Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe, Naked in Equus


Daniel Radcliffe is appearing in the London stage production of Equus:

“The play, about a young man’s attacks on horses and a psychiatrist’s attempt to explain them, is altogether different fare from what Potter fans are used to, requiring his character Alan Strang to appear naked on stage.”

The poster, which uses Radcliffe’s nipples as a fusion point as his body morphs into the head of the horse, is a graphic triumph.


  1. Kurt says

    Creepy cool indeed. Totally agree, Andy. The designer for this deserves some kudos (only strengthened by the great custominzed sans serif typography). You’re already emotionally involved in the play before even stepping foot in the theater…uh, theatre.

  2. says

    This is actually a pretty smart move on his part, in terms of his career. From what I’ve heard, it’s a great (albiet difficult) part – so if he can pull it off, it’ll help move him along beyond Harry Potter. Even if he can’t quite pull it off, his acting will probably get a lot better over the course of the rehearsals and maybe even the show.

  3. moness says

    I saw the original Broadway production, what a great play. They really screwed up the movie. And Daniel has turned out so handsome, he will certainly look good in the nude scene. Yummy, yummy!

  4. Dick says

    I saw Randy Harrison in an outstanding production of Equus in 2005 at The Berkshire Theater Festival.Although Harrison is best known for his role of Justin on Queer As Folk but in recent years has shown that Theater is his real home.

  5. Franklin says

    Radcliffe won’t be 18 years old until July of next year. Is it legal in England for a minor to appear nude on stage? Is the age of majority different?

  6. rudy says

    Oh, my deah (clutching the pearls) a theatre queen who cares enough to distinguish between the British (francophilic) spelling and the American version even though the distinction drawn is wholly fabricated. Gander darlin’ just ignore those who focus on the quality of the production. Your priorities are well in order.

  7. Daniel says

    It’s too bad there’s so much publicity focusing on the nudity in the play. We probably won’t get a good assessment of the play because of it. The critics will probably be gunning for him.

  8. Leland says

    Yes, Kurt, ignore Gander’s sciolism. And not just because Radcliffe will be dangling his bits on the stage of the Gielgud TheatRE.

    Don’t know if there are any age-related restrictions regarding nudity in the arts, there, but, in 2000, after several years of raucous debate, Great Britain lowered the age of consent for sex between men to that for heterosexuals: 16.

    The original version of “Queer As Folk,” which was created for British television, played a role in the controversy as “Nathan” [“Justin” in the US version] was supposed to be 15, and the age of consent was still 18. Of course, in order to keep the US version’s cast and Canadian sets from being bombed by one of Ted Haggard’s good Christian followers, “Justin” was written as 17.

  9. SFStroker says

    For anyone who is familiar with the play, the graphic use of the horse’s eyes for the boy’s nipples reflects the tragic and destructive sexual denial that the boy (and the horses) endures in the play. Very well done!

    And, yes, thanks for mentioning the wonderful Man Ray photo, “Le Minotaur”.

  10. bridleplace says

    Dick – I saw that BTF production of EQUUS, too. Randy Harrison was superb as Alan. His climactic scenes in Acts I and II were gripping and stunning. He surpassed that performance this summer as Mozart in the BTF production of AMADEUS. He has a great future ahead of him in the theatre. In regard to that amazing poster – am I the only one who thinks that is not young Daniel’s real torso? If he posed for it they did more tweaking than just morphing him with the horse’s head. Those are not the shoulders and neck of a 17 year old.

  11. says

    Of course there was tweaking… they turned his body into a horse’s head! LOL

    As for his shoulders and torso… I can remember a LOT of people on my football team who looked much bigger than that back in the day, a lot of them at younger ages than 17. So who knows. (Better yet, who cares?)

  12. ohmygod says

    I thought that Radcliffe would just appear naked, but ride a horse nude! That will make millions, all girls (that are over 16 :p)that has a big liking of Harry Potter will buy at least 3 copies of that movie and get pictures! I just want to see him blind the horses! not go in them!(most people here making comments are males)I’m a female.

  13. says

    I’m looking forward to the young man showing us a different side of himself. ;o)

    Seriuosly though, I’m expecting the dude to rock this role. The will be an admirable revival of this production with top notch staging, directing and acting.

  14. Lady Dalana says

    I wish Daniel all the luck in the world- I have been in this play before, and it is extremely demanding on the acting front. If he can pull this off, he will be taken more seriously as a real actor.

  15. sommer says

    I have been keeping track of the play off Dans official website. He did pose for the artwork, and it is amazing. Beautiful and slightly erotic. Yes, Dan has grown up very handsome, but I am a fool for the English.
    Did anyone read the playwright’s comments about Dan? He has refused to reopen the play but agreed to do it after a private performance from Dan. Apparently, they were all very moved.
    ” When he performed we couldn’t take our eyes off of him.” Quite a compliment. I only hope that Dan does the play justice as Mr. Schaffer and Mr. Pugh feel that he will (Pugh looked for the “right boy” for 8 years!!) and shuts all of the sceptics up. as they are all predicting a huge failure on Dans part. I wish him well.

  16. lesly-radcliffe says

    i will fly all the way to london, i don’t care how, but i will be there to see my Dan naked!!!! oh my God! he is so hot…
    mi danielito es el mejor!!! y viva mexico cabrones!

  17. joann says

    i tjink its time 4 harry 2 grow uo people and those who have a proble with dan talk 2 me on yahoo.com or pogo.com and yall don’t be stelin my man k

  18. mrs. radcliffe says

    harry is sooooooooooooooo hot and he is a very sexy maddison email me at yahoo.com the only reason he did the play was i think to grow out of harry but if still does harry i will fly 2 london 2 see him and get him to sigh my hp shirt i have it on right now

  19. georgia says

    i am only 12 , but i think harry er daniel is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot.but when i went on this site i accidentley clicked on the wrong button and saw his wang.eeeewwwwww!!!!!!!i still luv him though!!!!!i agree with all these comments you hav all written , BRAVO!!!!!u all rok!!!!!

  20. Elijah King says

    Dans penis is so gorgous I just want to eat him up even though I’m a guy but I’m a porno,gay,guy.And I like other gay guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. zeus fernandez says

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  22. Sasha P. says

    I love the Harry Potter series and I’ll watch pretty much anything with those cast members in it. The poster is great and the plot sounds really interesting. I’m not a fan of the whole being-naked-on-stage idea but hey, if it fits in with the plot and he’s comfortable with it, whatever. No one can say he’s shy. It’s just that people should focus less on the nudity and more on the plot. I wish the cast the best of luck.

    Oh, and Radcliffe should definitely wax and spend some time at the beach. No offense, but pale and hairy? EW! Other than that he does have a great body for a 17 year old and he seems like a sweetheart. I’d love to meet him.

  23. Admrl J Rae says

    This site, like all the others, is a piece of shite!!!
    I asked for pictures of daniel radcliffe, naked – and I seem to run into sites like this, promising pictures of dan, naked, but give all this rubbish tht I never asked for instead!!!
    It annoys me that websites cannot get in trouble for, what is to me, false advertisement!!!

  24. frodo441 says

    I thought the movie version of “Equis” was excellent with Richard Burton playing the psychiatrist…it was an excellent ensemble cast…With RB…looking into the camera towards the end…”if you could cure the boy, would you want to?”

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