News: Mars, Ricky Martin, Mexico City, Paul Rudnick Play

road.jpg University of Wisconsin-Madison professors consider leaving after gay marriage amendment defeat, citing lack of benefits.

Shearsroad.jpg Scissor Sisters set attendance record at stadium in Birmingham, England.

road.jpg It’ll be a gay ol’ New Years in Edinburgh when Robbie Williams joins the Pet Shop Boys in concert and they perform their collaborative homage to Madge, called “She’s Madonna”. The song is to be released as a single in January.

road.jpg Actor sends out press release about Tom Cruise gay sex polaroids just in time for Rome wedding. Of course, timing had nothing to do with it: “Understandably, Mark is trying to completely avoid the media coverage of Mr. Cruise’s Scientology wedding…”

road.jpg Legislation recognizing gay unions in Mexico City gets public airing.

Craterroad.jpg Mars Rover celebrates 1000th day with crater porn.

road.jpg Ricky Martin abandoned his child when he was younger — his inner child.

road.jpg In Regrets Only, Paul Rudnick asks, what if ‘fashionable’ gays went on a one-day strike in support of gay marriage? Rudnick: “Certainly there are plenty of straight designers and straight caterers. But still, I think if we were being absolutely realistic, if all the gay people at a certain level of Manhattan socializing decided to take the day off, they could make a lot of trouble.”