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David Gest to Torture Others in Australian Jungle

GestDavid Gest gets ready to enter the Australian jungle in the Brit version of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here:

"I'm absolutely not prepared for this but listen, Eskimos have survived the ice, I can survive the jungle. How am I gonna cope without a maid? There's gotta be someone there that needs a job and some extra money. I've never done the dishes in, I think, 25 years. But that's OK. There are no dishes, are there?"

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  1. Ummmm... Who gives a damn about another freak show?

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Nov 9, 2006 3:46:45 PM

  2. He's a celebrity?

    Come on, really?

    Posted by: LiamOg | Nov 9, 2006 4:26:37 PM

  3. Monkey See. Monkey Do.

    Posted by: George | Nov 9, 2006 5:16:49 PM

  4. what an absolutely unmitigated ass.

    Posted by: JOE 2 | Nov 9, 2006 7:57:49 PM

  5. Hope he sets his makeup mirror on 'Outback.' That pancake face is gonna run fierce. Yep.

    Posted by: Michael Guy | Nov 9, 2006 8:16:03 PM

  6. Why is this news?

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Nov 10, 2006 1:19:33 AM

  7. There's an Australian JUNGLE?! Where...?

    Posted by: Danny | Nov 10, 2006 5:30:14 AM

  8. NO!

    We don't want him.

    Send him to the Iraq jungle

    Posted by: steve | Nov 10, 2006 5:55:25 AM

  9. Living with Liza apparently wasn't torture enough.

    Posted by: mark m | Nov 10, 2006 9:43:51 AM

  10. Steve what a great idea!!! Dress him ass a woman, no wait he's done that himself, then drop him into Bagdad with I love Bush painted on his entire body. Now that is a show.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Nov 10, 2006 11:25:35 AM

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