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Mike Jones Fails Lie Detector Test on Ted Haggard But Test Administrator Doubts Test's Accuracy


MikemassageMike Jones, the gay escort who claims he had a three-year sexual business relationship with evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, failed to pass a lie detector test administered early this morning, but the test's accuracy is already begin questioned:

"The test administrator, John Kresnik, said Jones' score indicated 'deceptions' in his answers. However, Kresnik said he doubted the accuracy of the test he administered because of the recent stress on Jones and his inability to eat or sleep, according to KHOW producer Greg Hollenback. Kresnik suggested that Jones be re-tested early next week after he was rested."

Here is Good Morning America's coverage (via AmericaBlog) of the Haggard scandal which was run this morning. Jones claims that a fantasy Haggard told him about was "to have sex with about 6 young college guys ranging from 18 to 22 in age."

The shots above are from Mike Jones' "massage" business page.

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  1. Cell phone records.
    Just wait.

    Posted by: rob adams | Nov 4, 2006 12:59:27 PM

  2. When faced with 2 accusations: doing drugs or sexing a man, the good pastor decides that the lessor of two evils is the drug charge. What does that say about our society?

    Proven Lies so far:
    1. Everything Mike Jones said is false and I never met him.
    2. Oh wait, I might have met Jones via a Denver hotel referral.
    3. You have a tape of my voice? Oh, I just remembered that I bought drugs, but I threw them away.

    Lies still pending:
    1. I didnt take the drugs.
    2. I didnt have sex with that man.
    3. I just had "a massage" from him.
    4. I am faithful/steady with my wife (poor lady - I feel bad for her and the kids).

    You know, it would be easy for Haggard to prove he threw away the drugs. He should go to a clinic and pee in a cup like anyone who has ever applied for a job at Home Depot. It is a simple test.

    C'mon pastor. Pee in the cup. Or is that just the latest lie?

    Posted by: Chad | Nov 4, 2006 7:03:52 PM

  3. Chad, to answer your first question: I don't know how old you are but in the early days of the AIDS epidemic people who were diagnosed HIV positive would go into melt down to explain to everyone that they were intravenous heroine addicts who frequented prostitutes but were NOT GAY.

    Magic Johnson called a press conference to inform America that he was not gay and that he contracted the disease from one of the hundreds of women and prostitutes he had slept with over the years.

    So the answer to your question: It says that our society finds drug abuse, heterosexual promiscuity and prostitution morally and ethically superior to being gay.

    Posted by: Zeke | Nov 4, 2006 7:57:45 PM

  4. U know - all this stuff is about Bush's incest survivor energy that is coloring all of America. The little boy who put firecrackers up the asses of frogs, Abu Gharib, Donkey dick Gannon the 'reporter', TH - the 'spiritual advisor

    Posted by: Carlosjii | Nov 5, 2006 3:48:32 AM

  5. Don't be so quick to read something in to Haggard's resignation. Regardless of whether he did the things he's accused of, the damage to his church is already done. He may very well just be protecting the church against further turmoil.

    Posted by: Concerned | Nov 5, 2006 10:13:31 AM

  6. Zeke, you have a flair for stating the obvious. Of course drug abuse, heterosexual promiscuity, and prostitution are morally and ethically superior to being gay. What are you, some kind of a moron ? At least TRY to come up with something to post that isn't intuitively obvious to the most casual of observers.

    Posted by: Concerned | Nov 5, 2006 10:20:37 AM

  7. Concerned: in fact Haggard was dismissed (read 'fired') from his position because the oversight committee found that "without a doubt" he had committed sexual indiscretions. Read into that.

    Posted by: GBM | Nov 5, 2006 11:13:06 AM

  8. The failing of the lie detector test is absolutely meaningless. Those tests prove NOTHING. Anyone with a nervous condition, too much caffeine (or SURPRISE any STIMULANT like METH) would fail the test. I'm surprised that this wasn't brought up in more of the media reports on Jones's "failure". Lie detectors are NOT science. A polygraph ONLY MEASURES NERVOUS RESPONSES. Haggard lied about knowing Jones. He looked for a "massage" from a listing where MALE ESCORTS advertise. Then he BUYS crystal meth. People, it is OBVIOUS that Jones is telling the truth. As far as him being a "lying ho" -I understand taking money for sex. The exchange of a service for compensation is fine as far as I am concerned. The "moral outrage" that people feel against sex workers comes from the same pages of the bible that they use to justify hatred against gay people.

    Posted by: Lukey | Nov 5, 2006 2:31:34 PM

  9. I am pretty certain that I know "Jones". If he is who I think he is, I think that means that Haggard is a bottom. Otherwise their "meetings" were all about oral sex (which some men do not consider "sex" at all). Just some stream of consciousness rambling on my part...

    Posted by: Lukey | Nov 5, 2006 2:43:51 PM

  10. This whole story rings FAKE!!!. It seems now all one has to do is scream FAG and right away a person or people's lives can be destroyed. While I don't know what really happened with this Haggard guy, I do know that a way of controlling people is to claim them as gay or pedophilic, or drug addicted. I kinds thought people would be more alarmed at the killing of 600,000+ innocent people, I thought people would be outraged knowing that another nation was/is attacked based on LIES!, I thought people would be outraged over poor education, over job outsourcing, over home prices, over gas prices and profits...maybe I am the ODD ONE...cause I have more to worry about than what a preacher and a pathetic massage therapist supposedly did. JMO

    Posted by: JMO | Nov 6, 2006 1:41:00 PM

  11. Mike is hot hot and handsome, i would like to know which months and year he appeared in honcho, mens health inches and playgirl , if somebody knows i appreciate the info

    Posted by: vulcan | Nov 7, 2006 7:42:52 PM

  12. Now with the election results in with the passing of Amendment 43 and failure of Referendum I, we need to reflect. These are basic civil rights issues that are continually confused with moral issues. Gay people love as straight people love. Gay people pay taxes as straight people do. Why should gay people continue paying taxes to a state or federal government that refuses to protect our civil rights?! We need to stand in love of our selves and one another and do what we can do to be seen and heard. Denying them our money as a collective measure by all gay and lesbian people, would let them now our strength and our numbers. We MUST make noise in ways that demonstrates our integrity and our right to LOVE. I think Mike Jones did what he thought was best but I believe his coming forward with his experience only hurt our image. Now the religious right will have more evidence (gays are drug users/pushers and prostitutes) to justify their irrational reasons for denying us our civil rights.

    Posted by: JN | Nov 9, 2006 9:40:43 AM

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    Mike Jones was the paid escort & masseur for 3 years to Evangelist Ted Haggard, ex-pastor of the New Life Church and ex-president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

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    Posted by: marc | Nov 9, 2006 2:20:07 PM

  14. Ted Haggard is a total liar. Anyone who had bought meth knows that it is costly. It is NOT tic tat or M & N chocolate. Even if you do NOT want to use it, you do NOT throw it away. You keep it in a safe place and put it aside. It is complete baloney that he throw the meth away. He himself also admitted that he is a liar and deceiver. Doesn't that tell us the truth? Why does his followers still believe and trust him with his preachers? I believe that those homophobic straight people simply choose to be ignorant. I also feel that the American Psychology Association has NOT done enough. It was clearly stated in their study and research that homosexuality is NOT illness and should NOT be treated. If Canada and other Scandinavian countries can legalized gay marriage, why can't Americans accept others who are different from them and legalize gay marriage?

    Posted by: Chris Tan | Nov 9, 2006 11:33:57 PM

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