Homophobia on Morning TV: Rosie vs. Kelly vs. Clay

Yesterday, Clay Aiken co-hosted Regis & Kelly to fill in for Regis. At one point, Clay reached up and covered Kelly Ripa’s mouth with his hand (see left video) while she was asking the Dancing with the Stars winners Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke a question.

Obviously miffed, Ripa looked at Clay and said, “That’s a ‘No, No’. I don’t know where that hand’s been, honey.”

Rosie O’Donnell responded to the incident by accusing Ripa of making a homophobic remark. Ripa called Rosie on The View (right video) to defend herself, saying it’s flu season and that’s why she made the remark.

Ripa has every right to be pissed about Clay’s hand over her mouth. But she says she wasn’t insinuating that Clay had his fingers up a man’s heiney, which for gays and lesbians like Rosie, attuned to homophobic remarks, is what it may have sounded like.

Of course the real elephant in the room here is all the backing away from Aiken’s sexuality.

Homophobia is a no, no on morning talk shows, according to the hosts involved here.

But the greater homophobia is the insinuation that asking Aiken even to address the rumors regarding his sexuality is a horrible thing despite the fact that these hosts ask heterosexual stars all the time whether certain dating rumors are true or not. Clay’s perfectly welcome to deny and capable of denying any and all rumors.

The implication is that it’s not right to ask possibly gay stars about their private lives (even though heterosexual stars are questioned all the time) because being gay is a bad thing.

I applaud Rosie for calling Ripa out on her comment whether or not Ripa was insinuating Aiken was gay, but Rosie should know better than to then go and defend the View’s supposedly righteous policy of not asking Clay about the sexuality rumors when I’ve seen them sit down and ask Jessica Simpson point blank whether or not the tabloid stories were true that she’s dating John Mayer. After all, suggesting that Ripa was behaving homophobically is Rosie’s tacit acknowledgement that Clay is gay anyway, isn’t it?

I enjoy both Ripa and Rosie, and I doubt Ripa is homophobic, but this incident certainly added an undercurrent to the talk shows I haven’t seen in a while. Below, Ripa discusses the incident with Regis.

(thanks to Good as You for the clips)


  1. Cory says

    Honestly, I have to disagree with Rosie on this one. He put his entire hand over her mouth, and quite frankly I most likely would have said the same thing. She was joking. Rosie needs to lighten up there. I don’t agree with her point, although you never know…

  2. Barry says

    I don’t think its homophobic. He had it off with a hooker (pornstar… whatever) I wouldn’t want his hand on my mouth. Do any of you that read this blog think you could sit through an entire morning show with him and not make one catty comment about his sex life? I know I couldn’t. Espically after him doing something as rude as that.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    I love Rosie, but I have to disagree with her.

    I wouldn’t want a man or a woman touching my mouth unless said man was my lover.

    Flu seaseon, most men do NOT wash their hands after using the bathroom, etc.

    Ripa should have gone at it from the perspective of a man trying to shut a woman up by physical means. That would have then painted her as the victim in our male dominated society.

  4. nutso says

    Rosie has lost what is left of her mind. Since coming out of the closet she has become very paranoid about homosexual issues. And I for one am really tired of having her represent the agenda in any way. She is a nut!

  5. MT says

    Seriously? That is a huge stretch to turn that into a homophobic remark. I think Rosie is being a bit too defensive on this one.

  6. phil says

    I’ve watched the clip several times now, and the way Kelly says “I don’t know where that hand’s been, HONEY” (emphasis mine) is, I bet, where Rosie picked up on the homophobia. It was the “honey” to a gay man that did it, the tone of how she said it, in a tone gay men might talk to each other. Can’t anyone else see (hear?) this? It’s not the worst crime in the world and I don’t think Kelly is homophobic, but at that particular moment I can see exactly what Rosie saw. Is it worth all the attention? I think probably not.

  7. Kevin says

    This is ridiculous. Gay or straight, you don’t do that. Terrible things happen each day to gays, and Rosie chooses THIS as a reason to cry homophobia on a crowded talk show? It’s not a gay slur to wonder where someone’s hand has been. Ridiculous.

  8. Ian says

    Totally disagree with Rosie. Clay was way out of line. He was visibly uncomfortable and awkward as co-host, and perhaps put his hand over Kelly’s mouth as a lame attempt at humor. Totally inappropriate and disrespectful. I am beginning to see Clay as very creepy.

    For Rosie to say this was homophobic implies that Clay is a homosexual, plain and simple.

    Personally, I think Rosie, Clay, and Kelly are all a bit messed up.

    PS What was with Clay swooshing his hair like a stuck-up beauty queen. For goodness sakes, his fans -still- think he’s straight?

  9. jmg says

    I have to agree with Phil. Her COMMENT was homophobic, not her anger at being touched.

    I have to say, in my life it has been the snide comments of WOMEN about gays that have been more offensive than any physical threats from men. Women can be VERY hurtful, and Kelly’s tone definitely had that spite in it, in my opinion.

  10. out of whack says

    Rosie O’Donnell does not represent the gay agenda. She is a spoiled, self-indulgent, pushy egomaniac.

  11. says

    The TRUE irony of the View clip is guest host Sherri Shepard; once known for her *very* gay friendly humor, the comic has all but distanced herself from her (now) fleeting fanbase. Expect a Carol Channing-like incident any day now from this “found jesus” actress.

    Check out my link for a Christian Q&A with Shepard.

  12. LiamOg says

    You’re hands are never entirely clean. Who knows how many doorknobs he turned, hands he shook, pens he used to give autographs, etc. I’m always washing my hands, but I still make a conscious effort to keep my hands away from my lips and my nose and my eyes.
    And everyone should wash their hands after using the toilet, even if you “didn’t touch anything”.

  13. jmg says

    Also, I think some people have trouble siding with the less attractive Rosie and Clay over beautiful Kelly.

  14. Thomas says

    All gay stuff aside, THIS is where womens’ liberation has taken us???

    “A man playfully put his hand over my mouth because I wouldn’t shut up, and I’m the Victim here!”

    These ladies need to get a grip. If women’s empowerment is so easily threatened by this kind of blindly innocent move, there’s still a long, long way to go.

  15. Wayne says

    Rosie is the problem here. Clay continues to deny that he is gay, yet Rosie wants to call Kelly out for being homophobic? How can you be homophobic if the subject of your “slur” isn’t out as being gay? Makes no sense… but then again neither does the fact that I felt the need to comment on this thread. God, just kill me now!

  16. says

    I don’t think Kelly’s remark was homophobic and yes, the hand over mouth is a little gross but it WAS A JOKE. Plus she basically was offended because Clay actually SPOKE and had funny quips and banter and CO-HOSTED like his job was supposed to be, instead of letting Kelly takeover like she normally does. That’s why she made the remark. I don’t really think Clay did anything THAT wrong, maybe a little overboard (but please, it’s nowhere near Michael Richards).

  17. says

    Additionally, perhaps all this anger toward Rosie is indirectly aimed at ourselves? Would we rather she just “keep quiet” and not make waves? I think not. She’s vocal. I squirm, but that’s my own internal homophobia at work.

    I say bring it, Rosie. But my conflict is that I *adore* Ripa. LOVE her.

  18. Brad says

    I saw the clips, including today’s Regis w/ Kelly ref’ing a conversation she had with Howard Stern about the original incident. I agree w/ Rosie. Kelly’s attitude is/was/continues to be homophobic.

  19. marie says

    I think Kelly has every reason to be upset. She was very respectful throughout the whole show and he kept insulting her to a point where it wasn’t funny anymore. He was quite annoying and very disrespectful to a show host.

  20. says

    Oh, but wanted to add, I’m NOT a Clay Aiken fan either but I thought he may have been a little overexcited and forced but nothing to get in a huff about.

  21. Cory says

    “but didn’t he put himself there?”

    Comment from Elisabeth (I forget her name) on the view…

    Has to be a very profound question. Indeed. Did Clay Aiken put himself there, in that awkward position Rosie states? Yes, society is homophobic, yes there are things outside of his control, however with more celebs coming out and more not making an issue of their sexuality, I do have to agree mostly with her statement, Clay’s situation is (mostly) form his own doing…

  22. MCAWMCA says

    There was absolutely nothing homophobic about that comment. I like Rosie, but she blew this way out of proportion. It’s a little ridiculous.

    …and Clay’s a known jerk. It’s not surprising he never even apologized. I’m sure he was nervous, but come on…that’s a terribly rude thing to do, and I thought she handled it gracefully with a joke (which, even as a gay man, I assumed was in reference to cold/flu season and just general hygeine…in addition to it coming from this douchebag you are trying your hardest to pretend to like for a couple hours)

  23. jmg says

    My point exactly Midnight Lounge–

    Loud, pushy Rosie making us all uncomfortable. So what? Let’s get uncomfortable. The lady is right on this one.

  24. Mike says

    I don’t care who you are or what you do, You’re not going to put your hand on my mouth, regardless. I would have said the exact same things as Kelly. I don’t know where your hands have been, but keep them anyway from my mouth. How does Rosie always seem to interject herself into everything. Whatever happend to minding your own fucking business.

  25. Anon1 says

    I’m with Rosie. It definitely sounded like Rippa was alluding Clay’s personal life, but who cares?

    I think Rippa needs to quiet down. She’s coming across like a spoiled diva.

  26. jmg says

    Listen, no one is saying it was a nice thing to do that Clay put his hand on her mouth. It is her reaction to it that was uncalled-for.

    It was not nice for the hecklers to scream at Michael Richards, but his reaction was not warranted, either.

    The latter case is much more egregious, of course, but Kelly’s “HONEY” would NOT have been said to Russell Crowe.

  27. Wayne says

    I’ll ask again…how can it be homophobic when Clay isn’t gay? Or at least not openly gay? You can argue it anyway you want, but what Rosie did was OUT Clay on television.

  28. RJP3 says

    Kelly is not being truthful … she OBVIOUSLY was making a dig at him because she was pissed …. and what is there to jokingly dick Clay about … the bareback sex life claims from some dude who is now a “porn star”. I am gay and make the SAME joke to my gay friends … and straight friends … especially those with active sex lives that are the subject of conversation (think Samantha from Sex and The City). It is not homophobic … it is jokingly anti-sex … beside Kelly is married to a former MALE STRIPPER (Man for Man) who had old gay men fondle him for YEARS for cash. 100% TRUE!

  29. says

    Ok, so, by making a big deal out of this “homophobic” remark, isn’t Rosie kind of outing someone who hasn’t even said anything about his sexuality yet? Like, it might seem painfully obvious, but Clay hasn’t come out yet. I think she’s done a great job of basically saying “everyone thinks you’re gay, now we’re going to stand up for you.” She really needs to shut the hell up. I detest Kelly Ripa, but not because of this!

  30. jmg says

    It can be homophobic when everyone in the world thinks a person is gay, even if the person is not out.

    I am sure Liberace and Paul Lynde heard tons of homophobic things in their lives.

  31. JAMES says

    On another note, perhaps Kelly Ripa is sensitive to what appears to be sexism, because she seems to be such a victim of it herself. When I first saw her with Regis a few years ago, I thought she had single-handedly taken women’s equality back about 20 years. Their rapport is sort of cute, but her simpering, bend-over-backwards obliging of old-man Regis is a little hard for me to take, especially when coupled with her stick-thin body and stretched face. It doesn’t exactly reek of gender equality to me. Maybe she only feels comfortable defending herself when someone younger and less in control (like Aiken) treats her badly.

    On the Rosie note, I’m happy to see her giving voice to opinions that are never heard. Although watching her makes me very tense.

  32. kcny says

    I don’t love Kelly Ripa, but I don’t think she did anything wrong. I’d say the same thing to him or anyone who put their hand over my mouth and I’m a gay man. It’s good we have people like Rosie to champion and defend gay people, but her efforts could have been directed to a more worthy cause…like discussing Mitt Romney’s latest homophobic mormon-induced rage perhaps? If Clay Aiken and his publicist had any sense, they would realize he’s only making it worse for himself by not publicly coming out at this point.

  33. Anita Woodward says

    I watched the clips, and I think it’s a fair thing to discuss. I don’t feel that Rosie went overboard. However, it should be pretty obvious that the remark was not homophobic. I would be extremely annoyed if a stranger (Kelly and Clay had never met prior to the taping) put his hand over my mouth, especially if I was a journalist conducting an interview! She was flustered by his action and decided to make a firm but light-hearted joke about it: “I don’t know where that hand’s been, honey.”

    No homophobia here, imo.

  34. Ajax says

    I think it was utterly ridiculous for Rosie O’Donnell to claim the remark is homophobic. The statement “I don’t know where that hand (foot, elbow, finger, what have you) has been” is a common jokey putdown, applicable to every man, woman, child, puppy, kitten, hetero, or homo. The idea that Kelly Ripa’s intent was to suggest that Clay Aiken had his hand up someone’s butt is ludicrous. Ms. Ripa was clearly startled and taken aback by Aiken’s abrupt and inappropriate action (covering an interviewer’s face and mouth in the middle of a question to shut her up??? Really pretty appalling), and spontaneously making it into a playful joke rather than upbraiding him (which is what I’m sure she would have liked to have done) showed considerable poise. There’s enough serious homophobia in the media that there’s no possible reason to read bigotry into a utterly neutral and inconsequential remark. I actually think minorities such as gays, African Americans, and women lose ground and credibility when they view every comment as an expression of hate speech, which is why Rosie’s comment annoys me so much. I think accusing Kelly Ripa of something as ugly as publicly making a nasty homophobic remark to a closeted gay man is much worse than what she is accusing Kelly Ripa of doing. Rosie, lighten up!

  35. jmg says

    Big mean ugly Rosie yells at dainty, prissy Kelly. Oh, no! We are setting the gay movement back! My mommy will be mad!

  36. jeff says

    I can only imagine the sheer terror closeted celebs like Clay and Tom Cruise must feel at all times.

  37. Cory says

    Hmmmm, two new thoughts:

    1. Clay hasn’t officially “come out” yet. Rosie making this an issue, is she really skirting around the fact and hoping her comments force Clay to address his sexuality? Perhaps she is more miffed that Clay is a closet case and not so much that Kelly made these remarks (c’mon, could she REALLY be that upset over this?), and is indirectly trying to get to Clay WITHOUT directly accusing him of being gay. Such as, “I came out when I was popular and faced the music, so WHY CAN’T YOU?

    2. Devil’s advocate now, but a few people have emphasized Kelly’s use of the word “honey” to a man. At first, I thought it was a stretch. HOWEVER, someone mentioned that she would never use that to someone such as Russell Crowe. That made some sense. Calling a man “honey” in the tone she did is something a gay man or someone in general would say to a girl or gay man. As Kelly clearly isn’t a friend to Clay and based on her comments, I highly doubt she was doing it jokingly, as someone would to a a gay person in jest. So perhaps she was being a diva and/or making a homophobic reference…

    … whoe knows. Honestly, I think in the end, everyone is making more of an issue out of this that necessary. Final thought: when Rosie picks this for a gay battle, it somewhat demeans true homosexual issues with homophobic remarks and makes future homophobic issues seem trifling…

  38. Anita Woodward says

    “…minorities such as gays, African Americans, and women…”

    I know you didn’t mean anything by this, Ajax, but women are actually the majority. 😀

    I get your point though.

  39. Leland says

    I’m disappointed that most chose to comment on who was more “right,” Kelly or Rosie, rather than on Andy’s excellent points about the double standard in media regarding supposed straights and assumed gays. [What pisses me off more is that unless the interviewee “reads” gay like Aiken or there have been stories about like Anderson Cooper—he/she is treated as if they must be straight.] While I’d also guess that Kelly isn’t especially homophobic, if those who heard it in her tone are right, it might be because of the rumors about her hot husband’s past related to his days as a low-rent Chippendale. PIX:

    As for Rosie, I agree she can be the definition of “pushy,” excrutiatingly shrill and grating and inappropriate at times. BUT I think the good she does, both in individual acts of generosity and standing up unapologetically for gay rights and Bush brainwashing [WHO else is doing that as forcefully, if at all, on network TV at ANY time of the day?] outweighs the bad.

    Just this past weekend, a friend who regularly sees both “The View” and Ellen’s talk show was commenting about how staggeringly popular they seem to be with their audiences. I’ll take Rosie’s “in your face” over Ellen’s “back in the closet,” thanks. [While no audience member under 30 has forgotten she’s gay, apparently she has, Monday thru Fridays.]

    While both give shit away, Rosie recently brought on “The Amazing Race’s” incredibly big-hearted Mary [“I’ve never met any gay people before. And you know what? I kinda like ’em.”] and her coalminer husband David, after they were eliminated, and gifted them with everything from free trips on her LGBT family cruise [THAT should prove fascinating] to an SUV to a brand new three-bedroom house for the dirt poor family of four who had, heretofore, lived in a trailer.

    Given the rather anemic state of our gay celebrties, with a muted Ellen, a totally Missing In Action Jodie Foster, a paid-to-mince Alec Mapa on “Desperate Housewives” last Sunday night, a ubiquitous Reichen whose only really cause is his own adulation, I can bear Rosie’s many mistakes.

  40. Cory says

    LELAND: I have to agree with everything you wrote. I must admit, and forgive me for saying so, at certain times I scroll through your (rather long) comments as I don’t have the time to read through them, but in this instance, I regret not doing so in the past. Very well written, thoughtful and level headed. Thanks =)

  41. Leland says

    Obviously I meant “against Bush brainwashing.” And, for those who didn’t seen the episode, Mary’s “I kinda like em” reference was to a gay couple on TAR10 not Rosie, LOL. But after going on the cruise, she will probably have met more gays than any one straight woman in all of Kentucky.

  42. Kyle says

    One of the first things you learn in KINDERGARTEN is to NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON OTHER PEOPLE THAT DO NOT WANT YOUR HANDS ON THEM. In the manner that he put his hands over her mouth was to “shut her up” for whatever reason. Fact is, ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ is not his show and with everything going on regarding his public persona, he should have been happy to see that some people still give enough of a damn to see him on TV and done his job which is to sit there, quip in every now and again, laugh, and promote whatever it is he is there to promote – thats it. Not disrespect the person whose name is in the title of the show you came to help springboard some more cd sales.

    Regarding whether or not Kelly’s comment was homophobic, GIVE ME A BREAK. She does not know where his hands have been and vice versa. For all she knows before coming out he could have snotted all over and wiped it on his pants.

    Also, her tone on the word “Honey” is irrelevant – ask ANY woman how they would say the word when annoyed or feeling disrespected and you will have a very similar tone. Sorry gay men, we borrow pretty heavily from African American women (and Paris Hilton) for a lot of the phrases that we use on a daily basis.

    Point is – Gay, Bi, Transgendered, Straight, WHATEVER – you do not put your hands on or near someone elses face unless you have been given permission to do so. Even then you are not as rude to cover up someones mouth. The inflection of a word/phrase that “gay people use” does not make the word homophobic but it can set the tone and let someone else know to not do what they just did again.

    So let this one go folks and realize that everything is not a personal attack against us “gay people”.

  43. says

    I think Rosie was right to offer her view, and sometimes it’s not intent but interpretation that can be the final word on an action. But I think Rosie misread the incident because she has some TOTALLY MISGUIDED sympathy for Clay. I’m not a huge Kelly fan in general, and Rosie I more like/selectively admire than view as someone I’m a fan of. In this case, I think Kelly was 101% right to dislike Clay, to chastise him for putting his hand over her mouth and to take the cheap—but warranted—shot about where the hand has been. It wasn’t anti-gay, it was a reference to his hooker scandal, which just happened to be gay. I would like to see Rosie re-think this and apologize to Kelly for implying that she is a homophobe, rather than saying what she should have said, which was, “I’m sure Kelly didn’t mean it that way, but the action struck me as homophobic…anyone?…anyone?”

  44. bill says

    I have to disagree with Rosie on this one. Clay shouldn’t have placed his hand over Ripa’s mouth and his doing so, in my opinion, got him a deserved rebuke. Unless invited, people should keep their mitts off of others unless the two have an obvious history where these actions are tolerated without specific permission. To paraphrase Sigmund Freud..”sometimes a proper rebuke is just a proper rebuke.” Save the ammo for the real stuff (just my opinion.)

  45. jmg says

    Although the media double standard is indeed a very real problem, I feel like it has been dicussed on here many times before.

    What we don’t talk about are precisely these “small” instances of homophobia. Do I think we should stone Kelly Ripa? No, but I also think that she was definitely being homophobic here and it truly saddens me that so many gay men are so ready to defend her. These little slights are significant people, and they need to be pointed out.

  46. Kyle says

    Added Thought:

    After watching the clip again, Kelly’s tone was more that of a woman talking to Clay like one of her children. I’ll allow it because it was childish and unprofessional for him to do what he did.

    Aren’t there Democratic politicians out there trying to write bills to bring back the draft that we need to be talking about rather than where Clay Aiken’s hands have been today?

  47. jmg says

    Um, Kyle, the real issue is not HOW any woman would say the word “Honey” but why any woman would use it with Clay in the first place, when we all know it wouldn’t be used with other male celebrities.

  48. Leland says

    Thanks, Cory. And I hear you about the length, sometimes, of my remarks, which is why I am following the suggestion of some [both benign and hostile, LOL] and starting my own simple blog where I can rant ad infinitum.

  49. Chad says

    I love “Regis & Kelly” (well, mostly just Kelly) and watch it every morning. I saw the incident with Clay last Friday, but missed the first few minutes of Monday’s show where she talked about it with Regis. Thanks for posting all the clips here!!!

    Because of my love for Kelly and disdain for closeted celebrities, I’m going to side with Kelly. She’s become a little more Diva over the years, but Clay was out of line. And I KNOW she didn’t mean anything homophobic by her remarks. That show is very ‘germphobic’ and they talk about that all the time!

  50. kitkats99 says

    I think Rosie said it was a homophobic response because of the way it was said. It was said in such a way, with the sassyness and the “honey”, to imply that she was talking about his supposed homosexuality (even if he’s not “out”, everybody knows the rumors at least). She was pissed that he put his hand on her, which is ok, but the way she said it was a jab at him, not just a “please don’t do that again” type response.

  51. Jonathon says

    Clay was just plain rude. I wouldn’t want him to put his hands over my mouth – ever.

    Homophobia? Most likely not. Sorry, Rosie…. and no, she doesn’t speak for me either.

  52. Anon says

    Not many people realize that the mouth is much dirtier than the hand. And fewer people know that diseases (viruses) are spread mostly by hand-eye contact rather than hand-mouth contact. Clay was taking the greater risk here! However, it was impolite of him, and that is what everyone is really reacting to, not the health issue. As far as Andy’s point is concerned, it cannot be said directly that Rosie was outing Clay, since she could assume that Kelly thought Clay was gay and said something homophobic, rather than say that the remark was homophobic because Rosie thinks Clay is gay. The remark should not have been assumed to have been homophobic in the first place and Rosie should have admitted her error when she had the chance.

  53. Ajax says

    On the “honey” comment — that, too, is utterly innocuous to me. Why on earth do you think Kelly Ripa wouldn’t say that to a man, whether it’s Russell Crowe, Mario Lopez, The Rock, or Tom Cruise? It’s an expression of jokey annoyance, spoken by women to men in general, just as a guy who is similarly annoyed or irritated might call another guy “pal” or “buddy.” It would never occur to me that women would only call gay men “honey.” Is every waitress who calls a customer “honey” homophobic? What a tempest in a teapot — let’s get political about actual homophobia rather than reading bigotry into every innocent action or comment.

  54. Anon1 says

    Here’s the deal: Clay was wrong by putting his hand over Kelly’s mouth; Kelly was wrong to make what arguably could be a homophobic comment; Rosie was wrong by outing Clay, so to speak.

    They each share in the blame for this misunderstanding. But, are you really outing someone when they don’t deny they’re gay, but rather refuse to comment? I’d say Rosie is the least culpable here.

  55. hoya86 says

    I watched The View regulary – TIVO auto records it – and as I heard Rosie take issue w/this she said she “guarantees” that this was a homophobic remark I knew she was off track. How could she guarantee anything? I believe she said that at least twice.

    Interestingly, when Kelly called in and offered the smackdown (loved it!) Rosie then retreated to the “well, that’s my view” position. I doubt Kelly would have bothered to call the show if in fact, Rosie positioned her comments as her opinion instead of as the absolute fact – as if she alone knows exactly and without doubt what Kelly’s intentions are

    I appreciate the way Rosie is able to organically (usually) interject the gay perspective into the show, but I think that as the only gay person on the show she may forget that she is not the ultimate authority on all things gay. The role of oracle is currently being played to the hilt at 4pm on channel 7 by Oprah.

    Kelly’s comments were not homophobic – in my view- I think they expressed how generally pissed off she was this this b-level (at best) celebrity came on a show that contains her name in the title and did not sufficiently kiss her ass. While we may not like that, it’s her show and Clay probably should have shown tons more respect by at least NOT putting his hands on her in any way.

    It will be interesting to see how Clay handles being outed by Rosie and/or if Rosie, on tomorrow’s show, suddenly claims jet-lag for her comments and mis-statements about Clay.

  56. Kinda annoyed says

    Why isnt anyone talking about the fact that Kelly Ripa basically decided to do the whole interview herself and by doing so obviously made Clay visibly uncomfortable. Now, I am by no means a Clay Aiken fan, nor am I excusing what he did because I KNOW his mother did not raise him to be the type of person to cover other peoples’ mouths but come on people. What is the point of having a GUEST CO-HOST if you do not let them speak? I just think that both of them are to blame for setting up an environment that something like this could happen and maybe next time Regis is gone the producers will have enough sense to have her host the show by herself since she believes a CO-HOST should be seen and not heard.

  57. jmg says


    Yes, waitresses do call everyone “honey.”

    Female talk show hosts do not.

    Women use words as weapons. Is this so hard to believe? She was legitimately pissed off, and she used a word in her arsenal that was meant to insult the masculinity of Clay Aiken.

  58. says

    By some freak accident, I saw both the Clay and Kelly episode and today’s episode of The View. (I rarely watch daytime TV.)

    I have to disagree and take Kelly’s side. I certainly didn’t feel any air of homophobia when I was watching the episode. They were playfully arguing all episode, but I think she was right in saying he crossed the line. In my opinion, it’s a matter of what is socially appropriate (read: not downright rude), not sexuality.

    Sorry, Rosie. I think you were reading way too much into it.

  59. Leland says

    As Kate Smith used to say, “A dozen American Beauty roses are on their way” to you now, HOYA86, for your on point comment about Saint Oprah.

    As for the booking of guest hosts with Kelly, can we attribute to “I don’t care how many kids he’s got he makes my gaydar explode” Gelman the fact that so many of them are rumored to be gay: Aiken, Anderson, Justin Guarini, Jeff Gordon, Jeff Probst…..

  60. johnosahon says

    ok, i 100% agree with kelly on this one, gayken was rude to cover her mouth with his hands period. i bet she is a germophbe like me, i would have slapped his hands if i was her.

    now, rosie kind of blown it out of proportion. but i can see how she saw it that way, though.

  61. Anon1 says

    Kinda, I agree with you. Kelly’s comment was ARGUABLY homophobic, or at least alluding to his personal life. Anyone who has followed Aiken’s career knows it is fair to assume this. Rippa was dominating the interview, and that was rude to Clay. But Clay should not have covered her mouth. Interestingly, Clay seemed genuinely nervous after he withdrew his hand. But we don’t know how he conducted himself after the show was over.

    They are all culpable. Rosie did imply she had the final say by her words, but I don’t think anyone assumes that she has the final say. Saying “I guarantee” can simply mean that you feel strongly about something. It doesn’t necessariyly mean that you have the final say and anything different is wrong.

    Each of them are overreacting. But Kelly chose to make this a bigger issue than it would have been. She could have just let it go.

  62. Mike in the Tundra says

    Wow Leland, that was great. I do think Rosie was wrong about it being a homophobic remark, but I have to give it to her for being out and proud. She really seems to have a great heart.

    When I watched the clip, I thought that I wouldn’t want someone other than a lover to put his hand over my mouth (to keep the noise level down, I suppose). Than I thought of how many of my friends kiss hello and goodbye. During cold and flu season, that is probably a lot worse than hands. Maybe we should start doing air kisses like my aunts use to do.

  63. Tom says

    Wonder how Rosie would have felt being outed during those years she was pretending to be in love with Tom Cruise. Remember that spectacle?

    What a self-centered, obnoxious woman.

  64. PAT says

    Very thoughtful comments here, but a little addition to the facts couldn’t hurt. Clay has met Kelly at least two times, when he previously was a guest on the show. Kelly has made fun of him more than once, and it’s been my impression that 1) the nature of the jokes were gay references, and 2) that she’s always been cool towards him. On Friday’s show, preceding the hand-over-the-mouth gaffe by Clay, Kelly had replayed a tape of her Halloween get-up on the show a couple years ago, where she spoofed Aiken; he playfully made it clear–and the audience cheered him on–that he didn’t actually appreciate her spoof.

  65. Brad says

    Kelli is adorable. She didn’t mean anything by her reaction. I would have been just as pissed.

    Let’s be honest, between his hair, his lies and his general gayness, I find him creepy…and I’m gay.

    At the very least, he had been shaking the hands of audience members prior to the taping. That alone would have me go nuts if he touch my mouth.

  66. soulbrotha says

    Since nobody here can read minds, then I think that we would have to take Ms. Ripa at her word. The “honey argument” is a stupid one because women have been using that word for years to give their words extra ‘sass’.
    The only homo with a phobia that I can see is Rosie herself.

  67. Martin says

    Remember how everyone use to (and probably still does) kiss on the mouth as a way of greeting each other?

    I stopped the practice several years ago. Simply told my friend that I prefer a hug or handshake to kissing. Soon, more of my friends imposed the same rule.

    Seems to work.

  68. peterparker says

    This is a tempest in a teapot. Who cares?! I mean, really! Who cares!!!! You have to read a LOT into Kelly Ripa’s comment in order to decide that it was homophobic. After all, I’m gay as a goose, and I’d probably react to Clay (or anyone else) putting their hand over my mouth in *exactly* the same way. And with all the horrible things that happen to GLBT folk, this particular incident is insignificant in my opinion. And yes, I think Rosie is being a bit paranoid to go after Kelly Ripa for this incident.

    Having said all that…what fascinates me is not whether or not the comment was homophobic…but the fact that this conversation is going on on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Celebrities (Kelly Ripa and the women of The View) are stepping up to the plate and denouncing homophobia on daytime television! Now, I haven’t watched much daytime television since I was a stoner college student, but I assure you this particular debate would *not* have happened on daytime national television in the 1990’s. And do you know who we have to think for this conversation? Ellen and Rosie, primarily. These two ladies stood up in front of a national audience and said “This is nothing to be ashamed of!” So I’ll forgive Rosie’s paranoia…even though I generally think she’s probably not a very nice person.

  69. says

    maybe rosie knows something about kelly we don’t? perhaps rosie knows for a fact that kelly is a homophobe…

  70. DALTON says

    Why does everything have to be homophobic?
    Kelly is right. I don’t want someone’s hand across my mouth. Rosie needs to lighten up..BIG TIME!

  71. wwfmike says

    I havent had a chance to read every post here so I dont know if this has been said or not.

    Rosie is completely off base here. I have said many times in the past when someone touches me around my face I say to remove it and I reply ‘I dont know where that hand has been’. It’s not like she said ‘OMG get your fucking hand away, I’ve heard the rumors about you fisting guys’.

    I think the funniest part of the clip is that Rosie basically called Clay ugly, which I agree with her 100%.

  72. biatchhh says

    you do not put your dirty slimy hands on someoeles mouth thats disgusting, herpes spreads this way, clay is such a queen he thinks he is a girl, and its ok, what a puss, i adore ripa, rosie take a chill pill

  73. Anon1 says

    Rosie wasn’t saying Kelly was homophobic because she moved Clay’s hand away, she was referring to her comment. And it is reasonable that Kelly was referring to his personal life. I’m gay, and if I say that to one of my friends, I’m definitely referring to their sexual proclivities. Why would she be referring to anything else?

    And Rosie may be off base, but of the three involved, she’s the only one who is out, sticking up for gays. She may not speak for all of us, but at least she’s not in the closet denying who she is.

  74. St. Peter says

    This whole things has been completely over blown.

    What was a childish act (hand over mouth) turns ugly as everyone runs to create drama. Rosie needs stronger meds, Gayken needs to come out of the glass closet and Kelly, well Kelly did nothing wrong.

    Can anyone give the current body count in Iraq as of today? Enough said.

  75. mark m says

    If someone I don’t know puts his/her hands on my face in a pushy or demeaning way, there is gonna be hell to pay.

    And yet some folks here are taking the position that Ripa’s catty remark is the worse of the two.

    Get real.

  76. brandon says

    I’m sorry, but that comment wasn’t any worse than anything you would have heard from Grace on Will and Grace when it was on the air, and no one is accusing that show of homophobia. What it all comes down to is She Said/She Said crap that is subject to large amounts of interpretation that wastes a lot of energy.

  77. Anon1 says

    Um, yes it was worse, since Will & Grace is fictional, and this was live television, one person saying something to another person, both of whom actually exist – a comment that some may argue is referring to his sexual proclivities. Big difference.

    I agree, Rippa shouldn’t be stoned to death, but it sounded to me as though Rosie has a point – it might just have been homophobic. But why criticize Rosie? She’s actually out, proud, trying in her way to combat homophobia. Clay isn’t, and neither is Rippa for that matter. She may not always be right, but she’s at least trying.

  78. Tatiana says

    Just because she called him honey doesn’t mean she’s a homophobe (since when callimg a man ‘honey’ means ‘I hate gays’?)

  79. SilentSideWalks says

    I think Rosie and Kelly blew this way out of proportion. Rosie was making something out of nothing and so was Kelly. Kelly is being a total bitch about it. She says she doesn’t care, but she won’t shut the fuck up and goes on and on about it. I can’t stand her anyways. Why is she and Regis still on air? Their show is a total bore. Also…. For those of you who sayyyy omgggggggg I would be so annoyed if someone put their hand over my mouth. You’re so full of shit. I bet if Jake Gayhole put his hand on any of your mouths you’d be blowing him in a instant and wish he’d put his hand over your mouths even more. “rolls eyes”……

  80. Reid from NC says

    Right after the View showed the clip, did Rosie say “if it was a straight man, or ….”? Now that she has told us that Clay Aiken is gay, I think Kelly Ripa is right, you don’t know where that hand has been, whether scratching his own nuts or someone elses. However, if a straight man was sititng there (Mario Lopez?), I would have thought — Honey, he probably just scratched his own nuts with that hand. Good for Rosie for outing Aiken, it seems he needed help from someone who has balls big enough to beat up on some 100 lb. bleached blonde. Or do you think he weighs more than that?

  81. Andie says

    Rosie is outta her mind.

    I’m sorry but Clay was waaaay out of line putting his hands over Kelly’s mouth. The show is Live with Regis and Kelly…She’s the star.. not Clay. He forget his place (guest host). If Kelly wants to talk and talk and talk, she can. It’s her show.

    Rosie is starting see stuff that isn’t there and it’s a shame because she seems to cry “homophobic” wolf over these lame type of things…

  82. Mike says

    I can’t stand Ripa but if Rosie is picking battles over statements like this, less people will take the real anti-gay remarks and crimes less seriously. Pick your battles wisely, this isn’t one of them. I don’t know what Ripa meant but of course she is going to deny it.

  83. SilentSideWalks says

    Lmao… She’s such a hypocrite! I thought it’s rude to put your germ covered hands on someones mouth Kelly! Stupid cunt.

  84. says

    Am I the only one who saw it as a masterbation joke – the joke “I don’t know where that hand’s been” to any guy has pretty clear insinuations to me. And I don’t find such a joke offensive because, let’s face it, almost everyone masterbates sometimes. lol.

  85. Leland says

    Mario Lopez straight????? :-O I knew I shouldn’t have bought batteries for my Gaydometer at WalMart.

  86. says

    Did anyone else watch Clay’s interview with Diane Sawyer when she asked him if he was gay? He did not deny it, and then made a point that he will not answer the question because it would have a detrimental effect on his career. There are leves to being out, and I am certain that Clay is out to some, if not all of his friends. I also have a hundred bucks that says Rosie is among them. I’m certain there’s a reason the View was the first show not to ask him the question. She’s sticking up for her buddy and she is right.

    Kelly’s comment WAS homophobic and directed toward the audience to get a reaction – as if to say, “Ha let’s laugh at the expense of Clay’s sexuality.” I can only imagine what Howard Stern had to say.

  87. jmg says

    For the umpteenth time, no one is saying Clay was in the right to put his hand over Kelly Ripa’s perfect little mouth.

    But Ripa did NOT need to say what she said, in that tone of voice. Go Rosie!

  88. says

    And kudos to Rosie O’Donnell for saying it. I can’t believe that there are people on here declaring that she is a bad gay person to be in the limelight. She’s been vocal on important things like gun control for years, and now she’s bringing a voice for gay rights into mainstream daytime talk tv.

    With regard to the double standard talk, I think we have to look at it from all perspectives. Jessica Simpson’s career will not suffer if word gets out that she dated John Mayer. If you honestly think all the church-going folk who buy Clay’s music will stick around, then you need to come back from dream-land and into reality.

  89. Mike in the Tundra says

    “if a straight man was sititng there (Mario Lopez?), I would have thought — Honey, he probably just scratched his own nuts with that hand.”

    I guess I would prefer that a gay put his hand over my mouth. At least, I’m familiar with where his hand has been. As far as calling someone honey, I’m originally from the South and I call everyone honey or hon.

  90. says

    I have always been a big fan of Rosie, but she was way out of line. As Kelly scolded her, she should know better. She and Kelly have been good friends since way back when their careers started to launch off.

    Secondly, Kelly has participated in HRC and GLAAD events and is in NO WAY homophobic. Secondly, if I were Kelly, I would have been angry too if ANYONE were to put their hand over my mouth. That is just outright rude and obnoxious. It is quite clear that Mr. Aiken has several insecurity issues, but there was no need to take them out on Kelly.

    I am a gay man, and Kelly’s comment didn’t even phase me as a homophobic one. In fact, I have heard many people joke before, “I don’t know where that hand’s been”.

    Shame on Rosie. She really needs to lighten up or she is going to continue to dig herself deeper and become the next Star Jones soon to be booted off the View! High television ratings or not!

  91. says

    i think that kelly isn’t homophobic. i think clay aiken was just trying to be funny. i think rosie is sensitive. i think kelly is a bitch plain and simple.

  92. David says

    Rosie has always been a hypocrite. For all of her gay pride on television, she came out after her show was off the air.

    I’ve never seen one star be such a brown nose to corporate sponsors or stars. Her behavior when Tom Cruise and Barbra Streisand were on her show should have had her commited on the spot. My personal favorite Rosie brown nose moment was her comment regarding her support for Martha Stewart who was on trial: “These are dangerous times.”

    Rosie on her own show also came out and said that she would not sign autographs for adults, only for children. Yet when she has Linda Ronstadt on the show, she has her brother come out and have Linda sign his copy of “Hasten Down The Wind”.

    The problem with Rosie now is that when I turn on The View now, all I hear her say is “Gay. Gay gay gay gay gay. Gay gay gay? Gay gay gay gay gay.”

    I’m just really annoyed right now that Rosie has appointed herself the arbiter of what is homophobic. Barbara Walters — please do a Star Jones on Rosie as soon as you can!

    And for Ellen DeGeneres — I applaud her. All she wants to do is entertain. She takes her girlfriend with her all public appearances and does not keep her hidden. I wish that Rosie would live her life that way.

  93. FidBit says

    I have a long time partner and would slap his hand away if he put it over my mouth. I ove Kelly Ripa and she was right on. Rosie is looking for homophobic comments everywhere since she came out.She’s become the steretypical deasel dyke that no one likes…

  94. jmg says

    Rosie may have her faults, but let’s get to the point.

    Many of you are embarrassed that this fat, loud, obnoxious Long Islander is bringing up gay issues on national TV all the time.

    Maybe if it were Eva Longoria you wouldn’t mind so much.

  95. CaliNexus says

    I need a nap after all that. It was all good though… what I took away from it was Rosie outed Clay. Kelly sure can scratch. Tomorrow is another day…

  96. CaliNexus says

    Oh… and the winner is: IAN “PS What was with Clay swooshing his hair like a stuck-up beauty queen. For goodness sakes, his fans -still- think he’s straight?”

    The best laugh for sure.

  97. Nikko says

    Sorry, but Rosie was wrong here…Kelly clearly explained herself. I think Rosie was too reactionary and read into it. It’s simply rude to put your hand on someone’s mouth. Kelly was perfectly right.

  98. Ray says

    Rosie is sooo in the wrong here. She made an uncomfortable situation MUCH worse by accusing Kelly of homophobia. You just don’t do that over something this trivial – as Mike said up-thread, crying “HOMOPHOBE!” over something as inconsequential as this just diminishes and minimizes actual serious instances of bias against our community.

    Plus, SHE JUST OUTED CLAY! She didn’t have any right to to so – especially after she spent so many years on-the-air in her own comfy closet.

    I think it bizarre that she’s taking Aiken’s side here, rather than the side of the woman who was physically shut-up by a man by *putting his hands on her*. That’s so terribly sexist. I would expect a lesbian to jump to the woman’s defense in a situation like this. But maybe its impossible for a giant bull-dyke like Rosie to empathize with tiny blonde straight woman like Kelly. That’s pretty sad.

    And I love both Kelly and Rosie – I’ve been big fans of them for years. But Kelly was completely right when she scolded Rosie for being irresponsible with her comments. Kelly was just doing her job; she took an uncomfortable on-air moment and did her best to turn it into something funny for the audience. That “You don’t know where that’s been.” line is a stock response she uses all the time! Its part of her repertoire, part of her act – she’s bee using it for years.

    Kelly was doing what she is paid to do, get laughs and keep things light for the audience, while Aiken and Rosie were both irresponsible and unprofessional. (and in Aiken’s case just plain creepy. Who knew he was such a sexist pig?)

  99. Andrew says

    Rosie is such a hypocrite. She was in the closet the whole time her show was on! That so-called “Queen of Nice” has now revealed her mask as a militant diesel dyke. And she’s just goading for a fight around town. If she can’t come out on national TV on her own show, she shouldn’t go around calling the kettle black.

  100. TC says

    in NYC no one puts a hand on a mouth during cold & flu season..case closed!…Rossie get another cause worthy of this energy

  101. FuckYouRosie says

    The coments Rosie made and the whole aftermath made me really pissed off that I voted for my state to allow gay marriage. Stop being so freakin’ sensitive and live your life. Everything doesn’t have to be a gay-straight issue. You don’t see black people complaining about the whole slavery issue. Oh yeah, you do! Why couldn’t the world trade center be filled with these fuckers. JMO

  102. says

    I get very uncomfortable when someone comes close to my mouth.

    Clay was out of line. He should’ve apologized long ago. Ripa is a an out of control diva now, we all know that. But Clay should know that this is the business he chose to be in and you come across people like that sometimes and even if it kills you, sometimes you gotta just swallow it and behave. If you ask me, he had a jealous queen moment and Ripa responded as any of us would to a jealous queen. Maybe she said it on purpose to put him in his place, who knows? but even so, that’s not anti-gay, it’s anti-clay. As a minority, it irks me to no end when fellow minorities over-victimize themselves over every little thing. I also hate when certain members of my minority communities try to elect themselves spokespeople for the entire community. I give Rosie props for speaking her mind, but she makes herself look like a mean bitchy bull dyke and succumbing to a wildly passed around stereotype is probably more detrimental to gay rights than Ripa calling Gaykin “honey.” It’s not that Rosie was totally wrong, it’s how she presented her opinion. She went about it all wrong. Looking all angry like Elphaba’s bitchy dyke sister. And when Ripa calls in, Rosie’s face looks cold stone like someone realizing they’re in the wrong but too stubborn to admit it out of fear of looking wrong.

    As for the diff between closeted guests and hetero guests, I think it’s a tough subject. I by no means no the business, but I’d imagine those questions are deemed off-limits by those behind the closet celebs rather than the celebs themselves. Also, as good as some actors may be, some of them are bad liars. Despite the Doogies and TK Knights of the Hollywood world, coming out is STILL a financial and career risk, we can’t forget that. Especially for movie stars who make money in other parts of the world where large portions of a society really will deny your movie stupidly based on who you’re rumored to be sleeping next to at night. That’s why, say what you will about Tom Cruise’s wierdness, but I have nothing against the guy for his being closeted. IF the man was goin around downtalking gays a’ la Republican representatives is one thing, but he just makes movies and acts wierd. He’s the biggest star in the world.

    In a perfect world, all these closeted stars would be able to come out if they wanted, and Ripa and Oprah could go on and on with them about what designs they picked out for their kitchen tiles with their partners. But we don’t live in that world and we have to respect personal decisions people make. Celebrities or not, they still deserve that from us because they are still people. AS MUCH as Clay Aiken irritates me, if he wants to pretend to himself that he’s not gay, so be it. It’s his choice. Just like it was all of ours at some point.

    And on that token, Rosie outing him was by far a crossing of a line she should never even have been close enough to cross in the first place and she–who waited until AFTER her show to come out on her own terms–should know that better than anyone.

  103. lowidle says

    Clay was the guest host. He was Kelly’s guest host. He was Kelly’s guest. If you happen to be a guest in my house over the holidays and you do an awkward bit of physical comedy because you’re not in your element, you’re emotionally immature, and you’re trying way too hard to please your mother, I might feel embarrassed for you, but I’m not going to humiliate you because you’ve offended my person. That Kelly was unable to conceal her disdain simply out of a sense of hospitality says more about her own insecurity than anything.

  104. noah says

    Kelly Ripa was using a schoolyard saying that was perfectly applicable. There was nothing homophobic about her statement. It was snappy quip to comeback for Aiken’s rude behavior. He put her hand on her face. For all she knew he could have been scratching his butt or picking his nose or peeing.

    I would have said a lot worse if a stranger put her hand over my face. Let’s also not forget that Ripa is a woman on her own show. There is something rude, if not vaguely sexist, about a male guest using his hands to shut up the woman on her own show.

    O’Donnell is so two-faced. She made millions pretending to be a straight woman in love with Tom Crusie, and now she’s able to judge people from on high.


  105. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Emmitt Smith won? Good for him and his partner.

    I’m a bit divided. I do think Rosie has gone too far but surely Rippa knows of the “rumors” regarding Clay’s sexuality. Perhaps she was too angry to consider what her comment might sound like to the audience? The added “honey” certainly does not help her case. I’m not an Aiken fan, but his life is his to lead. If he is gay then it would be truly great for him to come out and give visibility to GLBT people, but he doesn’t have to.

    I’m glad you are pointing to the hypocrisy of the situation, Andy. We may freely inquire as to the sexual and romantic exploits of our famously heterosexual stars, but its a shameful offense to ask anything of homosexual relationships. It’s okay to be gay when it’s funny or stylish, but it’s still taboo to be gay in real life.

    I don’t know about this. What troubles me more is seeing the angry, childish comments people are throwing at each other in the posts and in the chat box simply because opinions differ or the person feels the need to be mean. Hopefully at the end of all this Clay, Rosie and Kelly will be more mature.

    Disagree with the person. Hate them for what they stand for, for what they believe or for how they feel but never presume they must be wrong and you are the right and truth of it. At least I want to learn when I am wrong.

    I’m amazed gay right have gotten to the point they are today after seeing things like this, such bickering. Of course, it can’t be serious issues every moment. Still I’m thankful for the hard work of those who have come before me.

    Obviously, by the evidence of a seemingly innocent (though nearly universally believed to be rude) gesture, we find the state of gay rights in our society. If hollywood, entertainment and the media are going to take us one step forward and two steps back, I’m not sure I want any famous star to come out and become the advocate, our voice.

    Rosie may seem overzealous and the “diesel dyke” but at least she’s saying what she thinks, how she feels, and what she believes. Took her time, but she’s there now.

    What’s Clay have to say to all of this?

  106. huh? says

    wtf? anyone who puts a hand over my mouth would get asked where his/her hand had been – gay or straight. rosie o’donnel needs to get off her high horse.

  107. Daniel says

    I don’t watch either TV show, or know much of Aiken–does that make me objective (meaning: i didn’t know he had a porn hooker story Ripa could be referencing…do you think the blue hairs in the audience knew that either?) I took her hand comment as a jibe that he’s a chronic masturbator. The “honey” didn’t sound untoward to this southerner, either. I do think it could be said to a butcher celebrity such as R. Crowe. It’s a fluffy airy TV chat show, right? If she’d said “mister!” or “sonny” or any other modifier but “faggot” than i doubt it would have sounded bad to me. Let’s see come Celebrity Deathmatch claymation about this slapdown…

  108. So Left I'm Right says

    Wait, am I in the fifth dimension here? Clay Friggin’ AIken is subbing for Regis on the morning show? Has the world gone off its axis?

    This much ink…I mean cyber-ink I guess…dedicated to any of the following:
    Clay Aiken
    Kelly Ripa (for crying out loud!)
    The View

    No, people, no! Not worth the time. How does this get over 100 comments and important political posts get only a few…Deranged!

  109. mike says

    kelly should tell clay that he went out of bounds but not on the air.it is a hornets nest already. sam champion backed kelly and i just do not think putting out a fire with gasoline is smart p.r rosie is great but she was wrong on this one. kelly said she did not know where clays hand had been, well i think that was a discusting thing to say, but clay to me seems very green. hopefully they can make up. sam is gay and kelly is gay friendly, and rosie is a doll so they are all on the same side!!i adore sam and saw kelly on amc when she was a little sprite.but i think kelly made a mistake airing dirty laundry!!!!!!!!!!mike

  110. joshua says

    I’ve never watched the View or Regis and Kelly. I think they are both a total waste of time.

    When I was a young man, about 6 years ago, if anyone put their hand on someone’s face or even an arm…..the stock comeback was always….***don’t do that, I don’t know where your hand has been***….I was also str8 back then, and this was a commonly used str8 comment…..to men or women.

    As to the **Honey** comment….come on….thats grasping for straws, and saying that she meant it as a put down because of his supposed sexuality is dumb. Some of you obviously need to spend a little time areound real people and not fantasing about Tom Cruise or some T.V. show…..because I know a lot of woman, and that term is used in many ways and many contexts. In this context….it’s being used to add sarcastic emphisis to the rest of her statement….to let Clay know she’s not happy.

    The real crime here is this…..Rosie outed Clay. Period….no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it….she flat out ….outed the boy.
    She of all people should know what it’s like trying to keep your private life, private.

  111. joshua says

    oh….and 1 more quick thing.

    Someone made the comment about Jake Gyllanhaal and Clay Aikin…..let me tell you something…..if Jake put his hand on my mouth, I would be praying it had just held his nuts…..if Clay did it…..I would be praying he just had it sterielized.

  112. steve says

    Love the view

    never watch Regis and Kelly (so can’t comment)

    BUT Kelly should of left it after Rosie said that was her ‘view’instead of carrying on

    LOL and everyone said Star Jones was a diva!

  113. dciminello says

    Okay for Kelly to let Regis place foreign objects in her mouth over and over (as he did this morning)– please get a vid of that on the site …. She’s a nasty ***** who needs to own up to her bad behavior and overblown ego.

  114. JMG, Take a CHILL PILL says

    Nobody is perfect, but lets remember Kelly and Regis have a COMFORT LEVEL as they are actual show hosts and in general need one another for the show to be a sucess (notice I said in general). So if she shushes him, and he does not get angry – that is his peroggative. For Clay, he has has limited contact with Kelly, you just don’t do that.

    JMG, has Kelly hurt you personally in someway? You seem awfully bitter to all of these people who, like Rosie O, have their “view” on the situation – whether it agrees to what you think of does not – is kind of irrelevant – you are not winning a war, a game, whatever. You are posting on some dudes blog (nothing personal Andy just making a point :)).

    So Honey, lets all relax, have a glass of Merlot, and realize that tomorrow is Thanksgiving – and we have more important fish to fry (pun intended) as well as things to be doing rather than squabbling over this trite topic.

  115. mark m says

    “As a minority, it irks me to no end when fellow minorities over-victimize themselves over every little thing.”

    Thank you for saying it Derek… I was holding my tongue. It seems like this has degenerated into Clay vs. Kelly vs. Rosie and someone has to take sides and demonize the other and cry VICTIM VICTIM VICTIM!

    Choose your victim: outed celebrity, homosexual community or feminisim or being an outspoken lesbian.

    If you disagree with anyone’s behavior you are bound to be victimizing one of those categories. Tired.

    I applaud you Zeke for showing us that Kelly is a big ole’ hypocrite. No surprise there. I think the whole incident happened because Clay and Kelly are both divas.

    But my final word on the idea that Kelly wouldn’t have said the same thing to a straight male celebrity… Consider Colin Farrell, with his reputation… I think Kelly would have said EXACTLY the same thing to him if he had done that.

    But would she have thrown in “Honey”? oooooo, maybe that’s where she’s being homophobic!!! LOL

    Let’s officially dub this “Honeygate.”

  116. Jerry says

    I don’t think Kelly was being homophobic…ultra germaphobic maybe?, Yes, but as gross as an experience it may have been for her, she’s a professional and should have used her years of experience over green-little-queen Troy by handling it a little more gracefully…She could have then taken him back stage after the show and Rippa’d him a new one!

  117. D. R. H. says

    Women call men, gay or straight, ‘honey’ all the time. I can’t even believe I’m responding to this but it’s so ridiculously blown out of proportion. Kelly was pissed, it’s HER show, and Clay so rudely covers her mouth? He doesn’t even know her. Rosie’s accusation was completely out of line as well. The last thing we need is that big tank-woman yapping her mouth off and making us look like whiny, sniveling, malcontents.

  118. Bobby says

    Rosie has done more for gays, women, children and those less fortunate than all of you haters combined. She does speak for the gay community because she is gay. We are as diverse as any other group with different opinions and different lives. I for one think Rosie is the perfect gay person, open, caring and not apologetic for who she is and who she loves. Most of you would love to “blend in” and that tired shit about “why does she have to say she’s gay all the time”, she doesn’t but when it’s called for she does. We’ve been bombarded with images of straight sex forever. We have to watch as heterosexuals marry and divorce, marry and divorce and we’re supposed to be politically correct. FUCK YOU!

    I think Clay was wrong for covering her mouth and if it had been me I’d have slapped the shit out of him. I think the “honey” comment might have been bordering on homophobic, but whatever the reasons, they are over it and have kissed and made up.

    Let’s move on, but let’s not forget that positive out gay actors are hard to come by and to diss Rosie is not only stupid it’s homophobic.

    I think some of you people buy into the stereotypes so much that you’re afraid of displaying any kind of action for fear it might be labeled “faggy”.

    Get the fuck over it. Live your lives and if you do one quarter of the good that Rosie has, we might not be fighting for marriage and possibly our way of life.

    Until we are treated equally we should all shout it as much as possible. I am gay! When someone you’re talking to says “my husband” or “my wife” you come back with “my partner” or “my lover”. Don’t brush us away. Don’t think because you’ve been told it so many times that you really are less than human. You’re not! You are important. And we as gay people, if we don’t start bonding together they will start lynching us and making laws against us.

  119. stacy says

    Rosie is wrong, here. You are taught by your parents and in elementary school not to put your hands over someone’s mouth. It’s rude, it’s always been rude, it’s still rude. Clay Aiken was the guest of the show. It is straight-up common sense not to touch the host of the show inappropriately, period. Kelly Ripa is the star of the show and he was COMPLETELY out of line – she diva-put him in his place; calling him “honey” was not homophobic, she just made it clear that that behavior was immature and (in my opnion) sexist and let him know he screwed up by using a tone a mom would use to scold a child. And yes, I do believe she would make the remark “I don’t know where it’s been” to a handsome, straight guest if he had disrespected her like that on live television – I know I would.

    Would Clay pull that immature stunt like that on Regis? No, he wouldn’t. That’s sexist.

  120. Lynn S says

    First of all, this is Kelly (and Regis’) show…you NEVER try to “shut up” the Host, and you especially don’t “put hands” over their mouth! How dare he have the audacity to do that? Second, I love you Rosie, but you’re wrong on this one…Kelly did not make any sort of homophobic remark; I’m actually surprised she held her composure as well as she did, because Honey, I would’ve slapped his hand away and then put my hand over his mouth to see how he liked it…Clay Aiken, I’m surprised you weren’t taught better manners!

  121. Vickie says

    I think that this situation is being completely blown up! Rosie come on, Kelli loved you and everyone knows that you are a lesbian. I don’t know if Clay is gay or not, I love his music and I love to hear him sing. He is just not a expierenced co-host. He’s not use to speaking or conducting interviews yet! And if Rosie keeps this up he may never get the opportunity. Are you try ing to ruin his career Rosie?
    On the other hand I love Kelli! She makes me laugh evey day ! I love her and Regis and i love their show. BUT i can’t stand to watch Rosie. She seems to be rude and hateful at all times. That’s my opinion and I am intitled to it. I surley wouldn’t want her, Clays or even my husband’s hand clamped over my mouth!!! Get a grip Rosie you are fighting a losing battle here. Kelli is loved all over this world by straight and gay people and Kelli loves people all over this world, staright or gay, including you! Unlike me I totally dislike you!

  122. savvysearch says

    Clay shouldn’t be touching people who don’t want to be touch and Kelly handled the situation perfectly: firm but jokingly. I don’t think many people are disagreeing with that.

    But what makes Kelly a passive aggressive bitch is the day after the incident with her rant to Regis, who seemed to get the reality of the situation, even if Kelly didn’t. If you had problems with your cohost, you take it off camera. You don’t spew it to your audience trying to gain public sympathy.

  123. savvysearch says

    Clay shouldn’t be touching people who don’t want to be touch and Kelly handled the situation perfectly: firm but jokingly. I don’t think many people are disagreeing with that.

    But what makes Kelly a passive aggressive bitch is the day after the incident with her rant to Regis, who seemed to get the reality of the situation, even if Kelly didn’t. If you had problems with your cohost, you take it off camera. You don’t spew it to your audience trying to gain public sympathy.

  124. John says

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Rosie is completely overreacting, and I find it offensive. Accusing someone of homophobia is an ugly thing, and it should not be taken lightly.

    There was NOTHING homophobic about Ripa’s remark. It was a fucking joke. A joke that is a very common retort to such behavior and has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation.

    This is as ridiculous as assuming that, if Aiken were black, that Kelly was insinuating that his hands were covered in fried chicken grease or BBQ rib sauce.

    Give me a fucking break. I love Rosie, but she needs to shut the fuck up, relax, and quit being such an angry, bitter bulldyke.

    We have a enough boys who cry homophobia-wolf in the world. We don’t need anymore, especially on national television.

  125. Ed says

    This ridiculous. Clay actions were completely inappropriate. First off, if was disrespectful. When you’re an invited guest on someone else’s show being given the opportunity promote your new album, you should be thankful and respectful, which he was not. For, the record, I saw the entire show.

    Secondly, a gentleman does not put his hand over a woman’s mouth. Since when does being gay give guys the right to act in ungentlemanly behavior. Maybe some of you have forgotten we are MEN. Just because some gay guys like t

    Clay owes Kelly a public apology. He should not be let off the hook for his behavior.

    Oh and by the way, it wasn’t cool for Rosie to officially “out” him to over 4 million viewers. She owes Kelly a public apology as well. Kelly’s words were nowhere near “homophobic” and saying it is lessens the instances where real homophobia takes place.

  126. Chaz says

    I scarcely ever watch Regis and Kelly, but I was in an auto dealership waiting room that day and saw the whole thing. I must admit that my first thought was that she was making a jab at his sexuality; however, he was so freakin obnoxious during that entire show that I could forgive her even if she admitted it. If Clay is trying to remain in the closet, he had better get a grip on his behavior. Jesus, I knew the guy was gay 2 seconds after the first time I saw him. The poor shmuck wants to come out so bad he can’t stand it; he could not have acted more like a queen on that show if had worn a crown.

  127. Alec Mapa says

    Nobody’s addressed the fact that Rosie’s pretty much outed Clay bigtime by even raising this stink. For Ripa’s remark to even be interpreted as gay bashing, CLAY WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE TO BE OUT.
    Having said that, I think he acted like a total dick. I’m not a fan.

  128. Patrick Eagan says

    I think the whole thing is another one of those things that happen on live TV. Cathy had her mouth running in high gear when she was on with Regis. So does he. Kelly dosen’t make the show entertaing at all I feel it is just a lay over until someone finally hires her. Get on with your lives and just maybe it is time for Regis and Kelly to find a real job.