David Gest’s Jungle Confession: I’m Not Gay

Gest_1Liza Minnelli’s ex-husband David Gest, who has been running around the Australian jungle on the UK version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, told openly gay fashion designer Scott Henshall in a campfire heart-to-heart that he’s not gay:

“They said ‘was I straight, was I gay?’ I always said, ‘bring me one guy I’ve been with’ – I’d love to meet him because, if I was into it, I’d be proud of it. I have tons of friends that are gay. They said that because of my wife who I’m getting divorced from was [a gay icon]. I never had a Judy Garland room, I never had a Shirley Temple room. These are all ridiculous things.”

Gest2_1Hours in the jungle have given Gest, seen here with actor Dean Gaffney, the opportunity to expound on a variety of topics, including his infamous wedding kiss with Minnelli (WARNING GRAPHIC): “Donald Trump said to me that night I have never seen a kiss like that in my life. I was so excited and so in love that when I took my tongue it looked like I was eating a part of her because I went all the way through her mouth. It looked like I was a shark going in and I took every part of her mouth out with my tongue. And it was like a nine-minute kiss. When I saw it three months later when we were in bed I took the covers over me. I was going: ‘Oh my God, Liza!'”

The Sun also recently reported that Liza has high hopes for Gest on the show. Said a friend: “Liza goes from wishing him dead from spider stings to hoping he abandons the show and flies home to beg forgiveness. She was sobbing that he deserves to be eaten alive by crocs or fucked by kangaroos. Liza still has extreme feelings for Gest, from a teary ‘Come home baby!’ to ranting ‘Die in a plague of pus-oozing boils!’ She can’t imagine David living rough in the Bush now. Liza says David would shudder at the thought of cockroaches. Stories of him laughing at giant spiders sounds like a very different David to her. Liza says he’s either turned into a macho man or is faking being brave.”

Damn VH1 for never airing that reality show.


  1. patrick nyc says

    The only one in the world who doesn’t know that Gest is gay is Gest. He is also butt ugly to boot.

  2. Leland says

    I am the attorney for Mr. Frances. He asked me to post this on his behalf and to respectfully inform you that we are filing a lawsuit for damages against Towleroad as these photos have rendered Mr. Frances blind. (Just per nous, we thought the ritual masturbation would get him first, but….)

  3. patrick nyc says

    Leland you are the lucky one, being blind you no longer have to look at those photos, makes me long for the elephant fetus. The rest of us have to suffer. If we do a class action suit my symptoms include nausea and uncontrolable bowel movements.

  4. Brice says


    Let’s not forget, all gay men are not created equal. Those born under the ugly sign are not as likely to have a sex life as those born under the beauty sign.

    Regretfully, and obviously, Mr. Guest was born under the Fug sign. He’s is likely the world’s biggest gay porn collector.

  5. patrick nyc says

    I’m still laughing over the “I never had a Judy Garland room.” As if marrying her daughter was not enough.

    And I agree with Brice, outside of a truck stop glory hole who would go near that face??

  6. Leland says

    Thanks for your concern, Steve. Once Santa brings me a new bicycle pump, my Reichen Blow Up Doll and I will live happily ever after.

  7. Mark says

    Theirs was not a marriage of physical intamcy. Rather, it was a financial arrangement based on publicity and business management.

  8. says

    Watching the show, David actually comes across as a relatively normal, nice guy. He is a little spoiled and somehow has all the other contestants doing things for him, like shaving him, washing his clothes, cleaning up after him, etc. But on the whole, he comes across as a fairly nice guy.