Towleroad Guide to the Tube #55

THE VIEW: Drunken Danny Devito bashes Bush, horrifies Barbara.

LISTEN: Beyoncé’s new video for her single from Dreamgirls.

LA DOLCE VITA: Behind the scenes of Michael Lucas’ porn shoot fashion show. (briefly NSFW)

CHRIS EVANS: A recent message from the set of Fantastic Four 2.

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  1. Becks07 says

    I’m sorry but that “fashion show” was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Crap clothes and — my god — those “porn stars” were slightly less than archetypal examples of masculine sexual fury (ahem).

    Yes, yes, I know — this gives all those millions and millions of gay men who wear feathers, leather lace AND who demand their porn stars be silly, nelly and lisping a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite clothes and guys. I’m glad they have this opportunity and I would fight for their right to enjoy it.

    But I thought it was S T U P I D.

  2. mark m says

    A Chris Evans clip that A) features him clothed and B) speaking.

    Talk about a let down.

    And Danny Devito, WTF??? What IS it about The View? This show has practically reinvented social awkwardness. That was painful to watch.

  3. Jeff says

    While I certainly appreciate Michael Lucas’ social responsibility, I refuse to buy his products because his ego is out of control. And Fuckin’A, he pouts his lips way too much.

  4. Steve says

    Just checked out the Michael Lucas real. I’ve lived in NYC for 10 years and have never seen such a vapid group of gay men in my life (and I’m hardly a couch potato). Such a sad lot.

  5. Martin says

    Social responsibility? Jeff, time to put down the crack pipe and get with the program. Michael Lucas is nothing more than a surgically enhanced lisping foreignor who has done nothing for our community other than fill his own pockets.

    Think the best article every written about Michael Lucas appeared in New York magazine two months back. If ou haven’t read it, you’re in for a treat. The article takes him apart better than any ‘AS seen on TV” knife set ever could.

  6. patrick nyc says

    Well said Mark M. I cringed while watching Devitto as well. All I could think was, where the hell was his publicist and what the hell were the producers on the View thinking? I know Clooney is in town, he was on Letterman tuesday and Stewart last nite, but he does not seem to be the hard party boy. Still celebrity friends don’t let celebrity friends make ass’s of themselves on national TV.

    The 2006 celebrity meltdown continues. At least he didn’t rail against any minorities.

  7. Matthew says

    Michael Lucas is truly one of the most disgusting people you are likely to come across if ever you should meet him – I don’t advise doing so.

    He surrounds himself with truly awkward gay men who have no self-worth. Like in any other media environment, they have this hope that he will somehow be their ticket to better thigns.

    Unfortunately, you only need look at him to see the life he has created. He is kept by a 55 year old Austrian man who is a disgusting to look at as he is to hold a conversation with.

    Smoke and mirrors never seemed more appropriate.

  8. patrick nyc says

    While Michael Lucus does sound like an arragont dick, and his lips are far more over done than even Barbara Hershey’s, and his face does have the look of a pompous, smug, clueless asshole, and the New York article clearly highlights this, should I go on?? or am I beating a dead horse?

    He is hot from the neck down. Maybe we can do a transplant. Cut off his head and freeze the body, until we find some hot looking man who has had a horrible accident and needs a body. It’s a win win as far as I can see.

  9. Rey says

    WOW. Wikipedia has the link to the NY Mag article. Whether it’s because Lucas appears to be such a believable combination of familiar stereotypes or the writer of the article is especially talented at conveying the very essence of somebody, it’s all very repulsive.

    The first picture was especially creepy, particularly his face. The work he’s had done was really apparent.

  10. CLEM SOUTH BAY says

    We saw the View with DeVito – we were noticing something strange going on as well – but I don’t think he was drunk; I think something else is going on there – either prescription meds or something biological.
    Good thing Rosie was astute enough to sense something was going wrong and cover it ( though a bit awkwardly ) for DeVito

  11. Blair says

    I feel so sorry for the narator of the Lucas plug. Can you imagine keeping a straight face whilst reading that schlock.

    I would rather swallow nails than watch the entire clip.

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