News: Mars, Ricky Martin, Mexico City, Paul Rudnick Play

road.jpg University of Wisconsin-Madison professors consider leaving after gay marriage amendment defeat, citing lack of benefits.

Shearsroad.jpg Scissor Sisters set attendance record at stadium in Birmingham, England.

road.jpg It’ll be a gay ol’ New Years in Edinburgh when Robbie Williams joins the Pet Shop Boys in concert and they perform their collaborative homage to Madge, called “She’s Madonna”. The song is to be released as a single in January.

road.jpg Actor sends out press release about Tom Cruise gay sex polaroids just in time for Rome wedding. Of course, timing had nothing to do with it: “Understandably, Mark is trying to completely avoid the media coverage of Mr. Cruise’s Scientology wedding…”

road.jpg Legislation recognizing gay unions in Mexico City gets public airing.

Craterroad.jpg Mars Rover celebrates 1000th day with crater porn.

road.jpg Ricky Martin abandoned his child when he was younger — his inner child.

road.jpg In Regrets Only, Paul Rudnick asks, what if ‘fashionable’ gays went on a one-day strike in support of gay marriage? Rudnick: “Certainly there are plenty of straight designers and straight caterers. But still, I think if we were being absolutely realistic, if all the gay people at a certain level of Manhattan socializing decided to take the day off, they could make a lot of trouble.”


  1. says

    It’s great to re-capture the pure self that can reinvigorate and help us move through the steeper phases of our lives.

    But Ms. Martin needs to remember; We’re gay MEN. We lead responsible, important lives and must continue to reclaim our struggles and pave the way for those who follow.

    Spend too much time seeking that inner child and you wind-up living in self imposed lunacy. Secret passages and jesus juice tasting parties included.

  2. Leland says

    Rudnick’s career has involved more misses than bulleyes in his admirable attempts to target political points through humor, but his observation, “I think the minute anyone becomes successful in any field, the terror is about losing it” is right on. One could read the article more than one way, but fuck [and, certainly not in the good way] the Times’ fag hag Cathy Horyn if she’s defending the crustaceous closetry of her favorite fag, the late Bill Blass, one of at least three gay famous designers who make it big in fashion after escaping Indiana [Halston and Norman Norell being the other two].

    Likewise one could read as either criticism or defense of Blass, the statement by writer John Richardson, “It’s sort of grotesque to see Bill in this situation. Remember, his neighbors were the Kissingers. He was always on very good terms with the Republican establishment of his customers. Bill was very ungay in his manner. Not only in his manner but also in his thoughts. He hated the thought of gay lib.”

    Whatever Horyn’s and Richardson’s actual points of view, it’s great that such discussion of the play’s sources will posthumously rub Blass’es sexuality in the faces of all of those Repug Big Apple fruits and fruit flies. And, please, everyone say hello opening night to the biggest, most obvious, most disgusting closet fashion fag of them all. Who? Why his name is on your underwear, my dears.

  3. Anon says

    If you had to guess what from our era people will still be talking about 500 years from now, it will be science achievements like the Mars rovers that win out, just like we remember Newton and Gallileo. Other winners will be cultural, like movies and music, think Shakespeare and Beethoven. Hubble, Huygens, Spirit and Opportunity will be very, very hard to beat. Tom who? This could go down as the era of gay rights advances, but it’s hard to say if it will stick.

  4. Jake says

    People in Wisconsin are idiots. They passed the ban 81% to 19%. I don’t think a single county vote against it. Lot of anti-gay sentiment in Wisconsin.

    Congrats to Scissor Sisters.

    The Mexico City civil union law applies to any two people. Once again you can’t pass a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership law without giving benefits to straight people. They somehow have to gain or else they wouldn’t pass it.

  5. David says

    The ban passed 59-41 in Wisconsin. Two counties voted against it: Dane (where Madison and UW are) by 67-33 and Lacrosse (another UW school) by 16 VOTES. The ban backfired on the Republicans who pushed it: John Gard lost a congressional seat and the State Senate swung back to the democrats.

    Still, this is a disaster. I am a professor at UW-Madison, and I am leaving the state as soon as I can.

  6. Shaun says

    Hey Jake-

    Get your stats right. The ban passed 59% to 41%.

    And Dane County, where the University of Wisconsin-Madison is, and also one of the most liberal places in the midwest, voted against the ban with over 80% of the vote.

  7. Norm says

    Consider moving to Arizona where we voted against placing bigotry in our Constitution. Our democratic Govenor has signed legislation allowing domestic partnerships for all state employees, which includes University professors.

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