Hot for Teacher: Alexandre Despatie

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I never pass up the opportunity to feature hot French Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie. Unfortunately, this diving lesson, given to CBC’s Rick Mercer, is a bit small in size. Still, if there’s anyone worth taking your first plunge for (or observing it on a tiny screen), it’s Despatie.


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(thanks peter)


  1. TC says

    I work out in the pool & I have NEVER seen a pair of speedos filled out like that!! that famous Olympic picture had me in awe…..that’s got to hurt when he dives…there’s so much of his “equipment” out there hitting the water :-)

  2. Thor says

    Pretty sure Rick Mercer is my favorite Canadian comedian. He used to do a segment on a show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes called “Talking to Americans”, where he’d come down here and get Americans to congratulate Canada on legalizing staplers or some other such nonsense. Classic.

  3. michael says

    If you ever have a chance to see Alex Despatie dive in person… go! I went to the world championships in Montreal last year, and he was incredible. What he and his fellow competitors do is nothing short of miraculous, and their outfits aren’t bad either.

  4. ryan says

    Alex is gorgeous beyond words and has a personality to match. For a couple more pictures of the supreme hottie, try here:
    Your browser might resize this picture, so click to resize to full size after downloading.

    BTW, there’s a myth that he’s really short due to out-of-date stats on the web. He started professionally diving at 13, and heights don’t usually have to be updated. Recent info has listed him at 5’9″, so I assume this is his current height.

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