossible to totaly sanitiz the internet of something once it is there. Nothing wets peoples' apitites more than sex and censorship

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Nov 9, 2006 4:25:51 PM

  21. I wouldn't describe CNN as a "liberal" network. It has got caught up in the race to the bottom in TV news, and has become increasingly tabloid in recent years.

    I think many viewers of CNN USA would be surprised at just how different CNN International is in style and tone to CNN USA.

    Posted by: Leo | Nov 9, 2006 5:17:51 PM

  22. Bill Maher didn't "out" Ken Mehlman, he merely made yet another unsubstantiated accusation about Mehlmen. Many have made similar claims in the past, so I wouldn't dignify this as an "outing" in that respect either. Unless someone comes-forwards with proof, or a specific allegation, it's merely an oft-repeated meme....and gossip-mongering.

    Posted by: Ted B. (Charging Rhino) | Nov 9, 2006 5:53:51 PM

  23. So have you noticed that youtube(AKA google) has only the edited version up on their site and have taken down the unedited?

    Posted by: diggleblopdotcom | Nov 9, 2006 6:02:42 PM

  24. Jimmyboyo, Time Warner actually is a bigger supporter of Dems than Repubs, FYI.

    Posted by: Je | Nov 9, 2006 6:34:23 PM

  25. Yep Utube has pulled the uncensored one due to copyright but they somehow feel the edited one is not a copyright problem. Youtube is part of the problem now.

    Posted by: scottyferguson | Nov 9, 2006 6:36:27 PM

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